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The Kelingking secret point beach is one of the most amazing places you will ever visit. A day tour to Kelingking secret point is perfect to see the best things to do on Nusa Penida on your visit to this amazing island in Bali. It leaves you breathless the moment you see this top beach on Nusa Penida. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at it for the first time. Out of all the beaches in Asia, Kelingking beach beats them all, but the broken beach is a pretty beach on Nusa Penida. You will see in this post just from the photos of the secret point beach why it is such an incredible place to visit. Backpackers from around the world visit this amazing Nusa Penida beach just for that single Instagram photo, it’s no wonder! I cannot wait to back and do the t rex beach hike again.

Visit Kelingking beach. You can either stay on Nusa Penida or do the Nusa Penida (T-rex beach) tour (I will tell you about the tour in a minute). We decided to stay for 3 nights on Nusa Penida. This was enough time to see all the best things to do on Nusa Penida, like seeing Bali’s best beach, seeing the Broken beach and just exploring the stunning island of Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida accommodation is very cheap so I would highly recommend staying here for a few nights.

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Kelingking secret point beach tour travel guide and tips for backpackers. Including how to get to Kelingking beach and how to get to from Bali to Nusa Penida.

Can you swim at Kelingking beach?

Yes, you can swim at Kelingking beach. However, DO NOT rush out to the sea, even though the waves are calling your name to body surf them. The waves are very powerful and it’s known that tourists have been swept out. You can ease in.

Just take your time when you’re heading out to the waves and get a feel for how powerful the current is. Experienced swimmers may go a little further ashore.

Doing a one day tour

This Nusa Penida Kelingking beach tour costs $80 per person, but it is completely worth it. As I have already mentioned this tour is amazinggggggg!!!

You can also check out the Nusa Penida tour review.

How to see the Kelingking secret point beach on Nusa Penida

The Kelingking secret point beach is nothing short of breathtaking and you will understand what I mean if you manage to make it down to Kelingking. At the bottom, you will find other beach lovers and everyone seems to have the same stunned expression on their face due to how amazing Kelingking beach is.

f you are backpacking around Asia, you would have probably heard of this top place to visit by chatting to other backpackers. It seems to be one of the coolest places to visit in Asia for backpackers in 2018. Nusa Penida has come very popularly through endless amounts of photos being published on social media.

Nusa Penida is still a developing island and is nothing like other places in Asia such as Thailand or Vietnam. However, after speaking to some of the locals, it was clear that this stunning island in Bali will soon be over-run by tourists wanting a piece of the action. So if you are looking to visit Nusa Penida and the best points of interest then I would make it a priority before the island overrun by tourists. Nevertheless, the island is still an amazing place and one of the best things to do while in Bali.

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Top tip – The blue water is very enticing to just run straight in and swim out, however, the Kelingking waves can be very powerful. Therefore, take your time and get used to the feel of the waves. We heard a few stories of people being pulled away from the shore, scary man! Nevertheless, the secret point waves are too much fun to miss so you’ve got to have some epic fun in them.

Another tip – There are local selling cold drinks and fresh coconuts, which is a blessing in the heat. I’m not sure how they got down the mountain with all the drinks, but they’re a blessing. Furthermore, tropical trees is providing some much-needed shade on the stunning Kelingking beach, it truly is a magical beach.

Kelingking viewpoint
The Kelingking beach viewpoint height is crazy

Kelingking T-rex

So after the heat, waves, coconuts and photos. You have the most challenging part of the day, which is making your way back up Kelingking T-rex mountain!

I’m a pretty fit lad and I was dripping, you’re climbing in some places. Like one of the mountain goats of an animal discovery documentary. Although, you could label it as training, like doing a session in the gym, just a lot harder in hotter conditions.

Climbing back up the Kelingking t rex beach hike things to know;

  • All levels of fitness will find the Kelingking hike difficult
  • The Kelinking beach height is demanding when doing the hike in the hot sun
  • People drink beers on the beach and then do the Kelingking climb, I wouldn’t recommend this
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The best Nusa Penida secret beach, Kelingking beach

Check out Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

kelingking beach

Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach, kelingking beach
Best beach in Bali!

Kelingking secret point beach,Kelingking, kelingking secret point, kelingking point, kelingking beach nusa penida, kelingking nusa penida,kelingking secret point nusa penida

Kelingking beach cliff

Anyway, after 40 minutes or so we reached a busy but very welcomed top of the cliff. HELLLLLL YEAHHHH we’ve made it! What an amazing experience. When you reach the top there is a handful of stalls offering out drinks for a small fee and after that climb, you are ready to drink a gallon of water!

