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Sekumpul Waterfall Bali Travel Guide in 2021

Sekumpul Waterfall Bali Hike, Opening Hours, Entrance Fee and Tour

Sekumpul Waterfall (also known as Catur Kembara Wisara) is a pair of beautiful waterfalls located inside the Gunung Kawi temple complex in Tampaksiring, Bali. These two majestic waterfalls sit alongside one another and plunge 80m into an idyllic valley near the famous Goa Gajah cave, a spot that is considered to be sacred by Balinese Hindus.

Sekumpul Waterfall is a magnificent two-tiered waterfall (in fact, one of the tallest in Bali!) that only recently became accessible to tourists. Hundreds of steps lead you to the bottom of the falls, where water from Mount Abangpani and Mount Kawi feeds into a natural pool at the base – a great place to go for a swim! There’s also a beautiful resort here if you want to stay over and explore the area!

While the tropical foliage, beautiful Balinese women and friendly Balinese people are all a pleasure to experience, the island’s most special feature is its many natural sights. It is hard to select just one as a favourite but if forced to pick one, it would have to be Sekumpul Waterfall, which is located in North Bali.

Where is Sekumpul Waterfall Located?

Sekumpul Waterfall hike Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall (Air Terjun Sekumpul) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Bali. Located in the northern mountains it is about 2.5 hours drive from the more popular tourist hubs downtown Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud. In the past, one needed to trek for approximately one hour to reach Sekumpul Waterfall (Air Terjun Sekumpul) but today there’s an alternative option. Exploring this beautiful nature attraction is easier than ever! All you have to do is rent a car or a jeep and drive up the winding road. Remember to take care if you are renting a scooter in Bali!

How to get to Sekumpul Waterfall?

Sekumpul Waterfall Bali Travel Guide

My favourite way of travel is to hire a scooter, you can hire a scooter in Bali for like $3 per day. Sekumpul waterfall is about 30 minutes from Bratan town, an opportunity to view local Balinese villages and rice paddies as you travel. As mentioned above, we recommend hiring a scooter to get to Sekumulpul. The ride will take about 40 minutes and will require you to ride through the mountains in a northerly direction.

sekumpul waterfall tour

Day tour Sekumpul Waterfall starting from Batubulan Village Sekumpul Village and heading for the waterfall. The entire river will be stopped, so it’s a place where you can drown in curiosity. On arrival, there is a large pool with white water with a width of 60-70 m that rushed rapidly into the round pond. And the most amazing is behind the falls is a beautiful valley. To get to Sekumpul Waterfall Temple is located upstream at only 100 meters away. After enjoying photos, crossing the river. At noon, finally visit Banua Lawas Village and Wedangke Sanday along the way.

Sekumpul waterfall opening hours

The official opening hours for Sekumpul and Fiji Waterfalls are between 8 am and 4 pm

So what is the Sekumpul Entrance Fee?

Sekumpul Entrance Fee

Sekumpul waterfall has three entry fees – view only, medium trekking and long trekking. These payments have grown significantly over the past few months due to newly enacted legislation.

These regulations insist that, for the duration of their stay, each visitor to Sekumpul waterfall is now expected to employ a guide. This is partially for the protection of travelers, but also for the promotion of the local economy, the protection of infrastructure and reverence for local traditions.

Though the fee might be very pricey, we think it’s a smart measure because it will help conserve the beauty of Sekumpul, as well as generally benefit the local economy.

You’ll need to pay the entrance fee upon arrival, at which point you will have full access to get all those awesome Instagram photos!

What is the best time to visit?

Sekumpul best time to visit

Sekumpul waterfall is located in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The typically dry season (May – September) is the best time to visit Sekumpul, however we couldn’t resist experiencing the power of the falls at the end of the monsoon season (March – April). During this time, during peak wet weather, it can be difficult to access and navigate around the falls. The dry season makes it easier to explore and witness other nearby natural waterfalls, like Sipisopiso waterfall.

The Sekumpul waterfall is one of the most powerful in Bali, especially during the wet season (October – March) when it flows over the top of a large limestone rock.

The ‘mother’ waterfall is comprised of numerous smaller cascades, tumbling into a large pool. Together they produce an enormous amount of water and are very impressive around the end of the monsoon season. If you are visiting during this time, it is important to take protection from the elements: bring a rain jacket as it will be raining almost daily. Additionally, we recommend bringing a dry bag for any camera gear.

Get ready for the famous Sekumpul Waterfall Hike

From the car park, you’ll follow a steep and uneven pathway down to Sekumpul waterfall. The trail snakes its way through a lush forest of moss-covered trees. While the trek is relatively short (just under an hour), it’s absolutely worth the effort for the incredible views alone. If you like getting your feet wet, then the hike down to Sekumpul Falls might be for you. This easy to moderate 4.2km trek is located in Sekumpul Village, about 5 km from Alor Setar and turns an hour-long drive into a 3 to 4 hour adventure.

Final Thoughts

The Sekumpul Waterfall is a beautiful two-tiered waterfall that plunges into a valley near the Goa Gajah cave. This somewhat remote spot is considered to be sacred to Hindu Balinese, and considered by R.L. Wallace as the most scenic setting in Bali (and he wrote – The Malay Archipelago: The land of the Orangutan). Many great sights can be visited in Bali but I would consider this sight to be the best of the bunch (especially due to the remoteness of the falls).

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