Mount Snowdon walk Wales

Guide to The Mount Snowdon walk in Wales

The Mount Snowdon walk in Wales

Are you looking at doing the Mount Snowdon walk in Wales? I have this full guide, including the different path routes up Snowdon. Mount Snowdon was always on my bucket list before making the epic climb. I have now climbed this top mountain in Wales multiple times and I still to this day will plan to do it again. The first time I ever climbed Snowdon was in 2015 and I’ve loved this top place to visit in Whales ever since. You can make climb up Mount Snowdon via different routes such as Llanberis path, Miners track, Snowdon Ranger track and the Watkin Path. 

So, how long does it take to climb to the summit of Mount Snowdon? This totally depends on the route you want to walk to the summit of Mount Snowdon. It could be a round trip of 5 hours and over. We have done the walk in under 5 hours, but that was really putting in some effort. Obviously you can take the train ride to the summit of Mount Snowdon and this will only take you an hour. So how long it takes to climb Mount Snowdon completely depends on how and which route you want to take. 

Mount Snowdon walk Wales
Full guide to the Mount Snowdon walk in Wales and where to stay in Snowdonia

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The Mount Snowdon height – A massive 1,085 metres and it’s certainly the tallest mountain in Wales. You should also know that this is the tallest mountain in the British isles. However this excluding Scotland. Before climbing this mountain I did some research around it. For example, I wanted to know the Mount Snowdon height and how long it would take me to climb this tall beast. Also how long it would take me to travel from Manchester to the Mount Snowdon in Wales. 

It’s quite popular for people to climb Snowdon and then do an overnight stay around Snowdon. You can also camp in certain locations near Snowdon and this is quite a popular thing to do. 

Let’s have a look what’s in this post;

  • My favourite Mount Snowdon path routes
  • The Mount Snowdon train ride
  • Where to stay
  • Summary

The Mount Snowdon walk 5 path routes

Are you struggling to decide whether to climb Mount Snowdon or which path you should take up the mountain? 

I have created this list of Mount Snowdon advice. This included the top paths in which to take up the mountain such as Llanberis path or the Watkins path. There is also information for you about the Mount Snowdon train. This is another possible route for you up the mountain if you are not keen on doing the hike. 

Upon climbing Snowdon for the first time, it was clear that this is one of my favourite mountains to climb in Wales and England. The views from the top are phenomenal. 

#1 One of the toughest paths up – The Watkin Path 

If you want a tough climb up Snowdon then I would recommend doing the Watkin Path route (named after sir Edward Watkin). This route basically takes you from ground point (sea-level), all the way up to the peak of Snowdon. 

This route is more suited towards advanced walkers as it can be strenuous and difficult in places. There is also some gruelling drops to watch our for. 

Top tip for the Waking path – This is an amazing hike for some epic photography. Don’t forget your camera for this one. 

Mount swowdon walk watkin path
the amazing Mount swowdon walk watkin path in Wales

Don’t worry there are plenty photo opportunities on the other path routes on Mount Snowdon.

#2 The Snowdon Horseshoe 

The Snowdon horseshoe walk is the one for more advanced hikers looking to do the mountain. This route will take you around the full horseshoe of Mount Snowdon. This will take a considerable amount of hours though. You could be looking at well over 5 hours if you take this route around Snowdon.

Mount swowdon walk path route
One of the path routes up Snowdon

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#3 Snowdon Ranger track 

If you want an easy route on your Snowdon hike then I would recommend the Snowdon Ranger track. This epic track up Snowdon starts at Llyn Cwellyn car park. This Snowdon path offers epic scenery and photo opportunities. You can enjoy an easy stroll on the path up. 

mount snowdon walk rangers track
Rangers track is another route on the mount Snowdon walk

#4 Llanberis path

This is another easy route up Snowdon. But the Llanberis path can be quite a difficult route, due to how long it may take you. Hiking for so long can have its toll depending on your level of fitness. Nevertheless, this route still offers amazing views and you will have plenty of opportunity for some amazing photography of Snowdon,

Llanberis Pass
Llanberis pass in Snowdon is one for the hikers

#5 Miners track 

Snowdon’s miners track is another pretty easy route up Snowdon. At the start of this route, it begins with Snowdon’s pyg route. This is an easy route and is perfect for all levels of hikers. Want a great photo opportunity? You will get this hiking the miners track. You will walk at the side of the stunning Llyn Llydaw lake. When you reach the last section of this climb to the summit, you will face a slight challenge. This route gets steep here. 

I’ve done my fair share of waking up of mountains (and hills) around England and Wales. But the Mount Snowdon hike is probably one the best hikes to do in Wales and England. The views from the top of Snowdon are mega and worth the hike up. It’s never short of asrmospher on Mount Snowdon as well. You will plenty of other hikers making the walk up Snowdon.

