Phi Phi island overnight stay guide

A surreal experience at the Phi Phi island overnight stay

The Phi Phi island overnight stay 1 night 2 day, Thailand

Phi Phi has been on my bucket list ever since i saw the Instagram pictures of traditional long tail boats floating on the pristine ocean, the white sandy beaches and the backdrop of picturesque limestone cliffs. So whilst staying in Phuket it seemed daft not to take the 48km journey to this paradise island and do the Phi Phi island overnight stay.

 After doing some research we were a little sceptical about our overnight stay on Phi Phi due to mass tourism and an increase in infrastructure, however i was pleasantly surprised. Yes the boat ride was busy, but once on the island i felt instantly relaxed, we weren’t mithered to buy Thailand tat and we didn’t have to fight our way through crowds of tourist. Also, our ferry from Phuket took us around Maya bay before arriving at the Phi Phi Island.

Most people tend to go to Phi Phi for a day trip, however we wanted to really enjoy what Phi Phi has to offer, so why not stay the night.

Private boat hire on Phi Phi islands
Enjoying the private boat hire around the Phi Phi islands

How to get from Phuket to Phi Phi island

We booked our boat from Phuket to Phi Phi with a local tour operator in Phuket called Phi Phi cruiser, costing $18 for a return ticket. This is included a 2 hour ferry boat setting off at 9am, free tea,

coffee, water and fruit. The journey was smooth and we took the opportunity to sit on the top deck and top up our tans, with the sea breeze to keep us cool. The ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi island is a very enjoyable experience, I know not everyone is too great with boat rides. However, this ferry ride is completely fine!

Once we arrived in Phi Phi around 11am we were bombarded with local guys trying to sell private boat tours. Don’t be put off by this, just remember to always barter as they tend to set prices high to start with. We settled for 2000B for 3 hours on a private long tail boat, with snorkels and water for 4 people. If your on a tight budget try and recruit some new friends to split the cost. 

Before setting off we dropped our bags off at U Rip Resort, a brand new hotel built-in partnership with Andama Beach Resort, around 1km from the pier. 

Another great place to visit is The James Bond island movie tour Phuket

Time for our long tail boat trip.

What’s included in this Phi Phi island overnight stay post;

  • How to get from Phuket to Phi Phi island
  • What to do Phi Phi island on your visit to this top island in Thailand
  • Best hotel to stay on Phi Phi island
  • Where to stay in Phuket to visit the Phi Phi island
  • A YouTube video of the Phi Phi island

Things to do on Phi Phi island overnight stay

We realised the boat tour from Phi Phi is definitely the best thing to do on Thailand’s best island. I couldn’t believe the scenery on this unbelievable boat trip, it’s simply out of this world.

First stop on the Phi Phi island overnight stay boat trip – monkey beach

Monkey beach is a small white sandy beach 5 minutes from Phi Phi pier, and as you guessed it there’s lots of monkeys. Considering the size of the beach i thought it was gonna be packed, but we had it all to ourselves to enjoy the monkeys and take some snaps. Most of them were friendly, however i wouldn’t advise touching them, rabies jab or not!

But they’re such cool animals, you could watch them for hours of how they act around humans. They are like little humans themselves, so clever. You could take a little fruit onto Phi Phi’s monkey beach and give the monkeys a banana or two. After 20 minutes we headed to a few different snorkelling spots.

Top Tip for Phi Phi’s monkey beach – This is a great place to get an Instagram photo. The monkeys put up a good pose and the scenery is out of this world!

phi phi monkey beach
Cheeky monkey on monkey beach
Phi Phi overnight stay
The amazing island of Phi Phi

Snorkelling in Phi Phi 

We’ve done our fare bit of snorkelling around South East Asia, but snorkelling in Phi Phi has hands done been the best experience. There are hundreds of colourful rainbow fish swimming around in crystal clear water and they aren’t afraid of you. The snorkelling spots are deep enough so you won’t be touching the floor or coral so there’s no need for swim shoes. The water depth drops down to at least 15-feet in some areas.

Phi Phi island overnight stay snorkelling
Snorkelling on the Phi Phi island

Things to know about the snorkelling trip on Phi Phi

  • Snorkelling equipment is included
  • You won’t have to wear wet shoes
  • Take an underwater camera on your trip, the fish you will see are stunning and you won’t see many better places to snorkel in Asia than around Phi Phi
  • Life-jackets are included

Phi Phi’s Pileh Lagoon

After we were all snorkelled our we headed to Pileh lagoon. Pileh lagoon is out of this world and again we were able to enjoy this experience with only 2 others boats around us, enhancing its beauty. We cooled off in the crystal clear water from the mid day heat only to be greeted by nibbling fish! 

This is in the top 3 things in Asia I have seen. The lagoon will blow your mind.

Phi Phi islands boat tour
Epic adventure around the Phi Phi islands

Last stop Maya Bay

As most of you are probably aware Maya Bay is closed to the public until October in attempt to save this world wonder due to the thousands of tourist that visit each year. Made famous by the Leonardo Dicaprio film ‘the beach’ Maya Bay, it is now one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand. Even though we weren’t allowed on the beach, the boat was able to park on the bay so we could get a sneak peak of what we were missing. For me it’s just an excuse to return back to Thailand! We can’t wait to visit Phi Phi again just to see this amazing beach, it’s a shame tourists have to spoil it.

Once our 3 hours were up we headed back to mainland, were our driver dropped us off at Haad Yao beach. A long sandy beach with a jungle backdrop and shallow crystal clear water. In other words paradise! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing until the sun went to bed. 

