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Best Things To Do Cabo San Lucas (Amazing)!

The 16 Best Things to do in Cabo San Lucas; If you want an amazing time!

Are you ready for your top travel guide of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas!

For such a small little destination, there are so many fun things to in Cabo. Cabo is a cool destination located at the tip of Baja California and this is where the desert meets the water. No matter what time of day it is in Cabo, you’ll 100% find something fun to do. There’s activities, parties, places to eat and just about everything else you can do to ensure you have an amazing time.

Cabo is also famous for the swimming with whale shark tours and whale watching boat rides.

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Is Cabo safe to visit?

Most people already know that there are a lot of areas unsafe in Mexico to travel. This is not uncommon knowledge. However, Cabo is safe to visit for tourists. This is because it’s become more of a popular place for tourism and the government want to see the tourism grow. Obviously more tourists more money for the government.

Best time to visit Cabo San Lucas?

If you’re travelling here, you will obviously want to know when is the best time to visit Cabo? The best time to visit Cabo is roughly from May to around June. However, late September to late November is also a great time to visit Cabo for your vacation.

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Top things to do Cabo

1. Swim with the Whale Sharks

Swimming with whale sharks is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience and there are very few places in the world that you can swim with these gentle giants. Your adventure will begin by being picked up in the morning at your accommodation in Cabo. Then, you will drive for a few hours until you reach La Paz. Don’t worry though, this won’t be a boring drive for you! Your driver will keep you amused with jokes and a few old tails of the Cabo and whale shark history.

Once aboard your vessel, you will go in search of the whale sharks and then once you find them. You will have one of the most amazing experiences in your life. Swimming and snorkelling with whale sharks.

You can book the whale shark tour here.

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2. Jet skiing, parasailing & kayaking at Medano beach

Relax, have fun and make to most of your visit to Cabo with a day on Medano beach. This beach is for all the family. If you want to have some serious fun, then you can do activities such as jet skiing parasailing & kayaking at Medano beach. Or, if you want a relaxing day, you can just chill out on the beach and watch the waves flow all day long. Also, you can hop on a glass-bottom boat for less than $10. Bargain.

After all the fun on Medano beach. You can head to head to one of the restaurants such as Tabasco to grab some tasty food.

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3. Visit Lover’s beach

This awesome beach can be adventurously accessed via a rented kayak or boat. You can visit here to take some epic photos of where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez come together. Lover’s beach connect with Divorce beach so you can visit both together!

There isn’t much on Lover’s beach and you won’t find any resorts. However, whilst you’re staying in Cabo, you may as well take the time out to visit all the beaches in Cabo that you can!

the amazing lover's beach in Cabo mexico

4. Whale watching cruise

The Cabo whale watching experience is one of the best things to do in Cabo by far. You can book this tour easy from one of the tour vendors in Cabo. They will arrange everything for you and you all set for your adventure to see the whales. Your day will begin around 7:30 am where you will meet at the pier.

On the boat ride, you will be educated about the whales and the history around them. There’s plenty of fun to be had and the team will make sure it’s an experience you will remember forever! If you haven’t seen whales before. I can assure you, it’s one of the craziest things you will ever do. The moment a whale comes up to your boat is surreal. You will know what I mean when you do the Cabo whale watching cruise.

Remember to take a camera with plenty of storage on there. You will fill it with photos of the whales!

You can book the Cabo whale watching tour here.

5. Have a party at El Squid Roe

If you’re looking for different things to do in Cabo then you need to check out the dancing scene at El Squid Roe. This is the place for some real culture, plenty of drinking and some crazy dancing. Even if you don’t fancy getting wasted. You can just have a beer (or 2) and just enjoy this fun-loving bar! This is one of the best bars in Cabo.

You can check out the El Squid Roe events here on Facebook.

6. Take a sunset cruise around Land’s end

This is up there as one of the most unique things to do in Cabo. This sunset cruise is amazing! You will sail the night away under the sunset, whilst enjoying drinks and buffet food onboard. This is one of the best-rated attractions in Cabo. It’s no wonder with the fun you’ll have. You can dance the night away to the music on the boat whilst watching the breathtaking sunset. You even have a chance to see a whale swim past your boat.

Make sure you take your camera with you. But don’t worry if you don’t have one with you. The crew onboard take photos of the night and you can buy all the best shots on DVD for less than $20.

You can book a sunset cruise here.

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7. Spend some time in the Cabo San Lucas Marina

The marina in Cabo is one of the most vibrant areas and there’s generally a good atmosphere here. There are things to do in the Marina to pass a few hours. You can spend some time routing for the goods in the shops. Or grab some seafood at one of the local restaurants on the marina. There are also luxury yachts pulling into the harbour, so I’m sure you can have some fun taking a few photos and dreaming 🙂

If you enjoy fishing, you’ll appreciate the fisherman coming in at the end of the day displaying their best catches of the day. Or, you might just want to grab a cocktail or a beer and watch the world go by.

Here is a list of 40 Cabo Marina restaurants for you to check out.

cabo marina, cabo marina restaurants

8. Watch the sunset

Sunsets are always going to be a favourite for anyone. There’s nothing better than ending a day with a beautiful sunset. And, you’ll be pleased to know that the sunsets in Cabo are spectacular!

The best way to enjoy the sun dropping is by going to one of the quirky beach bars, grabbing a cold one and then just sit back relax and enjoy the show!

You can also have a meal. You’ll find a beachside restaurant and be able to get dinner for 2 and drinks for less than $20. Not bad eh.

