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I hope you’re doing great 🙂

I’m Louis Smith (author, digital marketer, and travel lover). The guy who travels and has grown this travel blog.

There was once when travelling wasn’t a luxury for me. Back in my kid days, I wasn’t a child that had the chance to visit many places. I think this is why I travel so much now.

Some people like partying (that used to be me) or buying expensive clothes as a hobby. Fair enough, but that’s not for me! I’d rather spend my money on a plane ticket, accommodation and just exploring what the world has to offer!

I have been lucky enough to have travelled through many countries. In which I have experienced some crazy but beautiful places, visited exotic islands and explored some unbelievable destinations. I’ve also, been through some s**t times whilst travelling, but don’t we all!?

One of my main motivations is to share my travel tips and awesome experiences with you. Before I started the blog, I had the crazy urge to document my experiences for others to use. This is exactly what I have done.

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I help people like you travel the world easier, cheaper and more fun. We all go on trips, holidays or backpacking adventures. And we always have similar questions like “what are the best things to do…” or “Where is the best place to…” This is where I try my best to help you to travel easier.

I use my years of blogging experience, SEO expertise, writing skills and travel photography to bring you the very best of my travel guides, tips and tricks.

This travel blog and my social media platforms have climbed to a good place. I now receive over 400,000 monthly views a month, I have worked hard to build this up!

I got the taste for travelling when I visited Thailand for the first time and I absolutely loved it, I knew I had to go back and backpack around Southeast Asia. So, that is was I did.

I visit places and like to go off the beaten path. I also visit places that are very popular in tourism. So, you can say I like exploring all things travel.

You should join me on my travel and backpacking adventures. You will get inside travel tips that no-doubt help you have a better experience on your travel destinations. Also, definitely save you some extra cash in your pocket.

Hakuna Matata,

Louis aka TheNorthernBoy.

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