In a nutshell, the Kelingking climb is a tough climb but worth the sweat! The Kelingking point height is around 120 metres high.

photo climbing down to the Kelingking beach
The Kelingking Beach hike is difficult to prepare for the Kelingking Beach heightc

Kelingking Beach Travel Guide Top Tips

Here are some tips for what to do when travelling to the beach.

  • Don’t wear flip-flops to do the Kelingking climb as it can be scary in some places
  • Take a little extra cash for the fluids
  • Be ready for a tough climb back up, if it’s busy expect to be waiting in some places
  • Take a camera! Pictures for life from this beach
  • Enjoy your time there, it is EPIC!
walking across the Kelingking beach, this is the view from the bottom
touring the Kelingking beach on the amazing Nusa Penida

The secret point height and death rate – As you can see from the pictures the cliff Kelingking beach cliff viewpoint is very high and steep, however, some ignore this and push ‘n’ shove around the edge in crowds to get a great Instagram photo. Unfortunately, this death on Kelingking is one proof that it can be very dangerous from up on the viewpoint.

I know the beach is out of this world and it will make some of the best pictures you will ever take but you have got be extremely careful!

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The amazing views and beach
Kelingking secret point beach hike, kelingking beach, nusa penida kelingking beach russian tourist, how to get to kelingking beach, kelingking beach nusa, kelingking beach indonesia, kelingking beach on nusa penida island, nusa penida kelingking beach
Getting ready to do the Kelingking stairs hike
Kelingking secret beach and the blue waves crashing on the beach
The unbelievable Kelingking secret beach on Nusa Penida
  • The sunset at Kelingking beach is out of this world. You won’t find a better picturesque place in all of Bali’s beaches. If you love amazing beaches you should check out broken beach Nusa Penida which is is another top beach on the Nusa islands in Bali.
  • You should check the weather in Nusa Penida to see if you will have a clear sky for the sunset.
  • I would make sure you’re not on the beach when the sun goes down. It will be dangerous doing the hike in the dark.
Kelingking beach sunset
The amazing sunset at kelingking beach

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Bali, then I highly recommend checking out Gilli T on your journeys – paradise!

watching the sunset over kelinking beach and it's beautiful

A list of tour speedboats for how to get to Kelingking beach Nusa Penida;

  1. Fast boat to Nusa Penida
  2. Nusa Penida Travel Information
  3. Nusa Penida and Lembongan fast boat

How To Get To Kelingking Beach?

You can travel from Sanur to Nusa Penida on a round trip.

Doing the Nusa Penida one day tour is a great way to visit Nusa Penida from Bali if you only have a short time. You can also do the Nusa Penida 2 day tour and see more of this stunning island. The Nusa Penida secret beach tour costs hardly anything for what you get in return.

This 1-day tour is the best tour in Bali you could ever do.

  1. Your adventure will start roughly around 6:30 am from the lobby of your accommodation, this is where the providers will pick you up. From there you will make your way to Sanur Port to board your waiting boat. Get ready to visit one of the best beach islands in this world, Nusa Penida. It will take 45 minutes to reach Nusa Penida Island. On this 45 minutes scenic trip, you can grab yourself some Instagram shots of the epic views.
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    The awesome Nusa Penida tour guide
  2. Friendly faces will be waiting for you upon your arrival to the port. You can get even more hyped up to start your Nusa Penida island tour to visit Kelingking Secret Point Beach, The Nusa Penida viewpoints that is hard to believe that it’s real when you see it for the first time. The entire coastal spot is insanely stunning, this is one of the best things to do in Bali.
  3. Other things to see on Nusa Penida –  Paluang Temple ( car Temple ) and Uwug Beach also known as Broken Beach. Don’t forget to bring your sun cream and hat as it can be really hot in the summer. After you arrive you will see the scenic view of the beach. This is a unique beach and you won’t find another beach like it in this part of this world, except on Nusa Penida Island. There is a very deep cliff with beautiful views. Walk down from Broken Beach to Angels billabong Nusa Penida. This is one of Nusa Penida’s best things to see! There is a large natural pool of about 100 meters in diameter. The natural pool was formed by the broken cliff (land). You can take some pictures there.
    running across Kelinking beach
    Nusa Penida beach tour
  4. Lunch will be provided between 11:45 AM and 12 noon. This is a good time to get some energy back from all the epic excitement.
  5. After lunch, you will go to Crystal Bay Beach which is picture-perfect. Crystal Bay Beach is a quiet arc of white, grey sand set amid rocky, scrubby outcrops. This beach is the perfect place to go snorkelling if you wish and if time is enough, you can rent snorkelling equipment from the locals.
  6. Relax onshore, then you will head back home from Crystal Bay Beach. Our driver will take you back to the port and escort you to the boat to go back to Sanur port. Arrive back in Sanur between 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM depend on Fast Boat of seat availability, the driver will escort you back to your hotel.

