Things to do in Wakefield Are you planning to visit my home country, the UK. And possibly visit one of the most beautiful cities, Wakefield? Well, that is a very good choice. But before you plan your trip and just leave for it, you should need to know some interesting things about Wakefield. Like, where is it located? What’s its history? The best things to do in Wakefield? And what places you should visit with your friends and family? Don’t worry! I’ve handled this for you. Just scroll down and get to know some amazing facts and info about the city Wakefield, you are just going to visit! Wakefield – About and History Wakefield is situated in West Yorkshire, England, along with the River Calder. According to the 2011 census, the population of this great city is about 99,251. Wakefield has a huge cultural history. Wakefield was known as the city of coal mining in the 1980s. The city had been coal mined since the 15th century, then a battle was held in the Wars of the Roses. Wakefield then became a popular city and transformed into an amazing nature. England’s two greatest artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore both were born in this lovely city. Places to visit in Wakefield Wakefield is the city of art and culture. It has now become a colourful city with all types of places a person wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. Have a look at some of the amazing places of Wakefield that will make your tour memorable. Nostell Priory and Parkland The Nostell priory and Parkland place has beautiful views with calm and green parks and gardens. This place was founded in the 12th century. The Palladian Mansion was built in 1727. From the inside, the Nostell Priory is beautifully built with detailed art and it is well-maintained. The parks and gardens of this place are mind-blowing which gather visitor’s attention. This is a sweet place to visit in summer and maybe take a picnic. You can take some epic photography here. Sandal Castle Whenever we hear the word castle, our mind always pictures a huge mansion with a royal family living in it. The Sandal castle is also a huge place with breath-taking views of the river and the city. This place has a free entry (something to do in Wakefield for free), so you must visit this place to discover what history lies inside of it. The epic ruins are great for for hiking around and looking at some epic history of Wakefield. Wakefield Cathedral The Wakefield Cathedral is one of the most magnificent churches from all around the world. It is also known by another name Cathedral Church of All Saints in Wakefield. It is a very old and historic site from the 9th century. However, it was restored in 1888. The cost of the entry to the Wakefield cathedral is free too! You can visit this place with no bookings at all. A 45 minutes tour will let you know about its historic events. You can visit this place on Wednesdays at 11 am or 2:45 pm for the amazing free tour. If you like cathedrals in England, you will love this epic cathedral in Wakefield. The architecture of this place is amazing. And the grounds surrounding the area is stunning as well. Don't forget your camera :) Hepworth Gallery Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy sculptors? Then the Hepworth gallery should be on you list of things to do in Wakefield, The Hepworth gallery is located on the bank of River Calder. This incredible museum was opened in 2011. The museum shows the phenomenon art of the world’s most talented artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. This beautiful gallery has also won awards on its irresistible art. Hepworth gallery: Open daily 10am-5pm Hepworth gallery Cost: free entry Chantry Chapel of St. Mary This is a place of true English-heritage. It was placed in the 14th century. It is known as one of the ancient monuments of England and a Grade I listed building. The bridge is built on an island on the Calder with sandstone. In 1995 it was repaired with some lighting systems. And recently it was also renovated with new flooring and seating. You can book your reservation to visit, or they are also opened at public holidays. Theatre Royal Fancy watching a show in Wakefield? Then visit the amazing Theatre Royal on your visit to this top city in England. This traditional theatre was opened in 1894. It was built by one of the famous architects of that time Frank Matcham. It has a stunning architecture from insides. Many national and international, comedy and musical plays are performed in this historic place. It is an amazing place to visit with family in Wakefield. You will definitely enjoy it! Newmillerdam Country Park If you are looking for things to do in Wakefield for familes, check out the Newmillrdam Country Park. It’s a very peaceful place located in the south of Wakefield. It was built in the early 18th century. The park is a beautiful and calm spot to spend your evenings – birds flying around, a great central lake with a Boathouse and the greenery covering the whole park. The springs are even more beautiful here. If you are wondering what to din Wakefield for cheap, this is it. It is so affordable and costs only $3 for 4-10 hours a day. Isn’t it enough? Well, a place like this ‘heaven’ needs a lot more hours to spend here. You can take your pets here too! So take along Daisy the dog with you on your travels to this top activity in Wakefield :) Yorkshire Sculpture Park This park is an outdoor gallery full of unique art and sculptures. They possess both old and modern art standing in the open air. The Yorkshire park contains the sculptures of the local and international artists, including Barbara Hepworth, Jaume Plensa, Ai Weiwei and many more! They have a huge collection of these unbelievable modern sculptures. Some restaurants and cafes are also present around here, so you can spend the whole day by having your favourite snacks all day long. Unity Hall The Unity Hall was developed in 1867. Various seminars, conferences, and fundraising programs are held here. But, for enjoyment, many concerts and dances are also performed here. So if you are looking for something to do in Wakefield that involves concerts, you should check out this epic event. You can spend a perfect musical night out with your friends and family. So much popular artists and bands also perform here to make your night magical like Def Leppard and The Ramones. Along with the cafes and restaurant at day-time, it gives a perfect nightlife with bar and concerts. Where to eat in Wakefield Food is one of the main things that we live for. And when you roam around a city with so many fun activities, food is the only thing which is much needed! There are a huge number of cafes, bars, and restaurants in Wakefield where you can go to enjoy each and every type of food. Here is a lost of some of the best places to eat in Wakefield. Rustico Italian Restaurant – It is located in the central Wakefield. It has a perfect rustic Italian cuisine. It serves all types of pizzas, pasta, and also has a variety of steaks and seafood. They have a comfortable environment with affordable prices. Qubana Restaurant and Grill – It serves mostly Cuban style dishes. But also have a mouth-watering menu including their South American and European dishes. The chefs give a taste of Spain in every meal. Marmalade on the Square – Wow, even the name of the restaurant is yummy! It is perfect for having brunch with family after a morning tour of the city. They serve mostly homemade snacks like pastries, sandwiches, soups along with tea or coffee. You can spend an amazing sunny afternoon here before leaving to discover this wonderful city. Smokehouse – This restaurant serves a delicious variety of American-style dishes. The menu includes upsized burgers, sizzling barbecue, and everything loaded with meat. This place will win the heart of all the meat lovers! Hokkaido – It is a Japanese restaurant and serves the yummy Japanese food, which includes everyone’s favorite Sushi too! The expert chefs of this restaurant cook live food for their customers in front of them. Conclusion Wakefield has a lot more restaurants and eateries opened at every corner. Every type of food item is available in Wakefield when you roam around the streets. Each year in February a food festival is also held in Wakefield. The streets are fully packed with foodies trying to discover a variety of food. Not just that, Wakefield has a lot of more interesting places like bars, pubs, live music, and karaoke and even magic shows are also seen here. Now just pack your bags and take off to discover this amazing city and try to visit every historic and fun place of Wakefield. And don’t forget to take your cameras and phones with you to capture the memories of the breathtaking views of this city.


Best Things to do in Wakefield; One of England’s best cities to visit Wakefield, possibly one of the most beautiful cities in England. Before you plan your trip and just leave for it, you need to know some interesting things about Wakefield. Like, where is it located? What’s its history? The best things to do …