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Amazing Wentworth Falls Full Travel Guide!

Blue Mountain’s Wentworth Falls Guide; Top things to do on your visit!

The famous Blue Mountains is home to the amazing Wentworth Falls and a visit to this cool village is highly recommended. You can swim in the cooling lake, enjoy a round of golf or visit the stunning waterfall. Also, you can also embark on a journey on of the Blue Mountains Walks or maybe visit the Three Sisters. Furthermore, the weather is generally really good and it’s perfect for frying sausage in on the BBQ.

There are lots of awesome places to visit in Australia and this is one of the destinations that’s worth paying a visit. If you’re an outdoor sort of person then you will love it here. The waterfall is sweet and maybe after doing one of the walks, you can stay overnight at the accommodation available at Wentworth. If you’re wondering where can you swim in the Blue Mountains? This is one of the best places

Wentworth falls, Wentworth falls lake, wentworth falls swimming, wentworth falls accommodation, wentworth falls postcode, wentworth falls station, wentworth falls national pass, wentworth falls weather, wentworth falls walk closed
Complete Guide To Wentworth Falls in Australia

How to get to Wentworth Falls?

The locations are within the Blue Mountains region (New South Wales). If you know where the Sydney business park is, then it’s roughly 60 miles west of there. It will take around 1 and a half hours to drive from the Sydney Business District to Wentworth. However, you can take the bus or train if you don’t want to drive. The train system in Australia is good.

If you’re staying in Katoomba then it will only you 10 minutes to drive to the Falls. Also, you can do the Jamison Hike through the Valley. This is a great option in which you can also hike back from Wentworth Waterfall to Katoomba.

Do the Charles Darwin Walk in Wentworth

You can embark on a journey in the footsteps of Charles Darwin who is a famous naturalist. He walked this famous in 1836 that starts in Wilson Park and meets the Weeping Rock Loop.

Throughout the Charles Darwin Walk, you will have plenty of opportunity for Instagram-worthy photos in areas such as the Jamison Creek’s rock pool.

Follow in the footsteps of the famous naturalist, Charles Darwin, who walked this popular track in 1836. Starting from Wilson Park, today’s visitors can stroll the boardwalk and bush track through open forest, shrub, and hanging swamps to the national park boundary, where the walk meets Weeping Rock loop.

You can follow the Charles Darwin track for 2.4km which should only and take 1 hour or so, obviously depending on how quick you walk.

Wentworth Falls Weather

The weather in the Blue Mountains can be amazing a lot of the times with the sun shining. Now and then it may be cloudy.

One of the hottest days was when we visited the Three Sisters Mountains, the weather was crazy! But I wasn’t complaining, the weather in Australia is awesome.

sunny weather in Wentworth

Have some food at the picnic area

The Wentworth epic Falls picnic area is a place that everyone should check out when visiting this area! You will have stunning views of the lush rainforest in the Blue Mountains National Park.

You can flick out the picnic rug, open up the sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Then, just chill out whilst the kids play in this breathtaking part of the Blue Mountains. You can also check out the Jamison Lookout near the picnic area.

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The Wentworth Falls country club

I’ll just throw this out there and say this one isn’t for me, but if you’re a golf enthusiast then you’ll be happy to know that at the Wentworth Falls Country Club is an 18 hole golf course.

This would be a cool place to play golf, to be honest! I like the driving range but I’ve never actually completed a full 18 hole golf course… Ever.

Where is the golf course? You will find the country club and golf course on Blaxland Road.

Wentworth falls, Wentworth falls lake, wentworth falls swimming, wentworth falls accommodation, wentworth falls postcode, wentworth falls station, wentworth falls national pass, wentworth falls weather, wentworth falls walk closed

the country club 18 hole golf course

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Can You Swim in Wentworth Falls Lake?

Can you swim at Wentworth falls? Yes, of course, it’s an awesome place for swimming! This is one of the best things to do in Wentworth Falls and one for all the family. You should head to the lake for some summer fun. The Wentworth lake offers visitors a place to swim, BBQ facilities (don’t forget your burgers) and a children’s playground. The children will love it here! But it’s perfect for adults too.

Also, there are ducks that hang around on the lake in the hope you share some of your bread with them, however, the council do ask that you shouldn’t feed the ducks.

I just love that a lot of places in Australia offer visitors BBQ facilities to cook food! I think it’s an awesome way of giving back to the people.

Enjoy places like this then you will love Ebor Falls and Purling Brook Falls which I recommend seeing.

Are dogs allowed in Wentworth Falls? A lot of national parks in Australia have a ban on dogs entering them. However, there is certain areas in the Blue Mountains that will allow dogs to enter them. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash if you’re unsure.

