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Pileh Lagoon Phi Phi; snorkelling, boat tour and everything else!

Pileh Bay Phi Phi in Thailand: Complete Guide 2024 🌴

The amazing Pileh Lagoon Phi Phi is an unreal stunning inlet located near the popular Maya Bay beach. It’s one of the most stunning places to visit in Thailand due to its stunning emerald waters and limestone cliffs. You will want to do one of the popular Phi Phi boat tours to visit Pileh Bay. A tour will include lunch and of course one of the best snorkelling experiences Phi Phi has to offer. If you’re wondering whether or not to visit Pileh Bay, this post will hopefully persuade you into visiting!

Even if you’re a backpacker on a budget in Thailand, you should do a boat tour around Phi Phi islands to visit Pileh Lagoon. It doesn’t cost much but it will create a travel memory that will last forever! We were travelling on a budget in Thailand and we were so glad we chose to do the unbelievable tour and the luxury hotels on Phi Phi.

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Pileh Lagoon tour

Doing the Pileh lagoon tour is one of the ultimate tours you will ever do in Thailand. Taking one of the long-tail boat tours from Phi Phi and then snorkelling in the emerald waters is surreal.

It will take you just 10-minutes to get from the Phi Phi pier to Pileh Lagoon and this is in a long-tail boat, not a speed boat. However, you can do a speedboat tour. If you’re looking to travel from Krabi or Phi Phi to Pileh Bay then you will want to do a speedboat tour. But if you’re doing the tour from Phi Phi then you should keep it real and do a traditional long-tail boat tour.

If you’re looking for more awesome tours, you should check out the James Bond island tour and the 4 Island tour in Krabi Thailand.

riding the long-tail boat tour around Phi Phi island and Pileh Lagoon

How much is a Phi Phi boat tour to Pileh Lagoon?

A Phi Phi island tour costs around $20 for a public boat and $40 for a long-tail boat. This will include lunch, drinks, snorkelling equipment and visits to places like Bamboo island, Monkey beach (also see Monkey Bay Thailand) and a visit to see the Viking cave drawings.

How long does the Phi Phi island boat tour last?

Generally, a tour around Phi Phi will last around 4 hours but this is enough to see everything. After you finish the tour, you can be asked to be dropped off at any of the beaches on Phi Phi (if they can be accessed).

Pileh Bay tour, Pileh lagoon depth, pileh lagoon phi phi

Pileh Lagoon Snorkelling

Snorkelling in Pileh Lagoon is hands-down one of the best things to do in Thailand. And, if you wondering what to do in Phi Phi, please put this activity number one on your list of things to do in Phi Phi!

The waters here will blow your mind and this is why it’s become a top place to visit for anyone traveller visiting Thailand. The emerald green waters sit perfect in-between the amazing limestone cliffs.

If you want to visit here you will have to do one of the Pileh Bay snorkelling tours from Phi Phi. However, you can visit here from Krabi or Phuket as there are plenty of boat tours that offer this unbelievable activity.

Pileh Bay tour, Pileh lagoon depth

Once you arrive here you can jump straight in and snorkel with some cool fish. In some of the snorkelling areas, I have never seen so many fish in my life. It was amazing to snorkel with so many fish!

What is the Pileh Lagoon depth?

The depth of the lagoon is around 1-metre, so even if you can’t swim you can stand up in this shallow depth.

pileh lagoon snorkelling, Pileh Bay tour, Pileh lagoon depth

the amazing Pileh Lagoon Thailand snorkelling

Is Pileh Lagoon closed?

No Pileh Lagoon is not closed to visitors, it’s Maya Bay Beach that is closed and Pileh Lagoon remains to stay open.

Tourism ruined Maya Bay Beach, this is why the Thailand government declared that no tourists can step foot on the beach. Which is a good thing as this amazing beach got abused with rubbing and crap.

You can visit do a Maya Bay boat tour and you can see the beach from about 100-metres from the waters. Also, you may have a chance to see the Maya Bay sharks while you’re there.

You will pass through Maya Bay if you choose to do one of the Phi Phi island boat tours. I can honestly say this is one of the best locations in Thailand.

pileh lagoon is not closed this is us swimming in the lagoon and snorkelling

Best time to visit Pileh Bay Phi Phi?

You should ask your driver to pick you up as early as possible, maybe between 8-9 am. Then, you can avoid the crowds.

Peak season in Phi Phi will mean the lagoon will get crazy busy as the day goes on.

The last thing you want is too many boats spoiling this amazing moment for you. When we did the tour, there was just our boat and 1 other on the full lagoon. It was a perfect day out.

pileh lagoon thailand, pileh bay phi phi

Where to stay on Phi Phi island for the boat tour

Phi Phi Island Village Beach – Hands down one of the most popular and best places on Phi Phi is the Phi Phi island village beach which gets booked up very quickly. This amazing accommodation is bungalows on the Phi Phi beach, which have some of the best views on the island.

These amazing bungalows are perfect for a honeymoon vacation to Phi Phi or of you one a sweet holiday break.

U-RIP – The rooms are big, clean and modern with a complimentary minibar and a large balcony with seating to enjoy a glass of brandy whilst the sun goes down. The hotel even offers a type of infinity pool that looks out into the ocean, pretty cool if you ask me.

There is also a good atmosphere at this accommodation on Phi Phi. Everyone has a smile on their face and the U-Rip hotel staff are very friendly and are more than happy to help. There are also shops nearby and some of Phi Phi’s best coffee shops. In addition, I would say this hotel on Phi Phi is perfect for backpackers, honeymooners and family holidays.

Book Value Room:  U-Rip 

Final Thoughts

The Phi Phi Pileh Lagoon is still to this day one of my favourite destinations in Thailand to visit. Its emerald colour waters and stunning Thai limestone cliffs make it amazing!

If you search for the Thailand Instagram hashtag it’s more than likely that this awesome lagoon will show up. Tourists can’t get enough of it.

As I mentioned, you should get to the lake early in the morning before all the tourists start to pour in by the boats.


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