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Sekumpul Waterfall Bali Travel Guide in 2024

Sekumpul Waterfall Bali Hike, Opening Hours, Entrance Fee and Tour

As you wander through the lush jungle of Sekumpul in Bali, Indonesia, the sound of cascading water grows louder and louder until you finally set your eyes on the breathtaking Sekumpul Waterfall. 

Formed by several streams, the waterfall tumbles down into a picturesque pool below, surrounded by the verdant jungle.

Considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls on the island, this natural attraction is a popular spot for hiking, swimming, and photography. The hike through the jungle to reach the waterfall is an adventure in itself, but once you arrive, the natural beauty of the area takes your breath away. 

If you are a nature lover or adventure seeker like me, Sekumpul Waterfall is a must-visit destination.

Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall Bali Travel Guide

Hidden from other Bali tourist attractions, the Sekumpul waterfall is a top place for any Bali itinerary

This natural wonder is a beautiful spot that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

A 40-minute hike down to the foot of the waterfall reveals a stunning, mighty fall, and when the sun shines, a rainbow appears at the foot. This is why it’s fantastic for any Bali things-to-do list.

The best way to enjoy Sekumpul Waterfalls is by bringing along friends or family members who can share their experiences with you. 

The atmosphere here is very relaxing. You’ll feel at home while enjoying nature at its finest. Just be sure to take precautions. The rocks can be very slippery. 

With some planning and preparation, your trip to Sekumpul Waterfalls will be an unforgettable experience.

If you want to swim or sunbathe, please bring a towel and sunscreen. Also, bring drinking water.

Best Time To Visit

Sekumpul best time to visit

When planning a visit to Sekumpul Waterfall, it’s important to consider the best time. The waterfall is beautiful year-round, but the best time to visit depends on what you want to experience. 

The rainy season (October – April) is the best time to see the waterfall at its most powerful, but the trek can be challenging due to slippery and muddy paths. The dry season (May – September) is the best time for a more relaxed and comfortable experience, but the waterfall may be less dramatic. 

I recommend visiting during the dry season for a manageable trek, perfect weather for swimming and lounging, and less crowded. No matter when you go, Sekumpul Waterfall is a breathtaking natural wonder that you won’t forget.


Sekumpul Waterfall is located in the village of Sekumpul in the Buleleng district of Bali, Indonesia. The village of Sekumpul is located in the northern part of the island, about a 2-hour drive from the popular tourist destination of Ubud and a 3-hour drive from the island’s capital, Denpasar.

The waterfall is situated in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife. The village of Sekumpul is a traditional Balinese village known for its rice paddies, traditional houses, and Hindu temples.

Entrance Cost

When planning your trip to Sekumpul Waterfall, it’s important to keep in mind the small entrance fee of around $1.32 per person

This fee is a small price for experiencing one of Bali’s most beautiful natural wonders. It goes towards preserving the trail and environment and supporting the local community. 

I recommend carrying cash to pay the fee as not all places may accept card payments, also, bring some extra cash for parking or guides. 

Keep in mind that the cost of visiting Sekumpul Waterfall is very reasonable compared to other tourist destinations in Bali, making it an excellent value for such an unforgettable experience.


When planning your visit to Sekumpul Waterfall, it’s important to consider the transportation options available and the associated costs. 

Transportation options to Sekumpul Waterfall:

  • Rent a car or motorbike (costs usually range from around $15 – $30 per day for motorbike rental and $40 – $70 per day for car rental)
  • Hire a local guide or driver (costs usually range from around $30 – $50 per day, depending on the length of the trip and the size of the group)
  • Public transportation (limited and can be a bit of a hassle)

The best transportation option to Sekumpul Waterfall is a car or motorbike rental, which provides more flexibility and convenience.

Hiring a local guide or driver is also a good option if you want to learn more about the local culture and history.

Sekumpul Waterfall Trek

The trek is a moderate hike through the jungle that takes you to the waterfall, and the price may vary depending on the trek duration and group size.

For a group of up to four trekkers, the short trek is $9.92, the medium trek is $13.23, and the long trek is $23.16. These prices are per group, not per person, which makes it very reasonable and affordable.

The short trek is about two hours long, and it’s a great option for those who want to see the waterfall but don’t have much time. The medium trek is about 3 hours long, and it’s an excellent option for those who want a bit of adventure and want to explore more of the surrounding area. The long trek is about 6 hours long. It’s for those who want to explore more of the area, go deeper into the jungle and see more waterfalls.

I recommend the medium trek, as it strikes a good balance between adventure and comfort. The trek is challenging enough to be fun and rewarding but not so complicated that it will be overwhelming. You’ll also see more of the surrounding area and experience more local culture.

Nearby Hotels

Rostika Villa

Here are some of the hotels near the Sekumpul Waterfall:

  • Rostika Villa & Camping Sekumpul
  • Villa Manuk
  • Sugi Gede Homestay

Nearby Restaurants

Sekumpul Restaurant & Spices

Make sure to stop by one of these places to eat near the Sekumpul Waterfall:

  • Sekumpul Restaurant & Spices [Eastern European]
  • Dukuh Fried Chicken [Asian, Indonesian]
  • Alam Sambangan [Bar, Asian, Indonesian]

Nearby Attractions

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

You can add other destinations to your Sekumpul trip and visit them as well:

  • Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
  • Bali Botanical Garden
  • GitGit Waterfall

While you’re exploring Bali, take some time to visit other tranquil and lovely spots. I have listed The Best Bali Waterfalls that you should check out.

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