Wentworth falls, Wentworth falls lake, wentworth falls swimming, wentworth falls accommodation, wentworth falls postcode, wentworth falls station, wentworth falls national pass, wentworth falls weather, wentworth falls walk closed

the lake and waterfall

Blue Mountains Walks

There are some epic walks in the Blue Mountains for you to embark on. Some of them can last a good few hours, but some are short and easy. And, some of the walks can take days which means you will have to do some bush camping! How sweet is that?!

Let’s look at some of the popular walks;

  • Katoomba Hike – This is a good circuit that will take you roughly 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Six Foot Track – Fancy camping in the Blue Mountains? This walk takes around 3 days to complete. But don’t worry there is plenty of campsites along the walk for you to stay at.
  • Grand Canyon Walk – This walk will take you roughly 2.5 hours to complete, but it’s a good hike.
  • Wentworth Falls National Pass – Got 3 hours time on your hands? This is a great hike through the Blue Mountains.

walks in the Blue Mountains

walks in the blue mountians - national pass

Wentworth Falls to Katoomba

If you want to get to Katoomba, you only have to drive roughly 7-8 minutes from Wentworth Falls to Katoomba. Obviously an easy route to take.

But, if you fancy a hike, you can walk to Katoomba. However, hiking there will take you roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes. Therefore, if the weather is hot, it may be a better option to get that taxi or drive!

Wentworth Falls Accommodation

The guesthouses and hotels in Wentworth Falls are not the cheapest. I’ll tell you this straight up! However, the accommodation looks good and from what I’ve seen and researched, I’m going to share with you my tips.

Let’s look at some of the best places to stay;

  1. Cheaper BnB
  2. Room with a view
  3. Epic guesthouse

Blue Mountains Swimming Holes

There are few things better than diving into cold, refreshing water on a hot summer’s day. The natural waterholes in the Blue Mountains are a great place to start. These swimming holes are all within an hour of the city centre and some are easily accessible by car. They’re also within close proximity to other natural wonders like the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls and Mount Boyce.

#1 Minnehaha Falls (or Minni-Ha-Ha Falls) in Katoomba

Minnehaha Falls is Katoomba’s best kept secret, as the lookout platform provides easy access for beautiful views of the cascading water. While Minnehaha Falls is often overlooked on a visit to Katoomba, it’s a great place to enjoy a swim in the pool below, or hike the surrounding bushland.

Getting to the falls is easy. Just turn off Katoomba Street into Pembroke Street and follow the signs to the carpark at the end of Pembroke Street. If you arrive at Minnehahaha Falls around lunch time, be sure to pack a picnic. You can enjoy your food in one of several sheltered spots under the big trees so you don’t miss any of the splendour that is Minnehahaha Falls. Don’ t forget your camera!

#2 Silver Cascades in Mount Victoria

Silver Cascades is a small waterfall about 1km long situated at lower Mount Victoria. The water is clean and crisp, and the swimming hole is deep enough to have a lot of fun in the cool mountain water. If you follow the stream all the way upstream, there are a number of interesting features such as a natural warm pool and some slippery rocks to explore. It’s just another example of how beautiful Silverstream/Mount Victoria area is.

#3 Jellybean Pool at Glenbrook

There are so many reasons why Glenbrook is a firm favourite with locals and visitors, one of which is the Jellybean Pool. Looking for luxury? It ticks all the boxes – there’s a lap pool (think: up to six 50m lengths), a leisure pool filled with relaxing water fountains, a sandy beach with barbecues and lockers, free changing facilities and more.

#4 Paradise Pool Linden

Grab your towel and swimsuit, and take my advice to find Paradise Pool in Linden. From the car park, it’s about 500 metres along a fern-lined track that crosses a rocky outcrop and emerges into a mossy wonderland of plants and trees. At the end of the track, you’ll see the wonderful waterfall tumbling down into similar swimming holes below. A sandy beach reaches out to a ledge that looks like it was designed for jumping (beware its slippery jumpers rock).

#5 Ingar Campground in Wentworth Falls

Situated in the spectacular Blue Mountains, Ingar campground is just 10 minutes from the village of Wentworth Falls. This great location means you can spend days exploring the local area and still return to a site with a lovely outlook. There is a barbeque and picnic tables, lots of room to roam, and access to a large waterhole that is popular with swimmers, campers and picnickers. Venture deeper into the mountains or simply enjoy this peaceful oasis!

Final Thoughts

If you’re around New South Wales then I would say you should definitely try and pay a visit to Wentworth Falls. It’s a cool place that you can spend a night or two just relaxing and enjoying the walks.

The lake is also a really good place to visit and this is why it’s good to have a family break here!

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