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Surfing spots in Bali

Surfing spots in Bali and everything you need to know

Beauty, Magic, Surfing or any beautiful things you could think of, the little island in Indonesia called Bali, also known as the “Island of the Gods”, has got you covered for your ideal surfing Bali vacation.

This little island in Indonesia has become one of the most surfing tourist destinations all over the globe due to its warm water, tropical vibes, pumping wave breaks and budget-friendly living.

The Ultimate Surfer’s Guide – Surfing in Bali

Travelling around the island without guidelines might be frustrating, but worry no more, as we have listed on your surf guide the best surfing spots and anything you need to know about the surfer’s paradise island in no particular order!

So make sure you don’t miss any of these surf spots when travelling to the island!

Best Time for Bali Surf Trip 

When planning an ideal vacation, you first want to consider the weather, which will dramatically affect your entire tour. Every year, Surfing in Bali is a year-round option, so you better set your vacation at the perfect time of the year!

  • Wet season – November to March
  • Dry season – May to September

Make sure you do not miss the dry season on the West Coast of Bali if you are looking for the perfect surfing experience with great weather and the best waves. You can set your surfing experience from November to March or on the Bali West coast surf season from May to September for you to witness the best waves you can ride.

Best Surf spots in Bali

Bali island is known for its world-class right-hand and left reef breaks where more advanced surfers dare to ride. However, beginner surfers can also enjoy surfing on the island as there are surf spots where they can learn to surf and take their surf lessons.

If you’re planning on coming to Bali, You don’t want to miss these perfect surfing spots for your surfing Bali adventure!

– Canggu

Surfing spots in Bali and everything you need to know

If you are looking for a black sand beach, then look no more because Canggu will be the perfect spot for you to surf in Bali. Canggu is located in the northern part of Kuta Beach, which is an excellent place for both beginner and intermediate surfers who want to play with a fun, long series of waves.

However, Canggu is a few hundred meters away from Echo beach breaks, which requires caution while surfing, especially for those who have never surfed a reef break.

– Medewi


Are you searching for a place away from crowds where you have your me-time and relax? Medewi would be your perfect surf destination because Medewi was kept hidden from the tourists a long time ago due to its two-hour drive from Bukit peninsula’s surf camps.

Moreover, Medewi would be great if you are intermediate and advanced surfers that can handle waves that stretch to half a kilometre long.

– Sanur


Another good surf spot on the Bali island, Sanur, is considered the gem of the east coast part of the island where you can find the live coral sharp reef. Sanur was exclusive only for more experienced surfers due to a freight train barrel that can break hundreds of meters over a jagged reef.

– Keramas


Bali surfing vacation cannot be complete if you don’t visit Keramas, which has made an appearance as a stop on the World Surf League Championship Tour.

Keramas surfing spot is perhaps the best and most famous surf spot across the island, located roughly 38 kilometres away from the east coast surf camp of Bukit Peninsula.

Unfortunately, surfing in Keramas is only available for expert surfers, so you better look around for a few pro surfers!

– Serangan

Surfing spots in Bali and everything you need to know

Are you looking for a perfect spot for the wet season? Serangan surfing spot is the go-to surfing destination, where you can pick up a good amount of swell from both left and right reef breaks.

You have to ride a boat that costs about 100k to 200k IDR if you want to visit Serangan, but perhaps it is worth the pay.

– Kuta Reef

Kuta reef

Aside from being the main tourist attraction and hundreds of surf shops and surf camps around the area, Kuta reef is also an ideal spot on the island where kids and intermediate surfers can improve their skills surfing.

Moreover, Kuta reef was the first surfing tourist spot that remains open to the public and for all levels of surfers!

– Nusa dua

Nusa dua

Are you looking for surf destinations where you can surf with numerous reef breaks and white sand? Look no more because Nusa dua got it all!

Nusa dua is home to the best right-handers in Bali and world-class big waves, making it a no-beginner spot for the entire location of Nusa dua.


Is it safe to surf in Bali?

Ocean has a compelling and unpredictable force regardless of who you are or where ever you are across the world, which makes it difficult to promise your safety if you choose to challenge the ocean.

However, if you follow specific guidelines and stick to your comfort level, a surfing adventure would not be in danger.

Moreover, Bali is Indonesia’s most developed and tourist-friendly island. Thousands of visitors pass through. There are numerous hospitals and competent doctors, so facilities and knowledge are available if you injure yourself.

Where can I find surfing board rentals?

Famous beaches like Batu Bolong are lined with board rental shacks. While the beach boards aren’t of the highest quality, they are still rideable. Most formal board shops rent out equipment at a slightly higher cost.

However, it may be simpler to purchase a board. Independent and international shapers provide a plethora of roadworthy goodies to the island. From the high-end boards at Drifter in Uluwatu to the brick-and-mortar Chilli Surfboards outpost in Canggu, boards in Bali are less expensive and just as good as those on the mainland.

Is it expensive to surf in Bali?

Surfing in Bali is one of the most enjoyable activities in life because it is relatively inexpensive. You might expect to pay some of your hard-earned money for board fees if you fly a board over. Aside from that, you’re set. Bali is a surf-friendly island with scooters, chartered transportation, and accommodations that accommodate your quiver.

Newbies will explore a sizable market for surf camps, rentals, and guides. Pricing varies depending on your location, the time of year, and how trusting you are.

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