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Visit Bingin Beach Uluwatu

Visit Bingin Beach In Bali

Bingin Beach in Bali is a hidden paradise for surfers, beach lovers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat. 

Surrounded by towering cliffs and lush jungle, the beach boasts white sandy shores and crystal clear waters. Not only is it perfect for lounging and swimming, but it also offers excellent surf breaks for both beginners and experienced surfers. 

Beyond the beach, there are plenty of local shops and restaurants to explore and yoga and fitness centers for those who want to stay active. 

Overall, it’s a must-visit for anyone traveling to Bali.


Bingin Beach is located on the western coastline of the Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu, South Bali. Nestled between towering cliffs and lush jungle, it is truly one of the most picturesque spots on the island. 

You’ll find it just a short drive from the bustling tourist hotspots of Kuta and Seminyak, but it feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As you make your way down the winding road to the beach, you’ll feel the air start to cool and the sounds of the jungle surround you. 

The closer you get to the beach, the more you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise. And when you finally reach the beach, you’ll be greeted by a vast expanse of white sandy shoreline and crystal clear waters sparkling in the sunlight.

The location is perfect for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy a more secluded experience. It’s a great spot to relax, soak up the sun, or dip in the calm waters. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the rocky cliffs and tide pools along the shoreline and discover the diverse marine life that calls Bingin Beach home.

In short, it’s located in a secluded spot, surrounded by natural beauty, yet it is easily accessible from the major tourist hotspots.

The unique location makes it perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat who want to explore the local culture and nearby attractions.


When planning your visit to Bingin Beach, it’s important to consider the transportation options available and the associated costs. 

Here are some options available:

  • Car: You can rent a car or hire a driver to take you there. This option allows you to explore the surrounding area and stop at nearby beaches and attractions. The cost will vary depending on the car type and the rental length but generally ranges from $25 to $50 per day.
  • Scooter: Renting a scooter is a popular option for travelers to Bali. It allows you to explore the island at your own pace and is relatively inexpensive. Renting a scooter is typically around $5 to $10 per day. However, it is important to note that driving a scooter in Bali can be challenging and requires a valid international driver’s license.
  • Taxi: You can also take a taxi. This option is more expensive than renting a car or scooter, but it is also the most convenient and hassle-free option. A taxi from Kuta or Seminyak to Bingin Beach is typically around $25 to $30.
  • Public transport: You can also take a public bus or shuttle from Kuta or Seminyak. This option is the cheapest but also the most time-consuming and less comfortable. The cost is around $3 to $5 per person.

I think renting a scooter or car would be the best option for going there. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but also it gives you the flexibility to explore the surrounding area and nearby attractions. 

But taking a taxi is also a good choice if you are not comfortable driving a scooter or looking for a more convenient and hassle-free option.

Best Time to Visit

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When visiting Bingin Beach, the best time to go depends on what you’re looking for.

June to September:

  • Dry and sunny weather
  • Perfect time to spend your days lounging on the beach and swimming in crystal clear waters.
  • Smaller waves make it an excellent time for beginner surfers.

October to April:

  • Rainy season in Bali
  • Larger and more challenging waves, suitable for experienced surfers
  • Weather can be unpredictable. Check the forecast before planning your trip.

The best time to visit is May to September. You’ll enjoy beautiful weather, warm waters, and good surf conditions during this time. The crowds are smaller, and the prices are generally lower, which makes it the ideal time to visit for those looking for a peaceful and secluded getaway.

Bingin Beach Activities


Bingin Beach, also known as Pantai Bingin, is a surfer’s paradise that travelers often overlook. Tucked away on the southern coast of Bali, this secluded spot offers some of the most exhilarating and challenging waves on the island. The waves here can reach up to 8ft in height, making it a mecca for surfers of all skill levels.

One of the best things is that it is a haven for surfers all year round. Whether a seasoned pro or a first-time surfer, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to ride the waves and improve your technique. And if you don’t have your surfboard, don’t worry, you can rent one on the beach.

