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How to Get to Uluwatu's Thomas Beach

How to Get to Thomas Beach Bali and What to Expect

How to Get to Thomas Beach in Bali and What to Expect

There are so many beautiful beaches in Bali, and many of them are near Uluwatu (check out my Bali travel itinerary). The actual Padang Padang beach, also known as Thomas Beach, is one of our absolute favourites.

With white sand, turquoise sea, beach chairs, and bungalows where you can get a coconut, this is a beautiful beach to visit in Bali. Make your way to Thomas Beach Bali if you’re visiting Uluwatu or the Bukit Peninsular.

What is the location of Thomas Beach in Bali?

Thomas Beach is located between Labuan Sait Beach (also known as Padang Padang) and Suluban Beach in Uluwatu, Bali’s Bukit Peninsular (otherwise known as Blue Point beach).

Here’s something we learned from locals in the region that’s worth noting. Despite the fact that Labuan Sait Beach has a large sign proclaiming Padang Padang Beach and is frequently referred to as such, the genuine Padang Padang is its neighbouring beach, Thomas Beach.

The misunderstanding stems from the fact that in the past, Padang Padang (also known as Thomas Beach) could only be reached by paddling around Labuan Sait.

As a result, Labuan Sait became known as Padang Padang, which has stayed with visitors. Although it was a little perplexing, we found it to be rather intriguing.

How to Get to Uluwatu’s Thomas Beach?

How to Get to Uluwatu's Thomas Beach

In general, getting throughout Uluwatu necessitates organising your own transportation, whether by scooter or hiring a private driver; but, if you’re staying near Thomas Beach, you might be able to walk there. There are a numerous ways to get to Thomas Beach, but we found that going to Suka Cafe first was the most convenient.

A gravel road runs directly across from Suka Cafe. This path should be followed. At the end of the walk, you should find a smaller trail that leads down, past a temple on your left, and over a tiny footbridge.

You will only need to travel a few steps from here to arrive at one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches. Simply down the stairwell. There appear to be more on the way up than on the way down, but the workout is still worthwhile for beautiful beach.

What to Expect When You Visit Thomas Beach?

hike to Thomas Beach Uluwatu

To begin, anticipate a lovely beach. Amazing. Even though it gets busier as the day progresses, you should still be able to locate a space to yourself if you stroll up the beach. There are several warungs where you may have a bite to eat or a drink. There are restrooms available. There are sunbeds, umbrellas, and surfboards for hire.

When you’ve finished at the beach and want to return to your Uluwatu hotel (check out the top hotels in Bali) or go somewhere else, keep in mind that there is no public transportation available. You might have walked, ridden, been dropped off, or hired a private driver for the day.

There are a few options available if you were just dropped off and need a ride back. If you have a phone, get the contact information for the driver that dropped you off and call or WhatsApp them to arrange a pick-up 🙂 Another alternative is to stroll to a neighbouring café and ask them to make a reservation for you. Both are simple enough.

Review of Thomas Beach in Bali

Thomas Beach in Bali tide

One option is to have breakfast at Suka Cafe and then go down to the beach for a late morning swim. Ulu Cliffhouse is also near by, even by foot, if you wish to go there for lunch or sunset cocktails, depending on how your day goes. Take a look at our Bali Itinerary Guides for additional information on your Uluwatu or Bali itinerary.

Choose Your Thomas Beach Tides

Thomas Beach Bali's Best Beach?

Thomas Beach, like many of Bali’s greatest beaches, is heavily influenced by the tide. We arrived at the end of a high tide, just as the water was beginning to recede into the sea. We chose this time to come since there was enough sand to set up the beach chairs and go along the beach.

The beach might get a little thin during extremely high tide. I would recommend avoiding low tide if you want to swim and enjoy the beach at its best. The water will have receded, exposing many rocks, and there will be little water to swim in. It would still be a nice place to visit for a drink and to breathe the sea wind, but keep in mind the tide.

Is Thomas Beach Bali’s Best Beach?

Thomas Beach is without a doubt one of our favourite beaches in all of Bali, not just Uluwatu. Bingin Beach, Sundays Beach, Nyang Nyang, Green Bowl, and Balangan are among the greatest beaches in Uluwatu, although there are many more.

Entrance Fee to Thomas Beach and Other Fees

Thomas Beach is a free public beach with no entry fee. All the way up the beach, loungers and umbrellas are accessible. The fee for two beds and an umbrella was about 50.000 IDR ($5 AUD). There were also surfboards available.

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