9. Visit San Jose Del Cabo

If you’re looking for a more relaxing thing to do whilst in Cabo. Then you should head over to San Jose Del Cabo. A visit here will introduce you to a more unique culture and let you discover a more natural way of life.

You can spend a good few here looking through the local shops, dining at unique restaurants and checking out the historic centre. There’s also the amazing white beaches.

You will have to either catch a bus or rent a car in Cabo to drive to San Jose Del Cabo. Don’t worry though, you can hire a car roughly $20 – $30. This is an awesome way to explore the lands and grab some new Instagram photography! Make sure you take the Transpeninsular highway which connects Cabo San Lucas to San Jose Del Cabo.

The bus runs all day long to San Jose Del Cabo and you can get a ticket for around a dollar. 

fun thing to do in Cabo

10. Go diving

Diving is one of the best things to do in Cabo whilst you’re here! It’s also one of the best activities in the world! If you do choose to do a diving tour in Cabo, you can expect to visit some of the best dive sites in Baja California. Let’s look at some of the dive sites you can expect to see;

  • Cabo San Lucas Marine Park
  • Sand falls
  • Sea Lion Colony
  • Santa Maria Bay
  • Chileno Bay
  • Whale’s Head
  • Blow Hole

You could be visiting either of these wonderful dive sites on your Cabo diving tour.

Check out the diving tour prices here.

11. Hike up Mount Solmar

You will most likely do the fun Mount Solmar hike with a friendly fellow called Enrique and a group of 20 – 30 other excited tourists. During the hike, you will get to see some incredible views of the Baja Peninsula and the Cabo Marina. You’ll also get to see epic views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Sea.

Here are a few tips for walking up Mount Solmar;

  1. Wear suitable footwear as the terrain can be unsteady in places
  2. Take plenty of water (you’ll be fine with a 2.0L)
  3. Wear suncream
  4. You could take snacks or fruit
  5. Take your time on the steep areas

12. Try some golf

If you’re into golf, you should try out one of the Cabo golf courses such as the Cabo Del Sol. Here you will get to swing the club around whilst surrounded by some incredible scenery. The greens are well maintained and the staff are very professional.

If you’re a recreational golfer. Then you need to visit the Cabo Del Sol for a few holes in the sun.

golf courses in Cabo, cabo golf

13. Explore the Wirikuta botanical cactus garden

If you’re looking at what to do in Cabo and are finding yourself a little bored. You should visit the Wirikuta botanical Cactus Garden for an hour or two. However, don’t expect an amazing attraction! The cactus here are cool. But, overall it’s not a fantastic place and you might not appreciate it as much if you’re not really into agriculture etc.

14. Feast on some tacos & guacamole

You cannot go to Cabo San Lucas and not enjoy some mouth-watering tacos and guacamole.  Most if not all restaurants in Cabo San Lucas offer tacos and guacamole on their menus. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of Mexican food, then you will be in your element in Cabo!

Okay, let’s have a look at where to eat in Cabo San Lucas to enjoy some delicious tacos and guacamole;

local restaurants in cabo

15. Head Out On a Fishing Charter

If you enjoy fishing (like me), then you really need to check out the fishing charter trips in Cabo. This is no average fishing trip! You will have the chance to catch some epic big game fish such as swordfish and tuna, imagine tackling these fish under the gorgeous Cabo weather!

You can book a trip with a local fisherman and you will find them hanging around the marina offering the boat tours. Also, they will show you photos of what to expect to catch on the fishing charter.

16. Do a walking tour around Cabo

Wherever you go in the world, you should always take the time to go for a walk and explore the surroundings. So, taking a walk around Cabo is a great way to see what this epic place has to offer.

You can walk to the marina to spend an hour there and then carry on to the beachfront. Then, you could head to one of the local restaurants for some food, or, visit a cocktail bar for a few drinks in the sunshine. Furthermore, you will have plenty of cool Instagram-worthy photo opportunities in the streets of Cabo.

walking around Cabo streets, things to do in Cabo

Where to stay in Cabo

You’ll find some decent accommodation in Cabo to suit your budget. There are cheaper rooms and there are also some luxury hotels if you’re on a romantic getaway.

Let’s look at some of the best places to stay in Cabo;

  1. Dorada Apartments – Situated in Cabo San Lucas, 2.2 miles from El Arco and 2.5 miles from Marina Cabo San Lucas, Dorada Apartments features accommodation with free WiFi, a garden with an outdoor swimming pool, and access to a fitness room. Some of the units have a satellite flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, and a private bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. Check the rooms here.
  2. Condominios Del Sol – Ocean Front – Here you can dine at the property’s El Tapanco restaurant, which serves international cuisine or why not try other dining options located within a 10-minute drive. Also offered is a spa and poolside bar.You will find 3 golf courses within just 5 miles of the property, and San Jose del Cabo City Centre is a short 15-minute drive away. Los Cabos International Airport can be reached in 45 minutes. Check the rooms here.
  3. Solmar Resort -The Solmar Resort of Cabo San Lucas is located on the Pacific Ocean, hidden behind granite cliffs. This resort features a spa located in cabins, an outdoor pool and suites with a private balcony.The suites at the Resort Solmar are furnished with cable TV, air conditioning and a coffee maker. There is also a fridge in every suite. Check the rooms here.

Final Thoughts

Now you have your top guide of the best things to do in Cabo on your visit. Not every traveller has this place on their bucket list. But, I can assure you it’s a top destination to visit and there is definitely something to do for all the family.

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