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Your Complete Guide To Sealers Cove in Australia!

Sealers Cove Wilsons prom; A guide you need to see

The amazing Sealers Cove beach is one of the most stunning places to visit in the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Due to the location of the Sealers Cove, many tourists fail to visit this breathtaking area. This is such a shame, the tranquillity of this cove will blow your mind! After spending the day here relaxing you can sleepover at the Sealers Cove campsite. Furthermore, it’s regarded as one of the best hikes in the Wilsons Prom National Park and I have to say I probably agree. You’ll also agree once you visit! You can do the amazing refuge cove walking track along the way to see epic views of the sea. Once you arrive, you can also try your hand at fishing there!

The Sealers Cove history is an interesting subject and ever since this secluded area was found, it’s been well looked after and maintained. It was originally the indigenous people that roamed the lands here and fed of the thriving wildlife that roamed around the cove, both on-land and off-land. Wilsons Prom was once used for its timber, however, in 1908 timber farmers had to stop as this awesome area become a nationally protected site. We visited this epic place whilst on your Sydney to Melbourne itinerary.

sealers cove, sealers cove hike, sealers cove wilsons promontory, sealers cove campground, sealers cover history

How to get to Sealers Cove?

You need to be ready for a good hike to Sealers Cove. You’ll need some solid hours on your hands, some good hiking boots, food and plenty of water!

The cove is on the East side of the national park and not easily accessible. Due to its location, this Golden Beach is often not on every tourist’s itinerary. However, a visit here is highly recommended, you will just have to embrace the hike.

The Hike from Telegraph Saddle carpark is around a 10km walk. So, this trek should take you anything up to 3 hours away. If you have a brisk pace you can do the one-way in hours. However, the views are amazing so you will want to make the most of the scenery here. Along the way, there are epic photo opportunities for you.!

Can you drive to Sealers Cove?

Drive to Sealers Cove is a scenic 5.5km walk along the shoreline that leads to a pretty seaside town, where there are many shops, cafes and a wonderful welcome from the locals. There is also an old jetty and several heritage items that are worth checking out. Enjoy a picnic, swim or snorkel in the water and then return via Lismore’s main street (it’s steep!)

How long does it take to walk to Sealers Cove?

The walk from Tidal River to Sealers Cove usually takes 2 days. We recommend you take at least 1L of water per person per day. There are no shops, cafés, public phones etc. along the route so please be prepared.

While it’s not the steepest hike in Australia, this trail isn’t for beginners. It takes around two days to walk to Sealers Cove, with the return trip taking a full day of trekking. If you’re up for an adventure, pack your tent and set out to explore this beautiful landscape.

Sealers Cove camping

Have you heard of Sealers campsite? Yes, that’s right you can stay overnight at this hidden paradise. However, don’t plan to do many nights here as there is a maximum of 2 nights per stay at the camping ground.

How to get to the camping area?

You will have to walk from the Telegraph Saddle carpark with your camping gear. Also, you will have to cross a creek to get there, so, you will have to check the tide times before embarking on your walk to the campsite. You can checkout the Sealers Cove tide times here.

  • Here are some camping tips;
  • During high-season there may be a shuttle bus, however, I never say a bus!
  • In the high-season camp, spots can fill up extremely fast, make sure you get booked in early if you know you’re definitely going to be staying here.
  • Take plenty of food to last, I’d take some pasta and tasty snacks.
  • Don’t leave any food lying around, you don’t want to leave the tent in the night for the toilet and find a possum routing through your stuff
  • You should do the hike from Tidal River to Sealers Cove.
  • There are toilet facilities available for you to use.

How much is a camping permit?

You will have to pay around AU$13/14 per person per night. Which is a low price for the beauty of the area. Tickets can be booked online.

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If you want an awesome tent for camping, check out the Vango Banshee 200 1 man tent.

the campsite facilities

sealers cove, sealers cove hike, sealers cove wilsons promontory, sealers cove campground, sealers cover history

Sealers Cover to Waterloo Bay

Are you looking to do the hike to Waterloo Bay?

Okay, let’s look at some info for you to use.

The hike is around 12km long to get from the cove to Waterloo Bay. So you’ve got a good trek on your hands!

You can use a well-maintained path along the journey, so it’s quite an easy hike. However, the heat can be mad hot at times, but it’s worth it for the views.

Along the way you will get to see;

  1. Refuge Cove beach
  2. Northern Waterloo Bay
  3. Little Waterloo Bay

How long will the hike take?

Expect anything from 4-6 hours to get from the Cove to Waterloo Bay. This will obviously depend on how fast you walk and how long you stop for dinner etc.

sealers cove, sealers cove hike, sealers cove wilsons promontory, sealers cove campground, sealers cover history

sealers cove, sealers cove hike, sealers cove wilsons promontory, sealers cove campground, sealers cover history

Sealers Cove to Refuge Cove

Dramatic scenery, secluded beaches, and faraway views await hikers on Sealers Cove to Refuge Cove Point-to-Point trail. From the Sealers Cove Campsite, follow the rocky beach along a boardwalk until you reach the mouth of Eagle Creek. The trail then winds through dense forest to the seaside cliffs above Refuge Cove. The total distance of this lollipop loop is 4.5 miles.


Sealers Cove at Whipple Lake State Park is an easy .8 mile roundtrip hiking trail that leads to a rocky cove. The trail and cove are located on the south side of Waddell Creek. Part of this trail passes through a bur oak savanna with some great prairie plants. With only 28 campsites at Waddell Lake it is one of the most popular sites in the Michigan state park system to add to your hiking adventures.

Final thoughts

If beaches, hidden paradises and breathtaking scenery is your thing, then you need to visit Sealers Cove!

The Sealers Cove Hike is perfect for those of you who want to go hiking but don’t want it to be ‘work’. With Hiking trails that range from easy to advanced, physically fit persons of all ages will have a blast on this hike. The Cove is cavernous and makes for a perfect setting for campfires at night.

If I you would stay overnight at the campsite if you have the time. Waking up there is surreal!

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