Doing the Snowdon hike advice for hiking essentials 

  1. Always take a good Water Bottle with you on the your hike.
  2. Take some food and snacks up with you on the walk to the top of the Snowdon hike
  3. Make sure to wear good Hiking Boots
  4. You need to take a good waterproof jacket on your hike
  5. Take a waterproof camera

The Snowdon Train to the summit information

The Snowdon train is another amazing way to get to the summit of Mount Snowdon. This is a great way if you struggle with hiking or you are short on time and want to see the summit of Snowdon. Let’s have a look at some information you should know;

  1. The train on Snowdon is always dependant on weather and season. There has been a couple of times when I have done the Mount Snowdon hike and the train has not been running. You can always call the centre on (0)1286 870 223 to see if the trains are in operation before making the journey.
  2. Tickets on the day of travel are only available from the Ticket Office at Llanberis Station and are subject to availability. So if you are wanting to make the train ride up Snowdon, then I would get there nice and early to arrange your tickets.
  3. Traditional Diesel Service The Llanberis – Summit Return Fare Llanberis – Summit Single Fare Your Llanberis – Clogwyn Return Fare  The Llanberis – Clogwyn Single Fare
    Adult – 16+ years £30.00 £23.00 £24.00 £20.00
    Child – 3-15 years £21.00 £18.00 £15.00 £11.00
    Disabled Adult £27.00 £20.00 £20.00 £13.00
  4. In-season the train runs everyday from around 9am and there is a train avaible every 30 minutes.

If you want more information on the train ride up Snowdon you should check out Snowdon Railway.

Where to stay 

  • Glan Aber Hotel – Family run three-star hotel, cafe, bar and bunkhouse in Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia. Those of you that are dog-lovers will be pleased to know. There are dog-friendly rooms available. All rooms en-suite with tea and coffee-making facilities. You can order food seven days a week at this top accommodation near mount Snowdon. Drying room and mountain bike lock-up available. Walkers, bikers, kayakers, climbers welcome, suitable for activity holidays. Welsh-speaking staff.
  • YHA Snowdon Pen-Y-Pass – Hostel – This cheap hostel in Snowdonia is located a whopping 1000ft above sea-level in the Snowdonia national park. The scenery around this hostel is amazing and that’s why I recommend this as a top place to stay near Mount Snowdon.  The famous knife-edge ridge of Crib Goch – The Red Ridge – and the start of the Snowdon Horseshoe can be seen from the windows at this amazing place to stay. Tryfan, the Glyders, Moel Shiabod and Y Garn are situated at each side of this epic hostel in Snowdonia. This really is a magical place to stay.
  • Swallow Falls Complex – This epic accommodation in Snowdonia is a perfect place to stay when visiting Betws-y-Coed. You will find a sweet mix of value, comfort and convenience. There is good amenities that is perfect for backpackers and travellers to get to know each other and share information. Always a fun part of the trip. Swallow Falls Hotel will provide tv’s. WiFi and other essentials etc. This top accommodation in Snowdonia offers a sauna and a restaurant to make your visit even more pleasant. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to free parking.  Close to some of Betws-y-Coed’s most popular landmarks, such as St. Mary’s Church (3.1 km) and St. Michael’s Old Church (3.2 km). This hotel is in a sweet location for us travellers, making it a top place to stay.
  • Snowdon Ranger Hostel – This is a perfect place to stay in Snowdon after making the Snowdon walk. If you are driving to Snowdon, this Hostel offers free parking for guests. Also you can get really good tasty food as this top hotel offers really tasty food and a good classic beer. Travellers will always have an amazing experience at this epic place to stay.
  • Royal Goat Hotel – Still looking for a mega place to stay near Mount Snowdon? Look no-further. This epic hotel offers a lot of value to its guests. In your room you will provided with a good flat-screen-tv. Also, you will be provided with WiFi. You can also use free parking facilities if you are arriving by vehicle. This is an excellent choice for travellers visiting Beddgelert.


Still wondering whether to do the Mount Snowdon walk in Wales? Well I can assure you that it’s a mega experience to climb up to one of the biggest mountains in the British isles.

You can do this amazing hike up Snowdon and then stay at one of the great accommodations in Snowdonia that I have provided. And get to experience an epic one stay in Snowdonia.

As I have shown, there are some great Snowdon path routes for you to choose from when making this epic climb to the top. There is different levels of difficulty, so just pick the one that is right for your fitness level. Always remember. Keep it safe on those edges.

Have an amazing hike to the top of the stunning Snowdon mountain.

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