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best things to do Byron Bay

21 Things To Do Byron Bay; You Must Do!

21 Best things to do Byron Bay and to see

Byron Bay is one of the coolest places we visited in Australia and I have created this list of the top things to do Byron Bay. This epic coastal town in Australia has plenty to see and do such as the Cape Town Lighthouse, amazing beaches and the funky Byron Bay Markets. A day trip in Byron Bay is a day well spent in my eyes. You will love it!

If you’re wondering whether to visit Byron Bay or not, let me tell you it’s completely worth it! There is something for everybody in this epic coastal town on the Eastcoast of Australia. For example, there are some awesome Byron beaches for surfing and for the family. Then you have the Byron Bay Bluesfest and also there’s the Fisherman’s lookout. We did this awesome place whilst doing our Sydney to Melbourne road trip.

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1. Byron Bay lighthouse for sunset

The Byron Bay Lighthouse is usually on every tourist’s Byron Bay itinerary and to be fair it’s a pretty awesome walk!

If I was you, I’d get there for the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse sunset! Make sure you take your camera.

An even better idea is to check out the lighthouse moonrise, this is a spectacular scene! You can create a picture for your wall with this amazing event.

Are you in a car? Don’t worry there is parking there available. It does get busy during the day, but you’ll find a space.

If you get hungry there is a cafe available near the Lighthouse to grab some food and snacks. And of course an ice-cold drink.

best things to do Byron Bay

2. Byron Bay beaches for some surfing

You into surfing? You’re in an awesome place for it! Byron Bay is the holy-grail of surf locations in Australia.

It’s not uncommon for Australians to move to Byron Bay to live the dream with a surfing lifestyle.

Looking for surfboard lessons? You can pay for surfing lessons to get to grips with the basics of surfing in Byron Bay. If you are new to surfing, there’s not a better feeling than catching that first wave!

You’ll be able to rent a surfboard for $20, just make sure you clean it before you give it back.

Check out the Byron Bay weather here to make sure the weather is good for surfing.

surfing for begginers and surfing lessons in the amazing byron bay surfing beaches

3. Visit Fishermans Lookout

This cool lookout is near the end of Byron Bay’s main beach. People usually do the hike to enjoy the incredible views here and also take some sweet photos.

So what is there to expect here? You’ll have a good lookout over the beach and on a sunny day the views are amazing! However, remember to take some water on the walk with you as the temperatures can get hot man!

Also, the Fishermans lookout is next to the Pass and you will no-doubt see surfers riding the waves here.

byron bay fishermans lookout

4. Chill out on Wategos Beach

Probably regarded as the best part of the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk. The hike to Wategos Beach offers amazing views of Byron’s main beach, the Wategos Beach and The Pass.

If you’re on a family visit to Byron Bay and you’re looking for family-friendly beaches, then the Wategos beach is for you.

Regarded as one of Byron Bay’s best beaches, this awesome beaches offers;

  • Clearwater for swimming
  • BBQ’s
  • Shower blocks
  • Toilets
  • Waves for surfing

We had dinner here on the BBQ, it was a great day. Although, we didn’t get to see any of the dolphins, you have a better chance to see the dolphins that pass through here.

byron bay attractions

5. Little Wagos Beach

Did you know the Little Wategos Beach is the most easternmost beach in Australia, that’s a cool fact right? That’s why it’s definitely worth a visit and should be on your list of things to do Byron Bay.

This beach is only accessible from the Cape Byron walking track. However, during low tide, you can get from Wategos beach to little Wategos beach by walking.

the breathtaking little watagos beach one of the best things to do in Byron bay

6. Hike Around Tallow Ridge Track

Another walk in Byron Bay, by now you will know there is plenty of walking activities for you to do in Byron Bay! The scenery is epic so it’s awesome to do.

This hike will take you down Lighthouse Road and towards Tallow beach. Here you can have some lunch on the beach whilst watching the surfers do their thing on the sweet waves that come up there.

It’s a very popular surf spot so there’s usually a good atmosphere here.

7. Tree Sanctuary

There is an area in New South Wales known as the Tree Sanctuary, well, it’s known as The Sanctuary to the locals. It’s worth a visit to see the boardwalk that passes through it. You can stretch your legs and stroll along the boardwalk through this small area of rainforest.

byron bay waterfalls

8. Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach is one of the top beaches in Byron Bay to visit! If you’re an early morning riser, you can check out one of the morning yoga sessions on the beach. If you’re not planning on visiting in the morning, you can always go later in the day and watch the sun go down.