While the waves are the main attraction, they also offer a serene and peaceful setting for those who prefer to relax and soak up the sun simply. The white sandy shores and crystal clear waters make it the perfect spot to lounge and unwind. 

And if you’re lucky enough to visit at sunset, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable show of orange and red light reflecting off the water.

All in all, it’s a hidden gem that should be noticed by any traveler visiting Bali. Whether you’re a surfer looking for an adrenaline rush or a peaceful, relaxing spot, Bingin Beach offers something. 

Here are some of the activities you can do here:


One of the best things about Bingin Beach is that it’s a surfer’s paradise. The waves here can reach up to 8ft in height, making it a mecca for surfers of all skill levels. Whether a seasoned pro or a first-time surfer, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to ride the waves and improve your technique. And if you don’t have your surfboard, don’t worry, you can rent one on the beach.

Surf Board Rental Cost:

  • $100-$200 (Used Board)
  • $450-$1000 (New Board)

Nearby Surfing Schools:

  • Malibu Surf School Bali
  • Pacific Surf School
  • Bingin Bali Surfing


The beach offers a variety of spots to lay out on the sand and soak up the sun. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot or closer to the action, you’ll find a place to call your own.


The waters are generally calm and suitable for swimming, but it is always recommended to be aware of the surf conditions before entering the water.

Yoga and Fitness

Many yoga studios and fitness centers offer classes and sessions in the area, providing an excellent opportunity to stay active while on vacation. Start your day with a yoga class on the beach, or take a fitness class in the evening to unwind after a day of surfing.

If you’re into yoga, check out my post about the Best Yoga Studios in Bali

Morning Light Yoga Studio

Nearby Yoga Studios:

  • Morning Light Yoga Studio
  • The Space Bali
  • Gym: Juice: Yoga


Explore the rocky cliffs and tide pools along the shoreline, and discover the diverse marine life that calls Bingin Beach home. Get a glimpse of the colorful fishes. If lucky, you might spot a sea turtle.


Bingin beach is a peaceful and secluded spot, perfect for relaxing and unwinding in a beautiful tropical setting. Take a stroll along the beach, or find a spot to read your favorite book and listen to the sound of the waves.


The stunning natural beauty of Bingin Beach makes it an excellent spot for photography, with opportunities to capture breathtaking sunsets, surfers riding the waves, and more. The cliffs and rock formations surrounding the beach also provide unique and exciting subjects to photograph.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling at Bingin Beach is an unforgettable experience for any traveler visiting Bali. The nearby waters offer a rich diversity of marine life, making it ideal for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts to explore. From vibrant coral reefs to schools of tropical fish, there’s something for everyone to discover underwater.

Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Proper certification and experience are necessary before diving or snorkeling in these waters. The cost of diving or snorkeling certifications in Bali can vary depending on the type of course and the diving center you choose.
  • The currents can be strong, and the underwater visibility can be limited at times, so it’s essential to be aware of your skill level and to always dive or snorkel with a guide or buddy.
  • Renting equipment and hiring a guide typically range from $30 to $50 per person.
  • Purchasing a package deal is often more cost-effective if you’re planning on diving or snorkeling multiple times during your trip.

Nearby Hotels

Cross Bali Breakers

Staying at a hotel near Bingin Beach is a great idea for those looking for convenience, access to amenities, privacy, various options, and the opportunity to experience the local culture. It will provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay for visitors to Bali.

Here are some of the hotels nearby:

  • Cross Bali Breakers
  • Ayana Villas Bali
  • Rimba by Ayana Bali

Nearby Restaurants

Gooseberry bali

Plenty of local shops and restaurants along the beach offer a wide range of souvenirs and traditional Balinese cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

Here are some of the restaurants nearby:

  • Ulu Garden [European, Fusion]
  • Gooseberry [Contemporary, European]
  • Sugar Rock [Bar, International] 

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