Singapore 3 day itinerary guide

The ultimate Singapore 3 day itinerary

A full guide to your Singapore 3 day itinerary

Singapore has been one of the coolest places I have visited in Asia. Singapore was a 3 night stay stop between making my way from Thailand to the Philippines. I knew Singapore was going to be an expensive few days, but we tried to keep the cost down as much as possible. You will see the costs throughout this Singapore 3 day itinerary. Also, I trekked in the hot sun on average 9 miles a day for the 3 days in Singapore, so it’s fair to say I did manage to cover the best things to do in Singapore on my visit.

The visit to Singapore was a big culture shock after visiting Thailand. Whatever type of visit you are on to Singapore, you will be completely astounded at its culture and architecture. I said “it’s a cross between London and New York”.

There’s skyscrapers, a buzzing atmosphere, an underground and plenty of luxury shopping malls. I couldn’t believe the scale of luxury they have built into the architecture in Singapore, it’s like something from Star Wars.

We absolutely loved visiting Singapore and glad we decided I make the stop off between backpacking Thailand and the Philippines. However, 3 days is plenty to see everything. Therefore, in this post I am going to share a full guide to the Singapore 3 day itinerary including;

  • Day 1 on your Singapore 3 day itinerary 
  • Day 2 on the Singapore 3 day itinerary 
  • the last day 3 on the Singapore 3 day itinerary 
  • Other things to do in Singapore
  • Best budget accommodation in Singapore
  • Where to eat in Singapore
  • How to get to Singapore
  • How to get around Singapore

Best things to do on the Singapore 3 day itinerary?

Let’s get to a fun packed 3 days on the Singapore 3 day itinerary! DAY 1 

Little India

Our Singapore hostel was in little India, so this is the first place in Singapore we explored. Little India is exactly what you would expect on a visit to a busy India. The streets are loud, there’s Indian cuisine being sold on every street and there is plenty of markets stalls. The vibrant Indian culture stands out from the rest of Singapore, like a sore thumb.

We decided to make our way for some lunch at little India’s Hawka. A hall filled with little stalls selling Indian food, such as chicken curry. If you fancy trying the local Indian food in Singapore, then you should definitely visit here.

Top tip – you will only an hour or two here max. I wouldn’t plan many hours on visiting Singapore’s Little India.

Singapore 3 day itinerary India
Singapore’s little india

Gardens by the bay – entrance ticket cost is $33

This is a very cool experience, exploring Singapore’s gardens by the bay. We had seen the photos on Instagram of high standing tree light show at night and had to discover it for ourselves. This is probably the first things backpacking look to do in Singapore upon arrival. Like we did. We arrived at Gardens by the bay at 5:30pm, with our multi entrance ticket. The ticket includes entrance to the flower dome, cloud mountain and the sky-walk to watch the show.

The show is the best thing to do there. A 15 minute show of music and light spectacles. Your ticket allows you to watch the show from the top of the trees, however there is a big queue and we didn’t manage to get up there till after the show. The show is on two times a night 7:45pm and 8:45pm. Get there at least 25 minutes before the start of the show if you want to get up to the bridge. Although, we did really enjoy watching it from down below.

Gardens by the bay
The amazing Gardens by the bay in Singapore
Singapore 3 day itinerary bay
More stunning Gardens by the bay

This was my best day on the Singapore itinerary, Day 2 

Sentosa island – entrance ticket is free

Singapore’s Disney, I named it. The Sentosa island is a fantasy land of things to do in Singapore for everyone, including family holidays. This is one of the most popular things to visit in Singapore. So what’s on this epic Sentosa island? Singapore’s universal studios, S.E.A Aquarium, Beaches, Bungee Jump, Restaurants, Museum, Jungle trek.

Sentosa island is quite big to get around. But don’t worry there is a cable car and a free bus transportation around the park. It really is a mega place to visit, you can even walk around it without spending any money. That’s why it’s on my Singapore 3 day budget itinerary for you!

How to get to the Sentosa land – you can either get a taxi there. However, the best and cheapest way is Singapore’s monorail. It’s only €4 and drops you off at 3 different stations on Sentosa. The $4 fee also includes return.

Singapore's Sentosa island
Exploring Singapore’s Sentosa island
Exploring Singapore's Sentosa island best things
More of Singapore’s Sentosa island things to see

Sentosa island’s S.E.A Aquarium – entrance ticket cost $33

This is by far the best Aquarium I have ever seen, it’s no wonder it’s ranked as the 3rd best aquarium in the world. The Singapore S.E.A aquarium is home to over 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species. An unforgettable experience in Singapore.

I couldn’t believe the size of various marine tanks. The shark area is out of this world. Being so close to these notorious beasts, is a surreal moment. You can stare at these historic monsters for hours. There must be over 30 sharks in Singapore’s top place to visit. Also, in there is the quirky hammer-head shark. Fun fact – The hammerhead shark is an internal sensor it’s hammer shaped head, which allows it to detect prey buried on the seabed. It’s like they have their very own built-in GPS system.