If you have kids with you, you’ll be pleased to know there is places in the water that are shallow and the children can splash and play in the water. Also, there is lifeguards that patrol this beach.

what to do in byron bay

9. Arakwal National Park

If you fancy an awesome scenic walk in Byron Bay then you can head to the Arakwal National Park. There is a few different walks you can do and see things such as stunning lakes and cool creeks. There’s also plenty of wildlife around the national park. Also, if you wanted you can make your way through Suffolk park until you reach Broken Head.

If you want, you can also take a popular trail route from Alcorn Road to Tallow Creek. You can even jog this trail or even bicycle down it.

If you enjoy national parks, you’ll love the Purling Brook Falls in Spring Brook National Park.

tree sanctuary byron bay

10. Broken Head Beach

If you’re looking for some tranquility and peacetime, then head to Broken Head Beach. You can expect an empty beach with breathtaking views. This is one of the top things to see in Byron Bay and one of the beaches many tourist skip!

To get to here you will have to drive around 8km from Byron Bay to the Broken Head Beach caravan park.

Once you arrive here you will understand what I’m saying about how chilled out and stunning this beach is!

It’s a little out from the Byron Bay centre, but it’s totally worth the drive.

the farm byron bay

11. Clarkes Beach

Clarkes Beach is one of the best family beaches in Byron Bay. Lifeguards don’t patrol this beach, however, it’s quite enough for families to paddle around in the water and relax in peace while enjoying a picnic.

If you wanted to, you can learn to surf at Clarkes Beach as the waves are not too high, which makes them perfect for newbie surfers.

You can do a sweet walk from Main Beach to Clarkes Beach. We did the walk and it’s epic to stretch your legs after doing the campervan journey we was on.

There is plenty of facilities on Clarkes Beach such as toilets, showers, BBQ’s and more. These facilities make it one of the best things to do Byron Bay on your visit! Oh, and there’s also parking available for you at $4 per hour.

12. Stone & Wood Brewing Company

After all these activities in Byron Bay, why not head to the Stone & Wood Brewing Company for some drinks and food. You can pay around $25 for a tour of the brewery in which you will get to taste plenty of beer! That’s got to be worth it, right!?

The food is supposed to be really good as well! You can eat some chicken and chips with a nice cold one and watch the sun go down.
If you’re staying in Byron Bay, you can do this tour and then head out to check out the Byron Bay nightlife.

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13. Circus Arts Byron Bay

The amazing Circus Arts are one of the top activities if you’re looking for things to do for families in Byron Bay. However, if you’re just an adult or a couple looking for some fun, then this could be for you too.

So, what exactly is it?

This is an indoor circus that offers courses and training programmes to the public. There’s also fun classes and climbing walls. If you’re looking for some fun activities, then this is an alternative thing to do in Byron Bay.

awesome circus arts Byron Bay programmes and classes

14. Captain Cook Lookout

The Captian Cook Lookout is one of the things you have to see when visiting Byron Bay. You can see top views from here and also have lunch the Captain Cook picnic area.
Once you have visited here, you can walk from the Captain Cook Lookout to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Then, once you arrive there, you can grab a drink at the Cape Byron Cafe!
Also, it’s not uncommon for whales and dolphins to pass the Caption Cook Lookout. Make sure you have some decent binoculars to hand.

15. Visit Nimbin

You must of heard of Nimbin? Australia’s most hippiest and cool town. I can honestly say this is one of the most chilled out places I have ever been! It’s crazy relaxed (the funny fags play apart of this).

You can drive for about 1 hour 10 minutes from Byron Bay to Nimbin and then stay overnight at one of the campsites in Nimbin.

We only stayed for one in Nimbin and I think this is plenty. There isn’t many things to do in Nimbin apart from the local cafes, shops and walks. There is a music festival on every couple of nights and the locals there are quite big on their raves.

things to see in Nimbin

16. Byron Bay Markets

The Byron Bay markets are one of the top attractions for both locals and tourists. You can expect some awesome stalls containing unique gifts and foods.

I love a good market and we got see some top markets on our Australia roadtrips, this is one of them. We was on a budget so we didn’t go there to buy lots of gifts etc.. But we enjoyed walking around the market and soaking up the atmosphere.

The markets are not on every weekend, so you should check the link to see the dates of the Byron Bay Markets!

