university life

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University The last few weeks have been really busy for me I’ll tell you how. I’ve almost finished a tough year at university and now looking at web development jobs. The course has been challenging this year but I feel as though I have gained some good skills through the assignments but furthermore I have […]

stop stress

Tips on beating stress

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Fight the stress!! in this day and age it is not unpopular for a person to say there “stressed”, but what is causing the stress? and what is stress? “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.”  Stress can come from so many sources such as life – […]

Travel and back

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Home So i arrived home from my France trip Monday night which was a mega trip but i will go more in-depth with that a little further into the post. It’s never a nice feeling getting off the plane into a cold Manchester then queuing up through customs knowing you’ve got work the next day. […]



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Travel Soooo the first post goes… My name is Louis I have decided to create this blog to share the journey I am on, I’ll start with my current situation. I am at university on a computing course which I have gained a lot skills and still in the process of gaining a lot more. technology is […]