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hervey bay to fraser island tour guide

The Hervey Bay to Fraser Island amazing tour

The epic Hervey Bay to Frasier island tour 

The Frasier island (K’gari) tour from Hervey Bay will take you on a day trip on Australia’s 4th largest off land island. And the largest sand island in the world. You can take part of this amazing Hervey Bay to Fraser Island tour and discover this amazing island and everything it has to offer. We decided to do this tour as we were passing through Hervey Bay on our camper trip. We did just the one day tour to Fraser Island, however you can stay over if you desire. This would be cool. 

We initially was going to do the Noosa to Fraser Island tour, but we decided Hervey Bay would be easier. On this amazing tour of Fraser Island you will get to see things such as the 75 mile beach, Indians head, the champagne pools and more. You can either do a 4×4 or bus tour of Fraser Island. We did the 4×4 and I would recommend doing this as you will get a better experience and what’s cooler than racing up the beach in a 4×4 Jeep. There is some great accommodation on Fraser Island to stay at, such as the Kingfisher Bay resort.

Hervey Bay to Fraser Island
A full guide to the Hervey Bay to Fraser Island tour

okay let’s have a look exactly what’s in this post for you;

  • Things to see in Fraser Island
  • Where to stay on Fraser Island
  • How to get to Fraser Island by ferry
  • Summary

Places visited on your Hervey Bay to Frasier island tour?

Can’t decided whether to do the Frasier island tour from Hervey or catch the ferry from Hervey to Frasier island by yourself?

I have created this Frasier island itinerary of the best things to do in the island and also everything you need to know about doing a tour to Frasier island. You will get to see the amazing lake McKenzie and stunning 75 mile beach on Frasier island.

We soon knew we was going to have a great time visiting Frasier island and this is one of the best tours to do on the East coast if Australia. This largest sand island in the world is epic and cannot be missed in your visit to Australia. 

First place stopped at on the Hervey Bay to Frasier island tour – Rain forest 

Fraser Island Rainforest – Rainforest on Frasier island is sort of a surreal green forestry covering much of this island. It’s crazy how it’s all completely growing out of the sand. There are numerous sand tracks that pass through the rain forest and all over Frasier island. It really is an epic 4×4 Frasier island adventure. 

I wouldn’t get to comfortable trying to go hiking through the forest! Our Frasier island guide told us there is plenty of deadly snakes and spiders that are habited in the rainforest. One bite of these could be absolutely deadly. So basically stay away from the jungle and stick to the amazing beaches on Frasier island. 

Top tip – The Frasier island rainforest makes a great photo from the passenger seat in your 4×4 as you’re driving through. 

Fraser Island Rainforest
The amazing rainforest on Fraser Island

There are plenty of tours to Fraser island, but we was happy with our tour and the guide. We had an amazing time and would happily do it again (check out the pic below) 

Hervey Bay to Fraser Island Reviews
Full star reviews from us for the Fraser Island tour

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Lake McKenzie 

We’ve seen some pretty cool lakes and beaches in Australia. But the lake McKenzie is definitely one of the coolest we have seen on the East coast of Australia, well Fraser island. The story of how it’s formed from just falling leaves creating a water seal at the bottom is crazy. The lake is perfect for swimming on Fraser Island and it make a great photo too.

Hervey Bay to Fraser Island Lake McKenzie
The stunning Lake McKenzie

Things to know about swimming on Fraser island’s McKenzie lake. 

  • Take a towel with you to dry off as you may not have much time depending on which Fraser Island tour from Hervey you do
  • There is nothing in the lake that can harm you, I don’t think. No, people was swimming in the middle and the guide said it’s safe to do so
  • You will have a great photo opportunity here 
  • This is a great place for families visiting Fraser Island 

Fraser island 75 mile beach

Hervey Bay to Fraser Island 75 mile beach
The epic 4×4 tour on Fraser Island, checking out the 75 mile beach

After having some morning tea, this is what the Australians call it. I call it a snack. We headed to the top 75 mile beach on Fraser island. This beach is one of the best things we saw on the Fraser Island trip. We spent a good 30 minutes racing up the beach in our 4×4 checking out the amazing views of Fraser Island. We also got to see one of the Australian Dingoes that lives on the island.

This beach is one of the best beaches in Australia that I seen whilst travelling the east coast in a camper van. 

