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How to do the yoga barn Ubud in Bali

Finding Zen in Bali – The Yoga Barn Ubud


The yoga barn Ubud located in Bali is the second home for all yoga lovers. Although the number of people visiting doubles each year, the place still has a magical vibe and cool hip feeling about it. Unlike other top places places in Bali, Ubud, because it is located on a higher altitude, is colder.

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A complete guide to the yoga barn ubud, Bali. Also where to stay in Ubud and the other best things to do in Ubud.

The village has beautiful streets with a view of the rice fields that are situated in the heart of the village. Although Ubud does not have a nightlife, it’s the perfect place for backpackers to visit. There is plenty of best things to do in Ubud such as the Tegallalang rice terraces, the Bali swing in Ubud and the famous Ubud art market.

The Bali yoga barn is one of the top visited places in Ubud, but don’t just take my word for how cool it is. Check out what’s in this post for you;

  • What to expect at the yoga barn Ubud
  • Classes and entrance fee to the Yoga barn Ubud
  • Accommodation in Ubud
  • The Yoga barn Ubud Review

What to Expect from The Yoga Barn Ubud. Bali


The Yoga Barn UBud is located in the center of Ubud and is a huge complex. The yoga studio is your place if you want a retreat from the world for a few days and is also one of the best things to do in Ubud. The Yoga Barn is fully equipped and has everything that you could want. They have a yoga set studio with a jungled background, a guest house for you to stay in if you plan on staying longer and a complete café that serves organic fruits and vegetables. To sum it up, the place would not only help you reconnect with your spiritual self, but also refuel your physical strengths. As many call it, The Yoga Barn in Bali is a getaway for all those who need it.

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The milieu of the place is immensely peaceful and serene. Surrounded by the lush green forest, hearing the birds chirp is the perfect sound you need while you’re trying to find your Zen. It’s no coincidence that the thatched roof, palm trees and a cool breeze would not only help you connect with nature, but also with yourself.

The “Yoga” Part

For a person who does not practice yoga might be a little dubious when visiting The Yoga Barn Bali. However, all their inhibitions would be erased because the place is welcoming for all. You don’t have to be a yogi or have to know how to do crow poses or headstands, and everyone is welcomed at the place.

yoga barn ubud, the yoga barn ubud, yoga barn bali, the yoga barn bali, yoga barn bali prices

The yoga barn Ubud classes are great for all levels

As for the classes, The Yoga Barn in Ubud is open 360 days a year from 7 am to 9 pm. Every day the place has 15 classes and workshops taught by the most learned faculty at the studio. The classes are huge consisting of more than sixty people at a time. These classes range from traditional yoga classes to various modern forms of yoga as well including Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation and Kirtan. However, the most interesting one is Laughter Yoga. This may seem to be a little weird but is the most fun part of the entire session.

Laughter Yoga is when you voluntarily laugh or as you may call it a fake laugh. This is actually a real-funny session. As science proves, laughter is the best medicine for your body too. Laughing releases endorphins in our body which reduces pain and benefits our body in several other ways. On this theory, it is based that like spontaneous laughter forced laughter too is beneficial.

yoga barn ubud, the yoga barn ubud, yoga barn bali, the yoga barn bali, yoga barn bali prices

Although the exercise starts with forced laughter, it soon turns into genuine laughter. As you hear so many people laughing, it becomes contagious, and you too can’t stop your lips from stretching out into a real smile. It is like one of those feelings you have when you are out with your friends, laughing so hard that you can’t breathe. Strangely it is the same with Laughter Yoga as well. You feel all your stress and tensions snort away.

yoga barn ubud, the yoga barn ubud, yoga barn bali, the yoga barn bali, yoga barn bali prices

yoga barn ubud, the yoga barn ubud, yoga barn bali, the yoga barn bali, yoga barn bali prices

