canyoneering in cebu Kawasan falls trip

Breathtaking Canyoneering in cebu Kawasan falls

Canyoneering in cebu Kawasan falls

The canyoneering in cebu Kawasan falls is one of the most adventurous and best things I have done in the Philippines and in Asia. The day is a fun packed, exciting best thing to do in Cebu. You will spend the day adventuring through the Cebu canyon, swimming through the crystal-clear-river and jumping from cliffs as high as 15-metres.

 Jumping from the cliffs and swimming in the Kawasan falls has got to be one of the most adrenaline pumping things I have done. This Top thing to do in Moalboal is not for everybody, but if you do feel adventurous then I would not miss this awesome day out. At the end of the day the Kunse waterfall is the last place you visit on the trip. Here you will have dinner and then get some cool new Instagram photos of this epic waterfall in Cebu.

We decided to do this activity in Moalboal during our 3 night stay at this town in the south of Cebu. However, we nearly skipped it due to trying to fit everything into our 3 day Moalboal itinerary. I’m glad we didn’t miss the canyoneering, I would have been devastated. This is why I have created this post for you, so you can avoid missing out on probably the best thing to do in Moalboal Cebu.

In this post I want to share everything about the canyoneering in cebu kawasan falls;

  • The epic canyoneering in Cebu Kawasan falls guide
  • The canyoneering at Kawasan Cebu waterfall package
  • Best budget accomdation in Moalboal
  • Other things to do in Moalboal for an epic adventure in Cebu

The canyoneering in cebu Kawasan falls and what’s included

canyoneering in cebu kawasan falls views
Breathtaking views at the Kawasan falls in Moalboal Cebu

In the morning you will be picked up at around 9am by your great speaking English guide. The guides are funny as hell and will ensure you have a mega day canyoneering in Moalboal Cebu. Then, you will be taken to meet the rest of the group at a restaurant in Moalboal. From here, you will make your way to the Kawasan waterfall canyoneering entrance to get your canyoneering outfit of a hard hat and life jacket.

After fit out of your outfit for the day, you will enjoy a 30 minute walk through the stunning Moalhol jungle.

Then it’s time to embark one of the most fun things you will do in Cebu Philippines. 

You will make your way through the epic canyon climbing over rocks, floating and swimming through the river. And of course, take part in the adrenaline pumping jumps into the river. The jumps on the cebu canyoneering are sweet as hell and each one will take you out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to take part in every jump on the Moalboal canyoneering. But, I would highly recommend giving them a go, you will love it! You guides will make it look easy, they’re crazy, but in a fun way. They was doing front flips into the river and all sorts. It was amazing to be fair.

You will take part in completing the journey down the river and jumps, until your canyoneering adventure reaches the Kawasan waterfalls. This is where the Moalboal canyoneering finishes and this is where you will have dinner. Dinner at the Kawasan waterfalls is a fun place to dine. 

Don’t expect a banquet for dinner. The Moalboal canyoneering tour lunch is chicken, rice and a drink of coke or sprite. Also, the canyoneering tour provides for vegetarians. The guide will ask you at the start of the tour what option you prefer.

The canyoneering in Cebu Kawasan falls package 

  • Cebu canyoneering guides – The guides on the Moalboal canyoneering are brilliant. From start to finish you will have a smile on your face. You will be engaged with the jokes and fun whilst making your way through the canyoneering tour to the Kawasan falls. On the tour we had 3 guides, each one of them spoke good English and enjoyed getting to know you. The guides seem to be very acrobatic and they will sure you plenty of flips and tricks on the best canyoneering tour in Cebu.

    canyoneering in cebu kawasan falls swimming
    Kawasan falls swimming pool in the jungle
  • Fun group – In our canyoneering group there was 8 people, I think. We had an Australian, an American, two Germans, two Swedish and other country natives. Everyone was really friendly and this is great way to meet new people on your travels. You can also get mega travel tips from the others in your group on the best places to visit in the Philippines and other places.

    best thing to do in Cebu Moalboal
    The canyoneering tour in Cebu is amazing
  • Lunch – You will get lunch at the end of your canyoneering tour. This includes a chicken dish, rice and a drink. The drink is a shared large bottle of cola and sprite. Furthermore, the canyoneering tour in Moalboal caters for vegetarians. The best thing about the lunch, is the Kawasan waterfall setting.
  • Transportation – When pay for your canyoneering in Moalboal tickets, you will arrange your transport to Kawasan falls. We got transport from Moalboal to Kawasan falls and back. The journey from Moalboal to Kawasan falls takes around 25 minutes. Furthermore, you will travel in a tuk tuk with the rest of your canyoneering group. It’s a sweet ride and you get take in the local Moalboal culture and jungle.

    Canyoneering in cebu kawasan falls Moalboal
    The amazing Kawasan falls
  • Canyoneering in Cebu Kawasan falls outfit – Your canyoneering in cebu Kawasan falls outfit will consist of a life jacket, hard hat, trainers/wetshoes and you can take a waterproof camera. Lads can wear just shorts for the day and girls can wear a bikini or swimsuit. You will be getting completely drenched, so I would wear something comfortable. In your life jacket there is a zip up pocket, here you can store a bottle of water or your waterproof camera. On the day I wore shorts and trainers and I was completely fine in them. If you are going to wear trainers, make sure you can securely fasten them to your feet . You don’t want them swimming away in the Kawasan falls.

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Use the map to see where Moalboal is located in Cebu

Where to stay in Moalboal for the canyoneering in cebu kawasan falls

The accommodation in Moalboal and the Philippines in general is not very cheap compared to other counties in Asia. However, did find one of the cheapest budget homestay in Moalboal, it was mega. Roo’s homestay is in a perfect location for all the best things to do in Moalboal. 

A room at this hostel in Moalboal is $20 a night, this is out of our budget. But you won’t find much cheaper here and we needed a good nights sleep after 40 hours of travelling. Although it was $20 a night for the sweetest accommodation in Moalboal, we are glad we paid it because we loved it. This epic hostel includes; 

  • Breakfast – The breakfast here is good and you also get an option. I had scrambled eggs, toast and my beloved peanut butter. There is also chocolate spread for your toast if you want it. Also included is coffee, tea, juice and water.
  • Water – water is free all day long. This is always a big help and saves you a lot of money on your backpacking budget.
  • Lovely staff – The staff at this top homestay in Moalboal are brilliant. They speak really good English and are always more than happy to help. They will go out-of-their-way to make sure you have a great time visiting Moalboal. The is a story behind the start of the Roo homestay, but I will let you find this out for yourself when you visit this top accommodation in Moalboal.
  • Private room and bathroom – The Roo homestay in Moalboal provides private rooms with air con and your own bathroom. The rooms are sweet and have a homely feel about them with the decor and lamp. Furthermore, the air conditioning is really good and it’s quite so you will get a good nights sleep.

Other things to do in Moalboal Cebu

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  2. lambug-beach
  3. Dolphin House
  4. candongao peak climb guide

The stunning Moalboal from drone footage

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