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visiting the amazing pura temple in Bali, seminyak

Amazing Pura Tanah Lot Temple Bali – By The Sea!

Pura Tanah Lot Temple By The Sea Bali

If you’re heading to Bali you need to take a stop off at the picturesque sea side Pura Tanah Lot Temple, famed for its unique location and stunning sunsets. Tanah Lot Temple stands for earth (Tanah) and sea (Lot), quite appropriate considering its spectacular setting on top of an impressive rock overlooking the sea. It is one of 7 sea Temples located on the Balinese Coastline. This is just one of the amazing temples in Bali and other favourites of mine are the Pura Tirta Empul and Uluwatu Temple. Then there’s Pura Gunung Kawi and Pura Besikah to visit!

In 1980, the temple’s rock face was starting to crumble due to the high waves, so the Japanese government provided a loan to the Indonesian government approximately $130 million USD to conserve the historic temple. As a result, over one third of Tanah Lot’s “rock” is actually cleverly disguised artificial rock, but still as breath-taking. Another place to see is the Kecak fire dance in Bali (make sure to read what is the best area to stay Ubud).

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Can you enter Tanah Lot temple?

Tanah Lot temple is very important to the people of Bali. However, they do allow you to get close to the temple for a small dontation of less than $1.

You can be blessed by the Balinese spiritualists that stand at the entrance and you can walk around the Tanah Lot steps. Also, you can walk up the steps to the temple.

Where is Tanah Lot Temple Located?

Conveniently located North West of Denpasar, in Beraban village, district of Kediri, Tabanan regency, Tanah Lot Temple can easily be visited by travellers staying in the popular areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

Tanah Lot Temple is situated 18km from Seminyak and 21km from Kuta, however if you want to stay closer to Tanah Lot Temple there’s plenty of amazing accommodation nearby whatever you budget.

Check out Tanah Lot location on the Google map below

Have you been to the Pura Tirta Empul in Ubud?

How to get to Pura Tanah Lot Temple?

How to get to Tanah Lot from Kuta and Seminyak?

We stayed near Seminyak Beach and it took us around 1 hour to drive to Tanah Lot Temple from Seminyak, however we made a few pit stops and detours through the local villages and captured some insta shots. The drive is pretty straight forward and as long as you have mymaps, you can’t get lost! You can get a bus or a taxi from Seminyak or Kuta to Tanah Lot. A taxi will cost 200,000 IDR+

The cheapest and in my opinion the most fun mode of transport in Bali is renting a scooter. You can rent a scooter for a few dollars and day and a full tank of petrol can cost you as little as a dollar. Be careful to do your research of rental shops and have your international driving license at the ready and remember always wear your helmet. You don’t want a hefty fine of the Denpasar police! It’s also a good idea to inspect the scooter before you set off on your adventures and take pictures of any bumps or scratches so they can’t pin any damages on you.

However, if riding a scooter isn’t for you, you can easily rent a driver for a day to take you to Tanah Lot Temple and surrounding attractions.  You can expect to pay around $35 USD for a car and driver for a full day, although be ready to negotiate.

Kuta to Tanah Lot:

Seminyak to Tanah Lot:

How much is Tanah Lot Temple?

On arrival to Tanah Lot Temple, you will have to pay the entrance fee of 60,000 IDR ($4 USD) for adults and 30,000 IDR ($2 USD) for children. On top of the admission fee you have to pay a parking fee which is 2,000 IDR ($0.35 USD) for a scooter and 5,000 IDR ($0.70 USD) for a car.

You’ll be given a little ticket so make sure you keep it safe in case anyone asks to see it.

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Tanah Lot Temple Tour

Don’t want to make your own way there? Why don’t you check out the Tanah Lot Temple tour as an option to see this amazing temple in Bali.

You can book the half-day tour and visit this temple along with other places in Bali such as Alas Kedaton temple. The Alas Kedaton temple is home to Balinese monkeys and you will get to watch the sunset here! If you’re interested in Balinese monkeys, why don’t you book a tour to see the Ubud monkey forest which is one of my favourite things to do in Ubud.

Tanah Lot Temple is claimed to be the work of 16th-century Dang Hyang Nirartha, a high priest from East Java. According to Legend, during his travels spreading the teaching of Hinduism, he settled on the rock formation to rest and felt it would be a suitable holy place to worship the Balinese sea Gods.

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What is there to do at Tanah Lot temple?

There is things to do at Tanah Lot temple other than just visiting the temple! So you can check out the other activities here;


If you fancy an afternoon relaxing with a massage, you can visit the Nirwana spa which is near this awesome temple in Bali.

The spas in Bali are amazing and the locals that work there are very good at massages!

I would have one in the afternoon before sunset and then watch the sunset in Tanah Lot with a beer 🙂

#Bali surf school

Do you want to learn to surf in Bali or maybe just brush up on yours skills? You can visit and take part in one of the Bali surf schools a not-so-expensive afternoon.

If you enjoy this activity, then you should check out the surfing in Kuta whilst you’re in Bali.

#Tanah Lot market

You can also visit the Tanah Lot market near the entrance. Here you can buy locally made Balinese gifts and food. If you like markets, you should check out the Ubud art market on your travels.

When is the best time to visit Tanah Lot Temple?