Phi Phi island overnight stay Maya bay
Maya bay Phi Phi islands


Phi Phi island overnight stay Maya lagoon
The amazing Maya Bay

Hike to the Phi Phi island viewpoint

After an early night and our second day on the Phi Phi island overnight stay, we awoke to a filling breakfast served on the sea front overlooking the limestone cliffs, it was perfection. We then headed off to Phi Phi Viewpoint which takes around 30 minutes from the pier. The treck is pretty steep so i recommend trainers and take plenty of water as you can easily become dehydrated in the 30+ degree heat. Entry is 30B per person but it’s definitely worth it. They also have toilets and a cafe at the top.

The views over look the whole island with the limestone cliffs in the background, it’s definitely an Instagram shot (this is the best place on the Phi Phi island mainland for an Instagram photo) or a place to make a quick YouTube video!

Our Phi Phi island overnight stay has been one of the highlights of our trip so far, however i’d advise to go outside the peak season (December to March) to avoid the crowds and enjoy Phi Phi for what it really is. Don’t let the ‘rainy season’ but you off, we had plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

Phi Phi island viewpoint
Phi Phi island viewpoint is absolutely amazing and a top place to get an Instagram photo
Hike viewpoint Phi Phi
Stunning hike to the Phi Phi island viewpoint

Diving in Phi Phi

You can book all the best things to do on Phi Phi individually if you prefer;

  1. Snorkelling on Phi Phi: Phuket dive tours
  2. Diving around Phi Phi islands: Phuket divers
  3. Maya Bay tour: Mayabaytours – This company also provides the Phi Phi plankton night tour. With this tour, you get to swim with luminous plankton at night around the Phi Phi islands. I never had the chance to do this but I heard it was a cool thing to do in Phi Phi.

Best hotel to stay in Phi Phi

U-Rip Hotel Resort

I choose a Phi Phi resort called U-Rip after reading good reviews on £27 for a double room with breakfast i couldn’t complain and the hotel didn’t disappoint me. Around 1k from the pier it easily accessible and close by the many bars and restaurants, yet still quite at night. Set right on the beach front you can’t ask for more.

The rooms are big, clean and modern with a complementary mini bar and a large balcony with seating to enjoy a glass of brandy whilst the sun goes down. The hotel even offers as type of infinity pool that looks out into the ocean, pretty cool if you ask me. 

There is also a good atmosphere at this accommodation on Phi Phi. Everyone has a smile on their face and the U-Rip hotel staff are very friendly and are more than happy to help. There is also shops near by and some of Phi Phi’s best coffee shops. In addition, I would say this hotel on Phi Phi is perfect for backpackers, honeymooners and family holidays.

Phi Phi Natural Resort

Laemthong beach is on the quieter north east side of Koh Phi Phi Don. This is a cool area for a relaxing. Therefore, I wouldn’t really visit here as a backpacker looking to rave the night away!

The Phi Phi Natural Resort does packages with transfers by boat from Phuket and it also includes a snorkelling tour. This accommodation on Phi Phi is perfect for those looking for a luxury stay on this top Thai island. On your second day, you can take a classic Thai long tail boat around the Phi Phi islands or to Ton Sai bay.

The sweet Phi Phi Natural Resort has luxurious cottages available that have a good sized separate bedrooms and private terraces. You will also have a nice view of the sea from Phi Phi’s Natural Resort. Furthermore, you will have your own private sandy beach on Phi Phi to relax one of the most exotic locations in Asia. There is also an open-air coffee shop that offers a variety of cuisines including Chinese, Thai and other European dishes. And of course there is an epic drinks menu.

If you are serious about this top accommodation on Phi Phi, then I would think about making your booking early. The Natural Resort on Phi Phi can get booked quick.

Where to stay in Phuket to visit Phi Phi

This is my best hotel to stay in Phuket  – This is a luxurious hotel in Phuket for the cheap price of a mid-range accommodation. Out of all the places I have stayed so far in Asia, the Centara hotel has by far been the best. However, in Phuket’s peak season, this hotel’s prices jump up to match its amazing services!

So what’s so great about this hotel in Phuket?

Upon arrival at this accommodation in Phuket, you will notice its fine decor, pleasant staff and neat landscape. Furthermore, this is probably the best hotel in Phuket with a pool. The pools are mega, they have the clearest water and are sweet for swimming in. Also, the hotel pools are catered for different types of holidays. For example, adult only pool and family pools, all pools have swim up bars.

This is the best hotel in Asia for its buffet breakfast, what I’ve stayed at anyway. The food is out of this world! This Phuket hotel’s buffet breakfast caters for all nationalities of the world. Whether you prefer western or Asian food, you will find it here. And there is plenty of fruit, pastries, sweets, juices, coffee and tea.

This top Phuket hotel has a fun entertainment team, that provides games and stuff to do for all he family. This is done by a weekly structured timetable, that starts in the morning and goes onto the evening. Also, there is a weekly Thai street food market and Thai shows. You can also take advantage of the different times happy hours throughout the day, the cocktails are great.

Other things to see in and near Thailand’s Phi Phi islands

  1. Bamboo island
  2. Ton Sai Beach
  3. Long Beach Divers
  4. Ibiza Beach Club
  5. Maya Free Diving
YouTube video of the Phi Phi island overnight stay in Thailand

You can probably now tell by this post, that I had an out-of-this-world time on this stunning island and the other islands around Phi Phi. I have seen a lot of content about Phi Phi being a bad place to visit, to me them comments are delusional. The Phi Phi islands are absolutely amazing and I wish I could have stayed here longer. Some of the things I have seen on the Phi Phi islands are the most stunning things I have seen so far backpacking around Asia.

If you are in Thailand and wondering if you should visit the Phi Phi islands, then I would 100% recommend it to you. Please if you have any questions on probably Thailand’s best island. Then don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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