The Three Sister Mountains guide

Visit The Three Sisters mountains

The Three Sisters mountains in the Blue Mountains district

The three Sisters mountains are a crazy formation of rocks that are located in the famous Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains and the three sisters are a highly visited tourist spot in New South Wales. The Blue mountains has been on our East coast camper trip itinerary of Australia since day one. We couldn’t make our way from Cairns to Sydney without seeing these epic natural rock formations. If you are in New South Wales, you have got to do the epic three sister walk.

After some planning to visit the blue mountains and the three sisters. We decided to visit the mountains the day before spending our NYE in Sydney. You can get tours to the three sisters, however we drove from Sydney to the Blue mountains. 

The Three Sister Mountains guide
The Three Sister Mountains guide and where to stay in the Blue Mountains

As the day goes in more and more tourists pour in to see the blue mountains and the three Sisters. So we decided to get there for 930am. This was so it would be a little quieter and more picturesque. You obviously want to take some sweet photos of the three Sisters. Getting to the Blue mountains early is also advised to avoid the mid-day heat. In December in Australia, it’s not uncommon for the temperature to hit over 40 degrees, fire. You don’t want to be scrambling around rocks in 40 degree heat.

Okay now we have an overview of the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters. Let’s have a look exactly what is in this post for you;

  • The Three Sisters walk and the best viewpoint
  • Restaurants at the Three Sisters
  • Where to stay in the Blue Mountains 
  • Summary

How to see the three Sisters mountains walk from the best viewpoint

Visiting the Blue mountains and the three sisters, you want to go to the echo point first. This is the best viewpoint the see the three sisters. 

The echo viewpoint – This will give you spectacular views of the blue mountains and the stunning three sisters. You can expect a lot of tourists here, just because how amazing it is.

The Three Sister Mountains guide
Three Sister Mountains are stunning

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There are two levels on the echo viewpoint. The bottom level just gives you a little bit closer view to the distant three sisters. 

The echo viewpoint walkways – If you go to this viewpoint first on your visit to the three sister mountains. You will be in a perfect place for the numerous echo viewpoint walkways. Which ever path route you take on the blue mountains, you will have amazing viewpoints of the blue mountains. 

Three Sister Mountains echo viewpoint
Some more photography of the amazing Three Sister Mountains

The three sisters honeymoon bridge – The honeymoon bridge takes you onto the side of one of the three sisters. It’s the closest you can get to these stunning wonders of the world. 

The Three Sister honeymoon bridge
The Three Sister honeymoon bridge

The path route to the honeymoon bridge gets quite steps and you will have to walk down over 100 steps. But it’s completely worth it. The only thing I would say to be aware of is, how many tourists there are. There are times when you will have to squeeze past people and also wait till the line of tourists starts moving. This can can get very hot and sweaty! Don’t forget your water.


Honey moon bridge
It was a sweet walk to the Honey moon bridge from the echo viewpoint in the Blue Mountains

You can find a bench underneath the overhang of one of the three sisters. You can even have lunch here if you wanted. 

The three Sister Mountains peak
The three Sister Mountains peak photography

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What’s the history of the Three Sisters mountains walk?

  • It is legend that three sisters named Wimlah, Meehni and Gunnedoo once lived in the Jamison valley with the locals.
  • The three sisters was in love with three brothers from the neighbouring nation of the Dharruk people. However marriage was strictly forbidden by tribal law.
  • The three brothers was fierce warriors and decided to take the three sisters by force. A tribal war started and the Kuradjuru of the Gundungurra people decided to turn the three sisters into stone. This was to protect them from any dangers within the war. The plan was to restore the three sisters back to their normal state when the war had passed.
  • During the war, the Gundungurra was killed by the enemy. This inevitably meant the spell was never broken. And to this day no one could turn the three sisters back to their human form.
  • Can you break the spell?

The three sisters mountains walk things to Know

  1. The weather maybe extremely hot depending on when you visit the three sisters and the blue mountains. Therefore I would highly recommend taking plenty of water with you. You could also take some snacks.
  2. There are some tasty restaurants at the three Sisters. We had lunch at one of the diners and it was mega tasty and fairly priced. They sell everything such as burgers, pizzas, salads and more. You should try one of the smoothies.
  3. Expect the blue mountains to be very crowded. The three sisters are one of the best things to do near Sydney. You can get there early in the morning to avoid the midday rush.
  4. You can either make your own way to the Three Sisters or do one of the popular Three Sisters tours.

Where to stay

There are some great places to stay at the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. There’s also a couple that are overly priced and you should avoid. You will probably only be doing or 1 or 2 night stay at the Blue Mountains. But you could be doing a longer stay if you’re spending the holidays here. Nevertheless, what ever type of visit you’re on, you are going to want your accommodation to be the best it can be.

I have listed some great places to stay in the Blue Mountains for your epic visit to the three sisters mountain. If you’re a backpacker on a budget, I would recommend staying at the Three Sisters motel. This will be one of your cheapest options. 

Palais Royale boutique hotel – The rooms at this hotel near the three sisters have an old classic feel to them. You will find very clean and well looked after hotel, with very friendly stay. This epic hotel is located in a perfect position to give you amazing views of the surrounding area. The food served here is also tasty. An added bonus is you can bring your own wine, winner. 

The Carrington hotel  – This is an old-school feel hotel. By this I mean it has a classical feel to the building. The rooms with balconies offer amazing views of the surrounding areas. You should ask for a room with a balcony! This hotel near the Three Sisters has a bus stop located right outside the it. So you can catch a bus straight to the echo point. Do you like classic music? You can find a pianist playing in this accommodation in the blue mountains area. Also the staff here are very friendly and will ensure you are looked after during your stay. There’s also a great atmosphere in this hotel throughout the day. Do you like great food? You should this hotels classic English breakfast. Overall this is a great affordable place to stay in the blue Mountains area. 

The three sisters motel – Want a mega place to stay at the Three Sisters that’s affordable? You need to check out this motel. The motel’s beds are mega comfortable and you can enjoy the free wifi and Netflix. It’s worth it for the free Netflix, always love a god movie at the end of the day. The nicely decorated rooms are well maintained and cleaned regularly. This top place to stay at the Three Sisters offers a real tasty breakfast in the morning and the staff are really friendly people. You will receive epic service.  it’s not far from the resturaunts and shops at the Blue Mountains which is very convenient, you can stroll to tone of the restaurants for your evening meal after doing the Three Sisters mountain walk. If your ever at blue mountains I highly recommend to stay at three sisters motel and cottage. 


Still wondering whether to visit the Three Sisters Mountains?  Let me assure you it is well worth taking the time to visit this amazing wonder of the world on your trip to Australia.

For those of you that enjoy hiking. There is plenty of path routes in the Blue Mountains for you to discover and work up a sweat while admiring the unbelievable scenery. Then after your hike you can do an overnight stay at the Three Sisters in one of the sweet places to stay that I mentioned within the post.

If you are going to make the trip, just remember to take plenty of water with you. It gets crazy hot up there in the mountains.

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