17. Try a skydive over Byron Bay

If you’re an adventure seeking junkie then this is the activity for you. The Byron Bay skydiving is one of the ultimate things to do in Byron Bay by far!

You will be taken up to around 15,000ft in the air (scary), then you get to freefall at over 200 km/hr for up to 60 seconds. After the freefall, you will spend up to 7 minutes just floating like a bird over Byron Bay. This will give time to take in the breathtaking views of Byron Bay from the sky.

the amazing 15,000 sky diving experience in Byron Bay

18. Try Scuba Diving

Diving is one of my favourite activities and if you enjoy too, you will enjoy the diving experience in Byron Bay. You will get to dive at Byron Bay’s Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, which is one of the best dive sites in Australia!

The dive experience will last between 5-6 hours and includes all the essentials such as;

  • Equipment hire
  • Swimming pool lesson
  • Transfers
  • Snacks

During your dives, you will get to see some amazing fish and beautiful coral.

You can book the diving here with TripAdvisor.

19. 3-Hour Turtle Snorkelling Experience in Byron Bay

Snorkelling with turtles is usually on every traveller’s bucketlist, it was mine anyway. If you have never done it before then I highly recommend doing the Byron Bay snorkelling with turtles experience!

You will get to snorkel at the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve (the same place as the dive experience) and swim with the cool fish that patrol these areas.

The snorkelling tour in Byron Bay will last around 3 hours from start to finish and you will spend your time with experience tour guides. Also, if you’re new to snorkelling, the team will be than happy to give you a snorkelling lesson.

You can book the snorkelling experience with TripAdvisor here.

snorkelling with turtles in Byron Bay

20. Visit the Farm Byron Bay

The Farm in Byron Bay is one of the most unique things you will do in Byron Bay. This is not your average farm to visit, there is something here fun to do for all the family.

This quirky farm offers visitors the chance to come and get involved with the daily grinds of living on a farm, but in an exciting way. There’s things to do for the kids, and, there’s also adult workshops to get involved with!

The motto of the farm is “Grow, Feed, Educate” and this really is their beliefs. From the moment you arrive, they will make sure you’re well catered to during your experience.

21 Stay at the Byron Bay Elements

If you’re on a luxury visit and you’re wondering what to do in Byron Bay that is romantic and gives you some time to relax in comfort. Then, you should check out the Elements accommodation. It’s an stunning beach side resort that offers guests a luxurious stay with amazing services, an adult pool and just a damn good experience.

You can book a cheap room at Elements here.

Best time to visit Byron Bay?

If you’re travelling to Australia for the first time, you obliviously want the best weather! So, when is the best time to visit Byron Bay? We was here in late November (summer) and the weather was amazing!

Okay, so September to early November will be cooler. But, if you want awesome sunshine, then you should visit Byron Bay around November/December/January.

You will be able to enjoy the Byron Bay hikes in the sun and even hit-up the beaches for some surfing.

Where to stay?

Whether you’re looking for a Byron Bay Airbnb or a cheap hostel, you will find accommodation in Byron Bay to suit your budget. However, expect the places to stay cost rise in the peak season. Also, expect accommodation and Airbnbs to fully book up in peak season!

Let’s look at some of the best places to stay:

You can also check this link out here you’re looking for Byron Bay campsites whilst you’re there.

Get $40 off your Byron Bay Airbnb here.

Best places to eat in Byron Bay

There’s some cool Byron Bay restaurants for you to dine at. They’re all more or less in the centre of Byron Bay, so you can have a walk around and decide where you want to eat.

I’ve got a few places to eat at in Byron Bay that have good reviews and are know for selling tasty food.

Let’s have a look at some of the best eateries;

  1. Foxy LUU’s – This is an awesome little Asian restaurant. It was like being back in Thailand visiting here. Food is also cheap, so if you’re on a budget, this is a perfect place to eat!
  2. Miss Margarita – Do you like cocktails? Is Mexican your go to food? Then you need to visit this epic Mexican restaurant in Byron Bay! The food is tasty as hell!
  3. Manna Haven Cafe – If you’re into your healthy food (I am) or you’re a vegetarian. Then you need to check out this tasty health bar in Byron Bay!

Final Thoughts

Now you have your full lest of the best things to do Byron Bay East-coast of Australia.

Honestly you will have an awesome time here and it’s one of them places to visit in Australia to get some new Instagram photos!

If you’re driving up the East Coast of Australia, make sure to check out the best things to do in Cairns on your adventures.

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