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Molave cove cliff dive

Adrenaline-pumping Molave cove cliff dive

The Adrenaline-pumping Molave cove cliff dive 

Molave cove cliff dive is the most adrenaline pumping thing you will do on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. In a nutshell you will jump off a cliff from 22-feet up, straight into the clear sea waiting below. And then greeted by thousands of sardines upon landing in the sea.

You will have to pay an entrance fee to enter the Molave cove cliff dive, but it’s only 30 pessos per person. Upon entry, there is plenty of cliff top huts for you to relax and lay out your stuff. This is where you can camp for the next few hours while enjoying Bohol’s best snorkelling and cliff diving. There is around 6 huts and each one can seat up to 16 people. When we was there, there was some locals having a few beers and a bbq. They where cool and loved watching people do the cliff dive.

Okay, so now you’ve paid your entrance fee, settled in a hut, now it’s time to do the Molave cove cliff dive. Obviously you may be a little nervous at first, but it’s best to just run, jump and not think about it! By the way, you will have to run and jump. This way you will avoid any rocks there maybe at the bottom. If you are worried about safety, there is a lifeguard making sure everything is running sweet and he’ll make sure you have a good time.

After making the pulse-raising jump into the sea, it’s time to do some snorkelling. There are lots of cool fish and thousands of sardines hanging about. However, the sea here can get a little choppy at the cliff edge. So make sure you have some level of swimming, by this I mean it’s probably not the best thing to do if you can’t swim.

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Things to know about the Molave cove cliff dive 

Exit to the Molave cliff dive – When you jump into the sea from the Molave clove cliff, the exit is roughly a 30-meter swim. The exit is a stairway from the sea up to the cliff Top. When the sea is choppy it can get a little wild at the cove exit, so just be careful when exiting the sea. Also, I didn’t see any sea urchins, but somebody did say they seen some. Just be careful.

Molave cove cliff dive exit

The Molave Cliff huts – The Molave cove cliff dive huts do have a roof. However, when we was there a storm came and we got absolutely drenched! So, if you have a waterproof bag, I would take this along to keep you phone and other stuff dry. The weather can get pretty wild in the blink of an eye.

Molave cove cliff dive resort

Jumping into the water below – There was a group of Chinese tourists snorkelling from the Molave cave resort and they ended up drifting underneath the jump point. So before you make the 22-foot jump, just have a look down to make sure no one is below.

best things to do in Bohol cove

Using your action camera on the Molave cove cliff dive – The Molave cove cliff dive is a pretty cool spot on Bohol for some Instagram photos. I would get some one to take a photo of you jumping in and if possible take your action camera along on the jump to video your epic leap into the sea. Just make sure your action camera is secure. After visiting the Molave Cove cliff dive, you can make a small trip to the Hinagdanan cave on Bohol.

Molave cove cliff dive sea

Best cave in Bohol

Only 5-kilometres away is the Bohol cave. This is a unique cave under the surface, it’s dark and strangely has a natural swimming pool. Here you can swim in the lamp lightened cave, in the spooky 15-feet deep water. It is not a large cave, however it’s definitely a cool tourist spot to visit on Bohol. Want to see more of Bohol? checkout the best things to do in Bohol for an amazing visit to this top island in the Philippines.

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Molave cove cliff dive cave

How to get from Cebu or Manilla to Bohol

Ferry from Cebu to Bohol | ferry ticket cost is 1000 pesso per person – We came from Oslob on the island of the Cebu and made our way across to the island of Bohol. There are two ports in Cebu to get to Bohol, however I would recommend getting the ferry from Oslob to Bohol as it only takes an hour and a half. The ferry from Cebu city to Bohol takes a lot longer. But obviously if you are more north of Cebu than you will most likely take the ferry from Cebu. You can buy tickets from the pier, however we bought our ticket from our hotel in Oslob for 1000 pesso per person.

The ferry we got from Cebu to Bohol was a pretty sweet cruise to be fair. We got to sit on the front of the ferry in the open air. It was good to just lay on the deck with a book, spotify and the sea view. The ferry to Bohol takes roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes. The time on the ferry goes fast. There is also snack and drinks sold, I got a coffee for 40 pesso. And there is a toilet available.

If you’re travelling around the Philippines, you should check out this Philippines packing list for ideas of things you need.

best things to do in Bohol Ferry

how to get from Manilla to Bohol – You should get a flight from Manilla to Bohol, this is the only to get to Bohol from Manilla. Unless you was to take a ferry to Cebu and then to Bohol. This would take forever though. Anyway, the flight to Bohol from Manilla is a 1 hour and 45 minute flight.

Book flight from Manilla to Bohol

Accommodation in Bohol for the Molave cove cliff dive

There is a mega place to stay in Bohol, the _ accommodation is a sweet newly developed resort in Bohol. The resort has cool modern rooms, with air-conditioning and private bathroom. Furthermore, there is also a newly built pool. We was actually the first people to get in the pool. The resort also sells food, hires out motorbikes and provides brilliant customer service. We decided to stay here because it looked nice, had a pool and was the best accommodation in Bohol for our budget. This is probably the cheapest resort in Bohol with a pool. The owner Irish John was a top guy and catered to all our needs. In addition, John was nearly finished adding a brand new bar and dinning area to this epic resort. It’s due to finish November 2018.

Accommodation in Bohol can be quite expensive, especially for backpackers. However, the _ resort is suitable for all. There rooms are perfect for backpackers, honeymooners and there is also two large rooms with up to 6 beds for families. Nevertheless, we had a mega 4 night stay here and if I was ever to come back to visit Bohol, then I would definitely be staying at this top resort.

There is also the Molave cliff dive resort – Set in Panglao, Molave Cove Resort is 8 km from Alona Beach and offers facilities like garden. The property is around 8 km from Danao Beach and 8 km from Danao Beach. Guests can make use of a terrace.

An American breakfast is available daily at the resort.

The area is popular for snorkelling, and car hire is available at this 2-star resort.

Best Restaurant in Bohol

The number one restaurant in Bohol is the Bohol Bee Farm, a quirky and relaxing place to eat on Pangloa island. The food here is prepared from the manager’s (Vicky) home-grown produce. The food here is mega tasty and the views from the cliff windows overlook the sea, giving you a sweet dining experience. The food here is between 200-300 pessos on average, but the taste says it’s worth a lot more. Also, there is a free started included with this top restaurant in Bohol.

We decided to visit this best place to eat in Bohol on our first night on the island. I had a honey-glazed chicken, rice and vegetables. It was mega tasty, however it is a little more expensive than local cafes on Bohol and it may not be the best place to visit for a backpacker on very low-budget. Nevertheless, it’s still an amazing restaurant, with great food and great views. Also, the ice-cream at the Bohol Bee Farm is amazing and that is produced locally.

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