75 mile beach
Stunning views at the 75 mile beach

The Fraser island Champagne pool 

The champagne pools is one of the best tourist spots on Fraser Island. You may have seen photos of this stunning rock pool by the sea and the waves crashing over tourists as they grab their photo. This was the furthest place we visited whilst on the Fraser island 4×4 tour. We spent half an hour here chilling in the waves and taking some cool photos. The board walk to here is also a cool coastal walk along the cliff edge. You should know that not every Fraser Island tour visits here, well the buses don’t anyway. It’s only the 4×4 jeeps that visit this part of the island.

After the champagne pools, we made our way back to the tour guide for dinner on the beach. This was a little buffet style dinner of salad, meat, Champagne, pop and beers. 

Indians head Fraser Island

This is probably the best viewpoint on Fraser Island. You can see for miles over the 75 mile beach and out to the sea. It’s a heated 10 minute hike to the top of Indians head, but it’s totally worth it for the views you will see. They say you have the chance to see some of the many sharks that live around Fraser Island, it even turtles. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any of these. You should know that the cliff at the top is very steep! Make sure to take your time, it is also windy up there. Still makes a great photo though. 

Hervey Bay to Fraser Island Indians head
Indians head Fraser Island is the best viewpoint on the island


The amazing shipwreck on Fraser Island

The Fraser Island shipwreck is one of the coolest things to do on Fraser Island. The shipwreck is located on the coast of the 75 mile beach and you get to visit this on you Fraser Island tour. The ship has some great history for you to discover, there’s also some great photo opportunities. You are not allowed to climb in the shipwreck or climb on it as it’s a protected artefact.


Fraser Island shipwreck
The shipwreck is crazy on Fraser Island

Eli Creek  

Eli creek was the last place on our Fraser Island day trip from Hervey Bay. We spent half an hour here sun bathing and waking up the cool creek. This area has a lot of tourists around from tours and there was also people here that are staying on Fraser Island for the night. 

You have a few different options for the type of visit your on to Fraser Island. 

  1. Fraser Island Tour – you can either do a day trip to Fraser Island, like me. This was perfect for us. 
  2. Camping on Fraser Island – There is designated camping spots on Fraser Island. So you can make your own way across on the ferry and then camp on the island for the night. 
  3. Hotel stay on Fraser Island – There is hotels and holiday homes on Fraser Island that you can stay at. 

Where to stay on Fraser Island 

Kingfisher bay this award-winning ecotourism resort on World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is the perfect base to explore the world’s largest sand island. This is the first hotel on Fraser Island you will see when arriving on the pier from Hervey. There is 152-rooms at Kingfisher Bay Hotel, self-contained two and three bedroom villas and houses, and a 174-bed Wilderness Lodge for groups. 

This hotel also provides tours by either 4×4 or buses around Fraser Island. This is a special place to stay, however the food and drink is expensive. If it’s a special occasion and your on a backpackers budget, then stay here. If not I would recommend another accommodation on Fraser Island. 

The beach camp eco retreat on Fraser Island – This accommodation is sweet for backpackers and travellers. This cool eco camping area on Fraser Island offers 7 glamping tents for you to spend the night after exploring the island. You can cook up a pizza in the over stove. Or have an epic BBQ with friends or family and watch the sun go down. 

The beds here are comfy and it’s a nice clean area. This place to stay on Fraser Island is perfect for backpackers and those short family breaks. 

Can you drive or get the ferry to Fraser island? 

If you want to visit from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island, then you do have the option to drive your own vehicle onto the ferry from Hervey Bay. I seen a few guys with cool hired 4×4 jeeps to explore the island. You can also just pay for a ride to the island without a vehicle. Our guide told us a few people do this and Spend the day in the resorts near the Fraser island pier. 

  • The last ferry from Fraser Island to Hervey Bay is at 5pm. So if you miss this you will be stuck on the island for the night. Our Hervey Bay to Fraser Island tour stayed for the full day on the island and we left on the very last ferry. It was quite cool watching the sun start to lower with a cold drink on the ferry.
  • The ferry from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island and back is not a large ferry. It can only fit I would say around 10 vehicles onboard per trip. So if you are looking to take your own vehicle across to the island, I would get it booked on as soon as possible to avoid not being able to make the trip. Do the day trip it saves all the hassle.

We had an amazing day trip from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island and I would highly recommend it to you or anyone. There’s plenty of things to do and see on Fraser Island to have an epic trip to this largest sand island in the world. Being able to see the Indian head, 75 mile beach and the Eli creek is a memorable experience whilst visiting Australia.

If you get the chance you should definitely look into doing an overnight stay on Fraser Island to experience the camping or hotel stays in this stunning island.

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