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The heartbeat raising monkey sanctuary ubud!

The sacred Ubud monkey forest; Dress code, entrance fee, and tour

Do you want to know the Ubud Monkey Forest entrance fee? The dress code? Information about tours and keeping safe?

By the end of this post, you will have all the information you need to see one of the best things to do in Bali on your visit.

The amazing Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud of Padangtegal (Mandala Suci Wenara Wana) is a natural forest that is home to lots of long-tailed Balinese monkeys, that are also known as Macaca fascicularis. Also, this is one of the best things to do in Ubud that you should check out whilst visiting this top destination in Bali. Tourists travel here from all over Bali to spend a day watching and feeding the monkeys. You’ll be surprised how many people ask if the monkeys in Bali have rabies and have there been any attacks? So, this is discussed in this post along with the awesome Sangeh monkey forest which is another popular attraction.

The Bali monkey sanctuary is located in a perfect place near to the Ubud town centre, the tegalalang rice terraces, Goa Gajah and the amazing Campuhan ridge walk. So, you can visit all three of these top attractions in Ubud on the same day. But, best of all the opening hours of the monkey forest is 830am till 530pm, so you spend the full day here.

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A complete guide to the famous Ubud monkey sacred forest, including the ticket price, hours, what to wear and tips to feeding the amazing long-tail Balinese monkeys

Let’s look what’s included in this post for you;

Sacred Monkey Forest Entrance Fee?

What is the Ubud monkey sacred forest entrance fee price? The entrance ticket fee: adults (40,000 Indonesian Rupiahs – $3) and children (30,000 rupiahs – $2.25). Also, you can buy bananas to feed to the monkeys while you walk around. Bananas will cost you around 40,000 IDR.

How to book your tickets? I would use TripAdvisor and book your tickets online in advance.

Book Online for the Entrance Ticket to the forest

How long to spend here? It will take you around 60-90 minutes to walk around the full forest. Also, if you need the toilet, there is a toilet facilitates available for you.

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Where is the Ubud monkey forest?

To get here is quite easy from the Ubud town centre. You can walk here quite easily and it will only take you about 15 minutes.

We got up early on the day and walked from our homestay and stopped at one of the amazing health bars in Ubud for some breakfast.

The actual address: Monkey Forest St, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia. It’s actually near the Ubud art market which is just up the road.

Check out the monkey forest Ubud map below for the exact location:

How to do the Monkey Forest tour?

You can book a private tour of the monkey forest if you want a guided tour and you will also get to visit another location. So, the main benefit of the tours is you don’t have to organise anything.

When you book the tours, the driver will pick you up from your hotel in Bali. Then, take you to the chosen destinations and there will usually be the usual of dinner and drinks etc included.

I would just hire a scooter, but I know this is not everyone’s preferred option. And you can get tours to most tourist points in Ubud and the rest of Bali.

How much is the tour?

You can expect to pay anything from $20 upwards for the tours.

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the monkeys are not dangerous

Ubud Monkey Forest Rabies

The monkeys in Ubud have rabies? This is usually a worry with a lot of the tourists visiting here. But, it’s more of an issue with the dogs roaming around in Bali.

The monkeys don’t tend to bite tourists and they’re not aggressive. Although, it may look that way sometimes when they’re jumping all over you for food.

the monkey forest in Ubud

Is the monkey forest dangerous?

Is the monkey forest safe? Yes of course, just follow the rules of the sanctuary and you will be totally fine on your visit. Furthermore, about 749 monkeys live in the Ubud sanctuary and they all are free to roam around and it is well looked after and safe, just remember to keep your loose items hidden.

Are you worried about is being dangerous? Don’t worry about any monkeys as everything is safe and there is plenty of staff around to make sure you’re kept safe.

With all the tourist points in Ubud, as long as you follow the rules and have your common-sense, then you should be fine.

The Sacred Monkey sanctuary is a famous tourist attraction in Ubud. Every month there around 120.000 visitors come to Ubud to see the monkeys. The Forest has 186 species of the plant and tree in 12, 5 hectares of the forest.