You can enhance you shark experience and walk through the epic underwater tunnel. How cool is that, it’s the closest you can get to the sharks without actually being in the water. You can grab a great Instagram photo here.

Singapore 3 day itinerary aquarium
Singapore’s aquarium. The 3rd best aquarium in the world.
Singapore 3 day itinerary sharks
Singapore’s sharks at the 3rd best aquarium in the world.

China town 

Take a cultured walk through Singapore’s China town. China Town clashes with the typical infrastructure of Singapore, with its low buildings. Traditional Chinese cuisine smells and bold red/gold colours swarming through the streets. The moment I stepped onto Singapore’s China town, I could instantly feel of the Chinese heritage.

Looking for the best place for budget shopping? Then look no further than the vibrant China town. It’s brilliant for cheap goods such as;

  1. Electrical items
  2. Phone accessories
  3. Clothes
  4. Gifts
  5. Chocolate and sweets
  6. Shoes and trainers
  7. Household items
  8. Cleaning goods
  9. Jewellery

It’s fair to say Singapore’s China town sells everything. I picked up a new watch for $3 and to this day it’s still working, fingers crossed. Furthermore, there is also plenty of places to eat in China town. The food is tasty, however the prices can be expensive. I had some of Singapore’s Chinatown chicken and rice, it cost me $9. Could get 5 meals for that in Thailand.

Marina Bay sands hotel for a cocktail – $20 entrance cost (you get it back to spend on drinks)

This was an amazing experience of sipping a cocktail at the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, whilst enjoying the overlooking view of Marina Bay, Singapore skyscrapers, the Singapore flyer and everything else in the distance. The view from Singapore’s most luxurious hotel is jaw-dropping, you can see for miles and miles. For the best view you should visit tower 3 of the 3 tower on the Marina Bay Sands hotel. This one provides the best views of Singapore. Also, there is a $20 admission fee to the bar at the top of the Marina Bay hotel, however, you can spend this on drinks so it won’t cost you a single dime to see the best views in Singapore.

When is the best time to visit the Marina Bay Sands Hotel viewpoint?

You should try to reach the bar at the top just before sunset. You will see an extraordinary sunset behind Singapore’s structural buildings and then you will get to see the stunning nightlife.

Marina bay sands Singapore
The epic viewpoint Marina bay sands Singapore
marina bay sands hotel
marina bay sands hotel infinity pool

Day 3 on the Singapore 3 day itinerary

Mustafa Centre

This overwhelming 24 hour shopping mall is a place you need to visit for some goodies when staying in Singapore. Originally opened in 1971 as a small-clothes store. Now this gigantic superstore offers everything from sweets to electrical goods. Each large floor is dedicated to a category. I.e level 2 is for food, I think there is 5 floors in Singapore’s Mustafa shopping centre.

I have never seen so many sweets and chocolate in one place. I felt like I had stepped into the willy wonka factory. Anything you need in Singapore can probably be found in the Mustafa Centre. It’s weird that we spent 2 hours running around the aisles like nutters, looking at all the mouth-watering food on offer. We spent $20 out of our backpacking budget on essentials and obviously a few goodies. So, what else is sold in the Mustafa market;

  • Meat and fish – I saw every meat and fish that I have ever tasted and more. The seems to be at least 50 brands of each type of meat and fish as well. Suppose you can never have too much.
  • Drinks and alcohol
  • Electrical items – by this I mean everything you can think of. Hand fans, shavers, phone accessories, children’s toys and plenty more.
  • Clothes mens, women’s and children’s

Botanic gardens – Entrance fee is free

Get away from Singapore’s city streets and head for the lung cleansing Botanic gardens. A stunning landscape of greenery, lakes and a a vibrant atmosphere. The Singapore Botanic gardens are now a UNESCO world heritage site. It is actually the first Botanic Gardens in Asia to be named a world heritage site. In addition, there are a cool 47 heritage trees in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

This is the perfect place to spend a few hours of walking and then relaxing in the sun with a picnic. At weekend the Botanic gardens gets slightly busy with children’s clubs playing group activities and games.

The is a Met stop right outside the Botanic gardens (Botanic gardens MRT station), so this is the best way to get here.

Bugis market and street food – Free

A buzzing market filled with stalls, locals and tourists. We accidentally came across this, but soon realised it’s probably one of the best markets in Singapore. You will find endless amounts of Singapore goods for cheap prices. There’s rows and rows of great stalls for you to enjoy rummaging through. However, my bartering skills didn’t work as well as they did in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Nevertheless, you can still pick up a great bargain.

Singapore’s Bugis market also has plenty of hot food, sweets and drinks on offer. We had dinner there and it was only $4 for chicken teriyaki and rice.

The Bugis market also has an outdoor area that sells plenty of more goods. You will find locals wearing microphones trying to sell household items and other random goods. This top market in Singapore seemed to be very busy, so head there in the morning if you’re not a big fan of the hustle and bustle.