Best time to visit?

When is the best time to visit the Kelingking secret beach?

The best time for you to visit Bali is between July and September. You will have minimal rain and plenty of hot glorious weather.

How to get from Bali to Kelingking secret point Beach?

How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali (Sanur Pier) – How to get to Kelingking T rex from Sanur?  you have to go to Toya Pakeh Harbor in Nusa Penida Island, and the island can be reached just 40 – 50 minutes by public speed boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida. It is 175,000 IDR per person for each way on the speed boat from Bali to Nusa Penida and can be bought at the pier and leave at least once a day starting.

how to get to Kelingking beach
Checking out the amazing beach from the Kelingking viewpoint, the T-rex is stunning

How to get to the t rex beach on Nusa Penida

  1.  It took us around 50 minutes on a scooter to get to the Kelingking secret point beach, from the North of Nusa Penida, this was on a rented scooter which cost us around 60,000 ($5) Indonesian R a day. The scooter isn’t anything special but is the best way of getting around Nusa Penida. The scooters are big enough for 2 people, luckily as she didn’t want to drive. Also, scooter rental comes with a full tank of petrol and I didn’t have to put any petrol in till the second day (happy days). Honestly, there is no other better way to get around the island, a taxi would cost a small fortune and you still wouldn’t manage to see all the hot spots. A full tank of petrol costs $1, yep I couldn’t believe it either, can’t even get a drink and something sweet for that back home.
  2. Kelingking secret point Nusa Penida – approximately a 45-minute drive from the main town Toya PakehSo after a mix of smooth and bumpy roads, when I say bumpy I mean bumpy, it feels like you’re on a rally! Anyway, when you arrive you drive up a hill where you at met by a bunch of locals asking for 5000 Rupee for the parking, but O well that isn’t much money is it and it is worth a lot to them. Furthermore, for how to get to Nusa Penida from Bali mainland see how to get from Bali to Nusa Penida
  3. After parking, we rushed to the edge of the Kelingking viewpoint cliff and O MY! The view is hard to process at first, I mean it’s not every day you see views like this, the vast mountain drop, met by white sands and turquoise water!
  4. So obviously this made for these amazing shots which are worth the bumpy scooter ride! Nevertheless, we had to head down to the beach for some more of the cake for this amazing experience. But wait it is a cliff….
  5. Yes, that’s right a cliff, a crazy windy cliff that is the only way down to the Kelingking beach. So, we set off on this sweaty climb down, where we were met by twists and turns, high drops and beating rays of the sun. All this climb is held together by sticks tied together, but the locals have done a great job with this.
  6. Now you should have all the information on how to get to Kelinking secret point beach Nusa Penida.
Where to stay on Nusa Penida?

Are you looking for places to stay on Nusa Penida? Well, don’t worry you won’t have to look very far. There are lots of places available. However, you need to make sure you have the right place to make the most out of your visit to Nusa Penida. For example, some shocking hotels offer bad service, bad quality and overall a bad place to sleep. But don’t worry I have created a list of the best accommodation on Nusa Penida for you to stay.

YouTube video of Kelingking secret location beach on Nusa Penida

This is up there with one of the best beaches in the world and is the best beach in Asia. You need to make sure you get to this beach in Bali if you’re in this corner of the world. As you can see from the photos, I had an amazing time and I can not wait to visit again! The moment you walk onto the cliff viewpoint, you will realise why the Kelingking secret point beach is known among backpackers as one of the most tropical but secret beaches in the world. Remember to keep safe, especially climbing up and down the Kelingking cliff hike viewpoint. If you are struggling for a time then I would highly recommend doing the t rex secret point beach 1 or 2-day tour, you will also get to see some other amazing places on Nusa Penida.

Where to visit next on Nusa Penida

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