Most people tend to visit the temple between the hours of 17:00-19:00 to capture one of Bali’s best sunset’s – the Tanah lot sunset, so expect crowds. Tanah Lot Temple opens at 7am, so we went early to try and beat the crowds, as well as Bali’s midday heat, which I’d definitely recommend, you still get amazing shots don’t worry!

It’s also best to go during low tide so you can walk across the stony beach front and be blessed by the priests at the bottom of the temple.

the amazing pura tanah lot temple sunset

What to expect from Pura Tanah Lot Temple?

Lots and lots of people everywhere! Yes, I know you didn’t want to hear it, but being one of Bali’s most visited tourist attractions you would expect a lot of people and after visiting Tanah Lot Temple myself, I now know why.

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exploring the tanah lot beach

At the entrance lane to Pura Tanah Lot Temple you will find beautiful architectural Balinese gate and many art shops offering local handicrafts, as well as local delicacies. It can be quite an over whelming environment at first as there’s lots of different sounds, sights and smells, but just enjoy the moment and take your time to wonder round the different stalls and speak to the local people.

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Once you passed all the stalls you’ll end up on the rocky beach front, where the temple is situated on a rocky verge. Here you can visit the Holy Water Cave just below the temple where you will be given flowers by the officers as well as being expected to give a donation. At the base of the rocky island, venomous sea snakes are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders, but don’t worry we didn’t see any!

paying entrance fee to the tanah lot temple, Pura Gunung Kawi, Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Besikah

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Other temples in Bali

There are plenty of stunning temples to visit in Bali if you’re a fan of amazing Balinese culture and architect. Let’s look at some of the best temples in Indonesia’s to destination – Bali.

Pura Besikah

The amazing Pura Besakih is a temple complex in the village of Besakih and you can get to here by hiring a scooter and travelling to Mount Agung. Also, did you know this is most important temple in Bali? This is why it should be on your bucketlist.

Pura Gunung Kawi, Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Besikah

Pura Tirta Empul

The Pura Tirta Empul is my favourite temple in Bali. You can spend hours here joining in the Balinese culture washing in the holy fountains and admiring how the locals worship to the gods.

Pura Gunung Kawi, Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Besikah

Pura Gunung Kawi

The Pura Gunung Kawi is another epic Bali temple for you to visit. It is located in Tampaksiring north east of Ubud in Bali and the Pakerisan river. This one is definitely one for the Instagram!

Check out this YouTube video:

Best places to stay near Tanah Lot Temple

Throughout my travels around South East Asia, Bali has some of the best accommodation from budget range hostels to luxury villas. There’s something for everyone whatever your budget and it always seems to be great value for money.


  1. Dewi Sinta Hotel and Restaurant (Approx $15 USD per night)

Conveniently located 5 minutes from Tanah Lot Temple, this spacious hotel offers comfortable double rooms, with a pool view and an onsite restaurant serving tasty local dishes. You also get served a continental each morning breakfast which can be enjoyed in the beautiful gardens.

You can book a cheap room here

  1. Sanari Guesthouse – (Approx $15 USD per night)

Located only 8 miles from Tanah Lot Temple, why not hire a bicycle for the hotel and enjoy the nearby rice terraces, a massive part of Bali culture. This authentic style guesthouse is perfect for those looking for a relaxing break in a peaceful environment. The hosts are super friendly and will help you make your time in Bali one not to forget.

Check here to book a cheap room at this awesome guesthouse


  1. D’sawah Villa – (Approx $35 USD per night)

This 3* modern villa is situated a 10 minute drive from Tanah Lot Temple and a 2 minute walk from Kedunggu Beach, where you can practice your surfing.  This villa is perfect for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the more touristy areas of Kuta and be ready to feel pamper by the manager who is very accommodating. There’s also a pool to relax and cool of in the Balinese heat and excellent air conditioning in all the rooms.

You can book a room here

  1. Keraton Tanah Lot Villas – (Aprox $40 USD per night)

Boasting an outdoor swimming pool, bar, gardens and spa and wellness centre this hotel is perfect for those looking for a romantic relaxing break away in the garden of Eden. The double rooms are spacious and come with a gigantic bath to soak in after a busy day of exploring, which the staff will be happy to organise for you.

You need to check these rooms out


  1. Agung Village – (Approx  $45 USD per night)

A 5 minute drive from Tanah Lot Temple this luxury villa is set in beautiful grounds and boasts a good sized outdoor pool. Featuring Balinese décor each room has large windows overlooking the pool and equipped with a large double bed, plentiful storage facilities and a hot shower. The host is very knowledgeable regarding the surrounding region and can give you top tips regarding which areas to visit.

Here you can book a room at this amazing boutique hotel Seminyak.

  1. Villa Puspa – (Approx $48 USD per night)

This 4* villa boasts a private swimming pool and hot tub and is only 1.3 miles from Tanah Lot Temple, some of the villas even offer a sea view. There are cooking facilities in each villa if you get pekish, although a full cooked breakfast is provided each morning, as well as an onsite restaurant. The Villas are cleaned to the highest of standards and overall is an amazing place to stay.

You can book here for these awesome villas

Final thoughts

There we have it, you have a full travel guide to this amazing seaside temple in Bali.

This is one of the coolest things to do on your Bali itinerary and one of the places that you will need your camera ready for some photo snapping 🙂

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