Singapore flyer wheel – entrance ticket cost is $33

Discover a jaw dropping Panoramic view on Asia’s largest observation wheel. You can sit back and let Singapore’s flyer take you to the sky and deliver some of the finest views of Singapore you will get to see on our visit. You will spend 30-minutes teaching a peak of 165-metres above sea level. With a 360-degree view of Singapore.

Each cabin is filled with roughly 8 person, we was lucky to just have 6 of us in the cabin. It was like a personal flight to the Singapore skyline. The views are amazing, you can see the business skyscrapers, the Bay Marine Sands hotel, the sea and plenty of other cool best things to see in Singapore.

Top Tip –  he bought our Singapore flyer tickets at 6:30pm and made our way onto the ride at 6:45pm. This way you get daylight views, sunset and the nighttime views. Singapore nightlife definitely provides the best views. It’s a surreal setting.

Singapore 3 day itinerary flyer
top viewpoint on the Singapore flyer
Singapore 3 day itinerary viewpoint
Nightlife from the Singapore flyer

Other things to do in Singapore

  1. Singapore’s universal studios
  2. Singapore Zoo
  3. Clarke Quay
  4. River Safari

Check out my backpacking essential item list for Asia

How to get to Singapore?

The best and quickest way to get to Singapore is by flight. We got a flight from Phuket to Singapore which took us 3 hours. It was a comfortable flight and it goes quick if you read a book and a magazine. I hate when flights drag so I try to avoid clock watching.

The flight to Singapore from Phuket cost $60 with Air Asia. We have booked a few cheap flights with Air Asia when hopping from country to country in Asia.

How to get around Singapore

The best, fast and cheapest way to get around Singapore is via the underground MRT system. A great tube system that allows you to travel around Singaporean ease. It is very similar to the London Underground tube system if you have ever used that?

How to get a ticket to the Singapore MRT station – When you arrive at Singapore Airport, you will have the option to rent an MRT card for $5. Then, you top it up as you please. But don’t worry the journeys are cheap. You won’t pay much more than a dollar for any of your journeys on the Singapore underground trains.

In total I only spent $15 on the MRT system, in 3 days in Singapore. This also included the train back to the Singapore airport. Also, any money left on the card can be claimed back at the airport.

Where to stay in Singapore?

My budget accommodation in Singapore was a sweet place to stay. However, it’s obviously more expensive to other countries in Asia. This was actually the most cheapest place to stay in Singapore that we could find. It cost $16 a night and we was supposed to stay in a 8 person dormitory. Luckily though, they gave us our own private room of a bunk bed and tv. The room was tiny, but we had a great few nights sleep and seemed to really appreciate this box room.

Other things included in Singapore’s cheapest hotel to stay;

  1. Shower room – you don’t have your own shower room, you have to share but you will always find a free showers.
  2. Breakfast included – free eggs and toast to help yourself too. It’s a good free breakfast to start your day exploring Singapore.
  3. Tea and Coffee – This is one of the reasons I liked this hostel in Singapore. Free tea, coffee and water all day long. There’s also a 7/11 shop in little India next to this hostel, so you can buy any bits you need from there.
  4. WiFi | computers – there is a great WiFi connection for free and also 3 pcs for you to browse your social media accounts or book your next place to stay.
  5. Free books – There is plenty of free books for you and I choose from. This is probably the best place for books in any hostel I’ve been to in Asia so far.
  6. Meet other backpackers in Singapore – there is always at least 4 backpackers sat in the communal lounge. This is a great place to chat and discover information about places to see in Singapore.

Where to eat in Singapore?

Luxury restaurants in Singapore

  1. Colony
  2. Chef’s table
  3. You can also check out the top 50 restaurants in Singapore

Local Singapore food

You won’t find tons of places to eat local Singapore food, you will find plenty of western world food. The best place to find the local food is on the markets in Singapore. The food is okay, but it’s not much cheaper than the western food in Singapore. Also, other than the markets, there isn’t lots of places to find the local food. Singapore seems to offer more western food, but it was a nice break from the local food I’ve been just been eating in Thailand for 2 months.

Western food in Singapore

Like I mentioned western food can be found all over Singapore. It’s crazy there’s McDonalds, subways, burger kings and more. We were over the moon when we found out there’s a Nando’s! We haven’t seen a Nando’s since leaving England 4 months ago. In addition, the popular places to eat in Singapore are the China town and little India. If you like curry, I would highly recommend going to Singapore’s Little India and trying out some mega tasty local cuisine.

There are lots of western restaurants in the shopping malls in Singapore and I did notice food is sold a lot in Singapore’s underground tube stations.


Use this Singapore 3 day itinerary to have an amazing visit to this epic country. This country is perfect for 3 days of fun-city-life.

Please share if you have found this helpful. For travel essentials check out backpacking essential item list for Asia

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