Kelingking secret point beach

Kelingking secret point beach

Kelingking secret point Beach Dedicated Guide

Hands down the most amazing place one earth. Kelingking secret point beach leaves you absolutely breathless the moment you see this best place on Nusa Penida. Out of all the beaches I have ever seen, Kelingking beach beats them all. There seems to be a mysterious glow on the whole of Kelingking and you can’t help but just gaze in amazement.

Before my visit to Kelingking beach, I had seen it on Instagram posts and Knew I had to visit here. I have to visit Kelingking secret point beach, “I need to feel its sand in between my toes and let the bouncing sun rays of the water hit my eyes”. Kelingking beach did not disappoint!

How to get to the Kelingking secret point Beach

Kelingking secret point beach

It took us around 50 minutes on a scooter to get to the Kelingking secret point beach, from the North of Nusa Penida, this was on a rented scooter which cost us around 60,000 ($5) Indonesian R a day. The scooter isn’t anything special but is the best way of getting around Nusa Penida.

The scooters are big enough for 2 people, luckily as the she didn’t want to drive. Also, scooter rental comes with a full tank of petrol and I didn’t have to put any petrol in till the second day (happy days). Honestly there is no other better way to get around the island, a taxi would cost a small fortune and you still wouldn’t manage to see all the hot spots. A full tank of petrol costs $1, yep I couldn’t believe it either, can’t even get a drink and something sweet for that back home.

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So after a mix of smooth and bumpy roads, when I say bumpy I mean bumpy, it feels like you’re on a rally! Anyway, when you arrive you drive up a hill where you at met by a bunch of locals asking for 5000 Rupee for the parking, but O well that isn’t much money is it and it is worth a lot to them. Furthremore, for how to get to Nusa Penida from Bali mainland see how to get from Bali to Nusa Penida

After parking we rushed to the edge of the cliff and O MY! The view is hard to process at first, I mean it’s not every day you see views like this, the vast mountain drop, met by white sands and turquoise water!

So obviously this made for these amazing shots which are worth the bumpy scooter ride! Nevertheless, we had to head down to the beach for some more of the cake for this amazing experience. But wait it is a cliff….

Yes that’s right a cliff, a crazy windy cliff that is the only way down to the Kelingking beach. So, we set off on this sweaty climb down, where we was met by twists and turns, high drops and beating rays of sun. All this climb is held together by sticks tied together, but the locals have done a great job with this.

Kelingking secret point beach travel guide

The amazing kelingking secret point beach sand and stunning sea

The Kelingking secret point beach is nothing short of breathtaking and you will understand what I mean if you manage to make it down to to the beach of Kelingking. At the bottom you will find other beach lovers and everyone seems to have the same stunned expression on their face due to how amazing Kelingking beach really is.

Top tip – The blue water of Kelingking beach is very enticing to just run straight in and swim out, however the Kelingking waves can be very powerful. Therefore, take your time and get used to the feel of the waves. We heard a few stories of people being pulled away from the shore, scaryyyy man! Nevertheless, the secret point waves are too much fun to miss so you’ve got to have some epic fun in them.

Another tip – There is local selling cold drinks and fresh coconuts, which is a blessing in the heat. I’m not sure how they got down the mountain with all the drinks, but they’re a blessing. Furthermore, there is tropical trees providing some much needed shade on the stunning Kelingking beach, it truly is a magical beach.

So after the heat, waves, coconuts and photos. You have the most challenging part of the day, which is making your way back up Kelingking T-rex mountain!

I’m a pretty fit lad and I was absolutely dripping, you’re literally climbing in some places. Like one of them mountain goats of an animal discovery documentary. Although, you could label it as training, like doing a session in the gym, just a lot harder in hotter conditions.

Anyway, after 40 minutes or so we reached a busy but very welcomed top of the cliff.. HELLLLLL YEAHHHH we’ve made it! What an amazing experience.. When you treach the top there is a handful of stalls offereing out drinks for a small fee and after that climb you are ready to drink a gallon of water!

In a nutshell the Kelingking Beach travel guide is a tough climb but worth the sweat!

Kelingking Beach Travel Guide Top Tips

  • Don’t wear flip flops to do the climb as it can be scary in some places
  • Take a little extra cash for the fluids
  • DO NOT rush out to the sea, even though the waves are calling your name to body surf them. Experienced swimmers may go a little further ashore
  • Be ready for a tough climb back up, if it’s busy expect to be waiting in some places
  • Take a camera! Pictures for life from this beach
  • Enjoy your time there, it is EPIC!

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Kelingking Secret Point Beach Travel Guide Photography

Kelingking Secret Point Beach


Kelingking Secret Point Beach


Kelingking Secret Point Beach


Kelingking Secret Point Beach


Kelingking Secret Point Beach

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The Kelingking beach secret point conclusion

This is up there with one of the best beaches in the world and you need to make sure you get to Kelingking Beach in Bali if you’re in that corner of the world. Please message me if you need question about how to get to Nusa Penida, i’ll be more than happy to help.

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