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All The Bali Travel Guides You Need in 2022

Bali Travel Guides

Any Beach-loving people would fancy going on a trip to the Island of Gods, Bali, Indonesia, because of its stunning sceneries, exceptional foods, cosy atmosphere and, laid-back ambience.

Another thing that draws people’s hearts closer to Bali is their amazing way of life and the affordable rates for their commodities. It has become one of the popular go-to places for honeymoons, vacations, and even a home for soul-searching people.

Stay with us as we give you an ultimate travel guide in wandering the Splendours of Bali’s tropical beaches, unique culture, fantastic foods, and welcoming locals and ambience.

Hotels and Accommodations in Bali

General Tips and Advice

Traveling In Bali

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country renowned as the biggest archipelago globally, consisting of five major islands with thirty smaller island groups. With this, it is home to many stunning beaches that tourists across the globe love to wander.

One of its beaches, also called Pulau Dewata, translates to the Island of Gods, which we all know Bali. It is regarded as one of the finest beaches globally and is definitely on every traveller’s bucket list.

Of course, Bali won’t be tagged as the Island of Gods for nothing if it weren’t for its breathtaking beaches and rich culture awaiting tourists, locally and internationally, to be discovered.


Known as the Cultural Hub of Bali, this stunning place is filled with temples, holistic centres, yoga areas, and local markets that are ready to serve you anywhere.

Ubud is also a home for vegans and a culture for raw dining that especially attracts travellers willing to try an interesting way of life.

One of the famous places you can go to is their rice fields near Mount Batur. You can also go to the popular Monkey Forest.


Do you love to seek beaches with great surfing spots? The Uluwatu is the place for you!

With its stable after reef breaks that is considered one of the best in the world, you can never go wrong in visiting and trying out Uluwatu’s surf town situated on Bukit Peninsula’s western cliffs.


This cosy place is the closest to the Island’s main airport. Seminyak is known for Magic sunsets that every tourist anticipate and wish to enjoy every time they visit Bali.


Sanur is known to be the cosiest place you can find in Bali and hosts many hotels that are family-friendly hotels for family travellers. Sanur may be underrated for some, but this does not mean that they are not worth trying.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Bali

Travelling to Bali will be a great experience, only if you came prepared and have done research about their culture, and especially their transportation means.

Since it is a foreign country, you may want to know how their way of life work so that you won’t end up getting too overwhelmed to function.

With this, here are some of the useful tips you can consider in researching your next travel destination, Bali:

1. Transportation Means

Arriving in Bali via the Denpasar International Airport, you might feel overwhelmed by the locals offering to give you a means of transportation that are mostly men.

To avoid being too overwhelmed to the extent of creating a wrong decision, you may want to organise a shuttle going to the hotel you will stay in, or if not, you can book a Taxi that may cost you about 120,000 Indonesian rupees.

Since Bali is an Island, it is not too big to grasp, and you can get used to their transportation means eventually. If you plan to stroll around the Island, you can hire a Go-Jek or an Indonesian term for uber.

However, be wary of some trying to overprice the fee because they know you are a tourist. To avoid this, most of the time, the fee will only cost you 100,000 Indonesian rupees.

Another transportation mode you can use is hiring a Blue Bird taxi which is also considered the most expensive. However, they are worth what you are paying for because Blue Bird taxis are the main taxi for Bali, and they are trusted because the commitment of Blue Bird taxi drivers sticks to what is on their metre.

Another is booking a shared shuttle. You can try out Perama and Kura Kura in Bali, which are budget-friendly shared shuttles. For your reference, the price of riding them may cost you about 60,000 Indonesian rupees. However, note that shuttles leave at a certain time that may interrupt you strolling the Island.

Lastly, hiring a local motorbike can be your best option if you are a solo traveller, as this may get you to farther places without costing you so much.

2. Exploring Bali in Travel Details

Travelling to a foreign country (in a foreign continent, maybe) can be much harder for you because of the different cultures and ways of living. That is why it is important to look at the simple details that may help you greatly during your travel.

That being said, here are the important information you should know about the culture and ways of life in Bali:

Best Season to Visit

Southeast Asian countries only have a wet and dry season. Since Bali is part of a Southeast Asian country Indonesia, they enjoy the dry season from April to October and the wet season from December to February.

However, these seasons greatly affect the prices on the Island, for the rates are more expensive when it is dry season and at their peak during July, August and December.

On the contrary, rates are much cheaper when it is the wet season, because most of the time, rubbish on the beaches would show and you can’t do much during wet season compared to when it is a dry season.


Knowing Bali’s culture is important because most Balinese highly regard their divine faith. Speaking of which, the primary religion celebrated in Bali is Hinduism.


Balinese people mostly use Bahasa Indonesia and Balinese dialects. If you’re lucky, you may find a local that speaks English.


Travelling the beautiful Island of Bali may give you one of the best experiences in Southeast Asian countries.