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Visit Bingin Beach Uluwatu

Visit Bingin Beach In Uluwatu

Bingin Beach (Pantai Bingin) is an awesome place to be in Bali! It’s a surfer’s dream to ride some epic waves!  

Bingin Beach Surf is one of the most famous reef breaks in the whole of Bali. It’s no wonder travellers come here from all over the world to test out the impressive waves.

Not that into waves? Don’t worry. There’s good news.

There’s plenty of other things to do to keep you entertained. We’ll get into all of it within this complete guide.


Bingin Beach uluwatu temple

Bingin Bali is relatively easy to get to from anywhere in the world. It’s situated on the coastline of Bukit Peninsular, Uluwatu (more on this soon). 

And, the most fun way to get there is via scooter! You can hire a scooter in Bali for like $3 per day. Seriously, it’s that cheap man.

Bingin is the perfect spot for relaxation. Its strategic location, among other beaches in Bukit, makes it the best choice. It is located at the centre of Bukit with Padang, Uluwatu, and impossibles to the south. Dreamland and Balagan are located northward of Bingin.

With its proximity to Denpasar’s airport, another great option is to use an airport taxi, Uber or Grab. You will be dropped in a nearby hotel in Bingin just before you find your way to the beach. 

Swell is the most popular stop for taxis conveying people to the beach. If you have another location in mind, you can tell your driver before you move.

Getting to your preferred hotel via a taxi is moderately cheap with a fee of about 250,000 IDR. This price is equivalent to paying $17 from the airport down to your location. 

The locals get around the beach with a scooter, or on foot to enjoy the most breathtaking views of the beach. Whatever your choice is, the road is generally safe and quiet for people to get around. 


Bingin Beach Surf;


There are no specific roads linking scooters or taxis to Pantai Bingin. You have to park your scooter in the designated car park at the top of the cliff. With 2,000 IDR, you can get your scooter parked in the car park. You can easily access the beach through a paved pathway that steeps down to the sand. 

You will find different guest houses lined up on the hilltop as you head down to the sand. This pathway branches into different directions before you get down to the sands. Whichever path you decide to take, your final destination will be on the beach.

With Bingin beach being a small farming and fishing town, you will be welcomed by friendly locals who will be happy to see you. They are readily available to share the town’s vibes for you to have a memorable experience.




Bingin is known as the ideal spot for surfing and snorkelling. Much more than that, there is a long list of exciting things to do in Bingin for a perfect tour or holidays. Locals and visitors alike engage in different fun activities which make for a memorable experience. Here is a list of some activities you can enjoy.


These trills are one of the top reasons why Bingin beach has been the ideal spot for visitors. Get lost from the scenic views from the back roads of Bingin, Dreamland, Balangan, Uluwatu and Padang Padang. Feel free to capture the exciting moment from experiencing the Balinese culture.

The best way to explore the rich scenery is to get your way around through a scooter. The surrounding farmland and hills in Bingin consist of pathways filled with traditional Balinese homes. Enjoy the panoramic viewpoints, and hidden temples dotted around the village.

The Beaches



Bingin is filled with amazing beaches hidden in some unexpected locations. The Bukit sunset vistas with its limestone cliffs, presents visitors an exciting way of exploring its alluring beaches. For those who will dare to explore, Bingin beaches are known for its good waves more than its beaches.

Bingin offers you different secrets to be discovered daily with opportunities of exploring its turquoise-coloured coves and its long stretches of sand. Whatever your holiday or tour plans, Bingin is the ideal place to have it all.


Bingin presents you different options of getting pampered with spas dotted around the beach and its surrounding villages. What makes it more interesting is the beautiful scenery you will enjoy from their location. 

Most of the spas are located on the cliff edge with a view of the turquoise ocean. Some notable spas in Bingin beach are Acacia, Mick’s Place, Mu and Temple lodge.

For those that want to explore further, you can choose to visit Esthetic, Yoga searcher and Leniakea. Whether you are looking for facial, pedicure, foot or full body massage, you will find just what you need in these spas.


For the Yogis, Bingin and its neighbouring towns have tons of opportunity for you with its great studios. You can attend the daily classes of Yoga in the Mu temple lodge, and cashew tree in Bingin. For the more adventurous type, you can head down to the Yoga searcher in Uluwatu to attend Yoga classes.

You will enjoy the expertise of the teachers with their long years of experience in teaching Yoga. Most of the studios are dotted with cafés and eateries, where you can enjoy the local cuisine of the locals. They offer different types of dishes with juices and smoothies you can enjoy.

Beach Clubs



For people looking to enjoy private beaches, the beach club at the Karma Kandara is the perfect spot for you. It is a secluded beach at the base of the towering limestone cliff at the southern coast of Bukit. It is 20 minutes away from Bingin beach with numerous side attractions enough to keep you occupied.

Karma Kandara is filled with restaurants that serve an extensive list of beverages and foods. Enjoy culinary ranging from wood-fired pizza, salads, sandwiches, baked baguettes, smokey grilled fish, and many more. With a simple fee for snorkelling and kayaks equipment, you can start enjoying your time on the beach.

The Uluwatu Temple

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Pura Lahur is a historic temple in Uluwatu. It is a symbolic religious ground for the people of Balinese. It is strategically located on a cliff where you can have picturesque views of the surrounding areas. Facing west affords you the opportunity of viewing the day’s sunset and a nightly Kecak dance performance. You sure don’t want to miss this!


Bingin beach has consistently ranked as one of the perfect destinations for surfers, mainly because of its excellent waves. Its steady trade winds and energetic Indian oceans swell set it apart as one of the best beaches to surf. If you are looking for a place to learn surfing, the schools here present you with the perfect opportunity.

Bingin is filled with professionals who will be more than willing to guide you through your surfing journey. The best time to surf in Bingin beach is between May to October. Whether it is your first surfing experience, or you are a pro, there is something for everyone.


There are hundreds of accommodations you can choose from around Bingin beach. Either you are running on a low or high budget, there is something for everyone. Here are some hotels you can choose from.

Klapa Resort

It is located on a beach in Uluwatu, a nearby location from the Bingin beach. It offers Mediterranean inspired lodgings with free Wi-Fi. It is an excellent spot for a family with kids.

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Dreamland View

Located in Uluwatu, Dreamland View offers lodgings with a free private parking, restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool. It is an excellent spot for relaxing after the day’s tour.

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Le Cliff Bali

It is located on the beachfront in Uluwatu with a beautiful terrace. It is 2.1 km from Bingin beach with balcony-equipped rooms for sightseeing.

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