What to wear to see the monkeys?

What is the sacred monkey forest dress code? No rules are saying what to wear, However, don’t wear loose valuables such as cameras etc. Too many tourists have had their goods stolen from the monkeys.

You have got to remember that the monkeys are wild, they’re not there to follow rules, so if they see something they want to take, then they won’t hesitate to take your goods.

Monkey Forest Rules

Remember the monkey forest rules when you’re walking around.

Here are some of the rules;

  • Keep your expensive valuables hidden for the monkeys.
  • Respect the staff if they ask you to stop doing something.
  • It’s the monkey’s home, so respect it.
  • Be careful with any food you have, especially the bananas.
  • Try not to scare the monkeys.
  • The monkey forest is safe if you follow these rules.

The Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal is owned by the village of Padangtegal. Village members serve on the Sacred Monkey Forest’s governing council (The Padangtegal Wenara Wana Foundation). 

My Ubud Monkey Forest Experience!

The Balinese Long Tailed Monkeys are important in Balinese culture, portrayed in the “Ramayana” Hindu-based dance epic, the “Kecak” dance, carvings and other art. And the Forest isn’t just a popular tourist attraction – it’s a sacred site. You get this vibe upon entry, it as a mega set-up and you will appreciate the effort they put in to make this a special experience.

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Ubud long-tail Balinese monkeys playing in the Ubud sacred forest

When you’re roaming around the forest you will get to see plenty of amazing things. You can spend hours and hours feeding the monkeys and taking photos of the scenery. Also, you will get the chance to visit the amazing temples such as the Pura Dalem Agung Pangtegal and Pura Beji.

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baby monkey playing

baby monkey eating a banana

It was nice to see that the monkeys, who are the owners of the place, are well looked after in the reserve and to be fair they are bosses.

Also, from time to time, we heard the mild screams (after the laughter) of the unfortunate tourists when a monkey climbed on them and took their glasses or camera.

This is why you need to make sure no valuables are on show!

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monkey sanctuary in Ubud playing with a banana

I highly recommend removing your items as we heard so many stories of tourists losing their goods. When walking around the forest you will see random flip-flops and pieces of clothing hanging around. This is where the monkeys have grabbed people’s goods and scattered away.

Like I said, just don’t have your valuables hanging out and I would make sure your camera is secure on you. We don’t to be losing our cameras now do we 🙂

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Upon entry to the monkey area in Ubud, the monkeys will probably come to greet you straight away and try to look for any loose bananas or other food items you have. Many people who have visited the sacred forest have lost their cameras, phones and other valuable items to these little monkeys.

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long-tail Balinese monkey playing

The Bali monkey forest staff advises visitors to never remove a food offer from a monkey or to touch it, as any of these actions can cause an aggressive reaction from the animal. Although they usually ignore humans who think they do not have food, they sometimes confuse the actions of a human being with food supply or an attempt to hide food.

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Check out this YouTube video of the monkeys, credit to the guys for filming this;

Sacred monkey forest sanctuary things to know

The monkey sanctuary Ubud covers about one-tenth of a square kilometer (approximately 10 hectares or 27 acres) and contains at least 115 different tree species. The park is very wooded and mountainous. A deep ravine crosses the park, at the bottom of which flows a rocky current. The trails allow visitors to access many parts of the park, including the ravine and the creek.

