Awesome Broken beach on Nusa Penida, Kelingking beach and Angel’s Billabong.

Broken beach on Nusa Penida 

Broken beach on Nusa Penida is one of the best tourist spots on the island. If you’re visiting Nusa Penida then I would highly recommend putting this coastal spot on your itinerary. The stunning rock formation is sweet for epic photos and videos. You can do a 360 walk around the broken beach and check out the amazing scenery from all angles. You can also check out the stunning Angel’s Billabong and Kelingking secret point beach.

Nusa Penida is one of three islands next to the coast of mainland Bali. The other two island being Lembongan and ceningan. These Top islands in Bali are also next to the stunning Gili Islands. We actually did over a week on the Gili Islands after visiting Nusa Penida.  

We spent 3 nights on Nusa Penida and visited the best spots on the island such as the Broken beach, Kelingking Beach, Angel’s billabong and more. I would recommend you stay on Nusa Penida for 2 or 3 nights. Or you could do the broken beach and Kelingking Beach private tour if you’re on a short holiday in Bali.

Now let’s check out what’s in this post for you;

  • My visit to Broken beach and Kelinking beach
  • How to get to the Broken Beach on Nusa Penida 
  • Visiting Angel’s Billabong and Nusa Penida 
  • Summary

My visit to broken beach and Kelingking beach

I actually visited Kelingking secret point beach then made my way to the broken beach on Nusa Penida in the same day. From my accommodation on Nusa Penida it was easier to visit Kelingking beach first for a few hours, which was good before the weather got to hot. We started this day early to make sure we could fit everything in.

We wanted to visit Kelingking beach, Angels Billanong and the broken beach in one day. And we wanted to be back on the road to our hostel before it got to dark on Nusa Penida. The roads are terrible in places so I would place your trip in advance to avoid driving in the dark in bad places.

Kelingking secret point beach
First visiting the Kelingking secret point beach

This was the first time to this amazing beach on Nusa Penida. We spent a little time on the Kelingking beach high cliff to get some of these cool photos. Make sure you becareful up here, the Kelingking beach height to the top is high.

After grabbing some photos we made our way down the Kelingking beach hike. This is the most difficult hike you will do on Nusa Penida!

At the bottom we just spent a few hours ‘chilling’ on the beach and enjoying the stunning Nusa Penida coast line

broken beach and Kelingking beach
This amazing beach on Nusa Penida

Then after visiting Kelingking secret point beach we made our way to the broken beach. This was a crazy scooter ride and one I won’t forget anytime soon! The roads got crazy and the road near the Broken beach is so dusty.

When we arrived at the Broken beach on Nusa Penida, we dumped the scooter at the parking area. Grabbed a snack from one of the local stalls and then headed to the Broken beach.

broken beach on Nusa penida
The views on the epic broken beach on Nusa penida are amazing

We spent an hour hiking around the broken beach and checking out the amazing scenery. The coastal line on Nusa Penida is amazing! We spent another hour here sunbathing and relaxing. The area is massive on broken beach so there is plenty of spots for families and visitors to relax.

broken beach on Nusa Penida guide
The amazing broken beach on Nusa Penida is a top thing for everyone to see
angels billabong
Checkout both the broken beach and angel’s Billabong

Other places to visit on Nusa penida

How to get to the broken beach on Nusa Penida 

To be honest with you, the broken beach is not easy to travel to on Nusa Penida as the roads can be quite difficult. Depending where your accommodation is on Nusa Penida, you might find the broken beach easy to get to. 

The beach is located on the west side of Nusa Penida and there is not to many places to stay around here. So you will have to make your way there from either scooter or taxi.

If you are hiring a scooter on Nusa Penida and making your own way to  the broken beach. Then I would do if extreme precaution. The roads on Nusa Penida are not really developed, however this is a working progress. So I would only hire a scooter if you are confident on tricky roads. You can hire a scooter on Nusa Penida for $3 a day and it is a lot of fun. But just be aware the roads are crazy in places, especially near the broken beach. 

Once you arrive at the broken beach, there is parking available for less than $1. Also if you get hungry or thirst then there is a shop selling drinks and food for cheap. There is plenty of locals aswell selling fresh coconuts. 

Doing the private tour from Bali to Nusa Penida is a great way to see the best spots on Nusa Penida.  If you only want to visit Nusa Penida for one day, then you can take a speed boat from Bali. This is the quickest way to see top spots like Kelingking Beach and broken beach on Nusa Penida.

We initially looked at booking a one day tour to Nusa Penida. But we decided to stay for 3 nights to see everything what this amazing island had to offer. However, the speedboat tour from Bali to Nusa Penida is a very popular way of visiting Kelingking Beach and broken beach. 

The broken beach cliff that you walk around is high and can be dangerous. So just take your time when walking around. There are many photo opportunities and also stands selling food and fresh drinks. We took a towel and did some sun bathing on the Nusa Penida coastline next to the broken beach. 

Check out the Angles Billabong and Kelingking secret point beach

Whilst visit the broken beach on Nusa Penida then you might aswell check out the Angells billabong and then Kelingking Beach. 

These are easily some of the best places to visit on Nusa Penida and Kelinking beach is still my favourite beach in Bali and Asia. 

Okay let’s have a look at these places on Nusa Penida for you to visit;

  1. Angel’s billabong – This is the coolest rock pool on Nusa Penjda and is definitely one of the most touristy spots on the island. People flock here from all over the island checking out the amazing rock formation near the broken beach. However checking out the Angles billabong can be very dangerous! There has even been deaths on Angles billabong. This is due to the crazy waves that come onto the billabong on the seas high tide. You should only get into the billabong on low tide. Even then you can see water splashing over. When we visited there was a lifeguard on duty, but he’s not there all the time. This is a mega-cool place to chill out in and grab some epic Instagram photos or YouTube videos, but just enter with caution. It can get very busy here, so I would recommend getting here in the morning before all the tourists turn up and ruin a good photo opportunity 😉
  2. Kelingking secret point beach – This is still my favourite place to visit on Nusa Penida. Kelingking T-Rex beach is absolutely amazing. They call it the T-Rex beach due to the stunning rock formation around the beach. Getting on to this beach though is no easy task. You will have to endure what is called the famous Kelingking Beach hike. You will have to climb the full Kelingking Beach height from top to bottom in the hot Bali weather. But once you make the climb it’s absolutely amazing. You should be aware that there has been a Kelingking Beach death from falling off the cliff. You must be very careful when at the top and climbing down to the Kelinking beach. 

You could also check out the epic viewpoints at the broken beach aswell. These all amazing places for you to see whilst visiting Nusa Penida. Also you can visit broken beach, Angel’s billabong and Kelinkging beach in the same day. Angel’s Billabong and the broken beach are next to each other. Kelingking beach is not to far from the broken beach, it’s in scooter ride distance. 

The broken beach on Nusa Penida summary 

Whether it’s the one day tour to Nusa Penida or a few nights stay on this epic island in Bali. You should 100% take the time to visit broken beach and Kelingking Beach. You can easily spend a few hours at this amazing spot on Nusa Penida.

Doing the speed boat tour from Bali is an amazing way to see some of the best things you will see in Bali. And it’s at a great price too. 

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