Other best things to do in Ubud

The yoga barn Ubud classes

  1. Yoga sessions at The Yoga Barn Ubud can often prove to be contributory in losing weight as well. The reasons are several. Firstly, it’s the place. Indonesia is a hot and humid place which means that you sweat a lot. Secondly, the yoga sessions usually last for more than an hour which means that you sweat even more.
  2. So expect to burn a few calories at the yoga barn Bali 🙂
  3. The third reason is the Garden Kafe at the Barn. After a yoga class that sweats you, all one needs is some refreshment. At The Yoga Barn, this comes from the Garden Kafe which serves the visitors fresh and organic juices, smoothies and energy balls. All the ingredients used in these liquids are organically grown in the farms in Ubud. As a glass of icy cold juice trickles down your thirsty throat, it is a feeling that is inexpressible and irreplaceable to any other feeling the world. A cool experience like this after a hot yoga session would make you forget all your worries and help you make the most of the moment.
  4. The only thing about the juices is they can be quite expensive on your backpacking budget.
  5. One of the most famous rituals after the yoga classes is when all the visitors sit in a circle and hold each other’s hands. They are then asked to speak out a word they felt from the depths of their hearts and then squeeze the hand of the person next to them. During these hours, one feels the most connected with themselves, exactly knowing what he/she feels. This part can be pretty weird but I guess everyone should give it a go.
  6. Apart from yoga, The Yoga Barn in Bali also hosts a community dance every Friday and Sunday. These classes are a break from the routine days. On these nights the community at the barn connects and lets loose from all the things pulling them down. The beats from the eclectic DJ drown your mind and body into the music. As you groove to the music, all types of energetic blockages are released from your body. It increases your connection with self, increases body awareness, de-stresses you and deepens your breathing.
  7. Tickets for these dances usually sell out instantly. The dances accommodate 150 people, thus booking are made in advance. However, online registrations can be made where you can easily purchase your pass online.

Hotels near the yoga barn Ubud

If you’re planning on staying at the yoga barn Ubud studio for a longer period, they even have accommodations for you. The Yoga Barn accommodation;

  • has dorm-style that they offer at USD 25-30 which is 350 to 420 IDR.
  • The private rooms are available at between USD 85-90 which is 1200k IDR.
  • The private stays include pool access and breakfast at the Garden Kafe as well
  • Hanging gardens of Bali – The Hanging Gardens of Bali is a lsweet-uxurious destination, which you will find located in the jungle. It is situated near Payangan, a village North of Ubud,  The enchanting five star luxury resort has 44 private suites and individual villas. The hanging gardens of Bali suites all have their own granite infinity pool, amazing.  Each villa is designed with traditional Alang Alang thatched roofs in complete harmony with nature. In 2014 the award was giev==ven for the World’s number one honeymoon destination in Bali. In 2015 Hanging Gardens of Bali has been awarded: World Luxury Hotels Awards, Seven Star Global Luxury Awards and World Travel Awards as well as other prestigious recognitions, such as the World Luxury Spa Awards and the World Luxury Restaurant Awards.  Guests here can catch the free bus as the airport is around 90 minutes away by road depending on traffic. This really is a sweet and luxurious hotel in Ubud you should stay at if you have the funds.
  • Banana Homestay – This homestay in Ubud is in perfect location and it’s within walking distance with all the top things to do in Ubud.  This homestay offers very clean and comfortable rooms. These come with hot showers, free tea and coffee all day long. There is also free breakfast included with this homestay in Ubud. The service here is also amazing and you will feel very welcomed on your stay. Also, the Wifi is very good here, always a tip essential. Overall making it a top place to stay in Ubud. 
  • Undis Homestay – This is another great cheap place to stay in Ubud. It’s a budget homestay that offers amazing service, clean rooms and free tea/coffee. There is a good view of this homestay and you can even get a view of the flowing river that runs by it. You will be treated very well at this budget accommodation in Ubud and this is definitely a top place for backpackers to stay. 
  • Ubud village hotel – If you are looking for a more luxurious place to stay in Ubud, then this is definitely it. This is a classic Balinese hotel that is in perfect walking distance to most of the main attractions in Ubud, as it’s located in a great spot between the monkey forest and the town centre. The rooms at this top hotel in Ubud are large and very clean. You will receive a great Buffett breakfast and plenty of tasty fruit to set you up for a great day out in Ubud. 

The yoga barn Ubud review

Bali is one of the most famous vacation spots for travellers all around the world. It is one of those places that almost every wanderlust has on his/her bucket list. However, Ubud in Bali is one place that is not just in the books of the travel lovers but also those people who are looking for a break from the world. And visiting The Yoga Barn in Ubud is one of the best things to do in the village. It is not just us saying that, but several travel bloggers also claim that anyone visiting Bali should visit the Yoga Barn in Ubud.

People visiting Ubud often fall in love with the place because of the various reasons like their lush greenery, food, people, cultures and yoga but one the biggest reason is the spiritual culture that is present in everything there, from daily life chores to the various artistic talents these people have. You don’t have to find Zen here, it’s everywhere. You can not not fall in love with Bali. There is still things to see in Ubud such as the Bali swing and Tegallalang rice terraces.

Check out the monkey forest Ubud

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