  • The lands of the Monkeys include a forest conservation area, a public hall, and a gallery, an outdoor stage, a canteen, a first aid center, a police station, car parks, and toilets and composting.
  • Bali temples host three Hindu temples, all built around the year 1350.
  • Pure Dalem Agung Padangtegal (“The Great Temple of the Dead in Padangtegal”), also called the main temple, is located in the southwestern part of the park. The temple is used to worship the god Hyang Widhi in the personification of Shiva, the recycler or the transformer.
  • The Pure Beji, or Beji Temple, in the northwestern part of the park, is used for the cult of Hyang Widhi in the personification of the Gangga goddess. A temple immersed in the “sacred source” is a place of spiritual and physical purification and purification before religious ceremonies.
  • The Pura Prajapati Temple, or Prajapati, located in the northeastern part of the park, is used to worship Hyang Widhi during the personification of Prajapati. A cemetery adjacent to this temple receives the body of the deceased for temporary burial pending a cremation ceremony that is celebrated once every five years.
  • Temples play an important role in the spiritual life of the local community and the monkey and its mythologies are important in Balinese artistic tradition. The monkey forest area is sanctified by the local community and some parts of it are not open to the public. The sacred areas of the temples are closed to all, except for those who wish to pray and wear the proper clothes of Bali.
  • The temple of the sacred spring is descending a long staircase next to a stream in the jungle forest. To access it, cross a moss-covered stone bridge that crosses the stream; The long fig screws hang over you and underneath.

Sangeh Monkey Forest Ubud

There is another super-cool forest to check out, the Sangeh monkey forest in Bali. This is something sort of similar where you can get up close to the monkeys and explore their natural habitat.

A common question is Ubud monkey forest vs Sangeh monkey forest. They’re both amazing places to visit in Bali, but I would recommend the stunning scenery of the Ubud sacred forest. Because this is the best monkey forest in Bali! 

What is the Sangeh forest entrance fee? The price of the Sangeh forest is around 30,000 IDR ($3). This is a cheaper option to the sacred forest!

Where is the Sangeh Monkey Forest? The dress is (Jl. Brahmana, Sangeh, Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80353, Indonesia). Use the Google map below for the exact location.


Where to stay in Ubud?

For cheap places to stay check out 



There is plenty of great accommodation in Ubud and you can find luxury and cheap places to stay in Ubud. The hotels and homestays in Ubud cater to all types of visits and Ubud is a perfect place for backpackers and honeymoon holidays. The accommodation in this amazing place offers epic budget rooms and some amazing luxurious hotels for those of you wanting to experience a more luxurious stay in Ubud.

We stayed in a few places around this amazing place in Bali. I’m going to share with you some of the best places to stay in Ubud.

  • Hanging Gardens of Bali – The Hanging Gardens of Bali is a sweet-luxurious destination, which you will find located in the jungle near Payangan, a village north of Ubud. Also, the enchanting five-star luxury resort has 44 private suites and individual villas. The hanging gardens of Bali suites all have their granite infinity pool, amazing.
  • Banana Homestay – This homestay in Ubud is in the perfect location and it’s within walking distance with all the top things to do in Ubud and this homestay offers very clean and comfortable rooms. Also, these come with hot showers, free tea and coffee all day long. So, there is also free breakfast included with this homestay in Ubud and the service here is also amazing and you will feel very welcomed on your stay. Also, the Wifi is very good here, always a tip essential, overall making it a top place to stay in Ubud.
  • Under Homestay – This is another great cheap place to stay in Ubud. It’s a budget homestay that offers amazing service, clean rooms and free tea/coffee. There is a good view of this homestay and you can even get a view of the flowing river that runs by it. Also, you will be treated very well at this budget accommodation in Ubud and this is a top place for backpackers to stay.
  • Ubud village hotel – If you are looking for a more luxurious place to stay in Ubud, then this is definitely it and this is a classic Balinese hotel that is in perfect walking distance to most of the main attractions in Ubud, as it’s located in a great spot between the monkey forest and the town centre. Also, the rooms at this top hotel in Ubud are large and very clean. You will receive a great Buffet breakfast and plenty of tasty fruit to set you up for a great day out in Ubud.


We had a mega time visiting the sacred sanctuary as you can see from this post. The Balinese monkeys are so much fun and will keep you entertained for however long you stay at this top tourist attraction in Bali.

  • Treat monkeys with respect; they are wild creatures that could bite.
  • Keep the camera handy and keep your stuff.
  • Do not wear jewelry, watches or anything that you might regret losing.
  • You can buy bananas at the gateways to feed the monkeys. But be careful if you do.

You can check out the official site here at monkey forest

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