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Thailand Travel Guides

Thailand Travel Guides

Do you seek some wild, relaxing, and breath-taking adventures as a tourist? Let’s go to the Land of Smiles, a world-class tourist destination. Thailand is a renowned tourist hotspot in Asia with more than 30 million visitors annually.

Pack up your bags and explore various tourist attractions in Thailand. There are diverse options to choose from and explore. You can explore the beach destinations of the south. Immerse and familiarise yourself in Bangkok. Or visit the wildlife sanctuaries and historical cities of northern Thailand. 

What are the best months to enjoy Thailand?

>Most of Thailand has a substantially tropical climate. Rainy, hot, and cool are the general seasons. The rainy season runs from May to October. From November to February, the weather is cool. Lastly, the hot weather runs from March to May.

We recommend travelling around the country during the cool season to avoid the hassles brought by the rainy monsoon season. If you plan to have a tropical beach vacation, the hot season is the perfect weather to get out.

Best Picks to Experience Thailand

Travel, food, and accommodation costs are higher than in Cambodia and Vietnam. But at least, it is cheaper than Malaysia. If you want to know and discover Thailand here are the best picks for travellers. These are the starter destinations in most travel guides to Thailand.

Culture and City Life of Bangkok

The collision of historical architecture and modernity is evident in the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is the centre of the culture and economic hub of the country. Don’t miss out on the wonders and experiences it can provide.

The riverside of Bangkok provides a great view of the city’s downtown and temples like the 18th-century Grand Palace and Wat Pho temple. Due to several active transportation canals in the city, people called Bangkok the Venice of the East in the 19th century. 

You can also ride a floating restaurant and a luxurious ferry at night to enjoy the view from the Chao Praya river.

You can visit the Bangkok National Museum if you are curious about the history and culture of Thailand. Take your time and stop by the Grand Palace and Wat Pho temple to admire its spectacular architecture.

Discover the city on foot and come by the famous backpacker’s party haven, located in the Kho San area. Lots of bars, food stalls, shops, hotels, and many more. You can enjoy these things for a low price despite being in the centre of Bangkok. 

Indulge yourself in Thai cuisines in the restaurants along the riverside. The street food market is a great place to taste exotic food. You can also shop in the local outdoor markets for fruits, souvenirs, and accessories. 

Festivals, Historical Cities, and Wildlife Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is not only a historic city but also a cultural centre. Home to historical buildings, temples, wildlife sanctuary, and indigenous people. This region has diversity in tourism spots. 

Being a cultural centre, it has a strong tradition of colorful festivals which are celebrated every year. Tourists flock to celebrate festivals such as Loi Krathong, Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival, and Flower Festival to name a few. 

The old city of Chiang Mai is a well-preserved historic city. You can describe the old city as an outdoor museum because the streets are full of ancient temples, old houses, and historical buildings surrounded by ancient walls and a moat. The place is small and compact. You can even navigate it on foot.

Don’t also forget that Chiang Mai is home to Asian Elephants. The region houses the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. The sanctuary provides a natural and safe environment for elephants. You are allowed to interact with the elephants by touching and bathing them.

Tropical Beach Holiday in Phuket

Phuket is a world-class resort island on the Andaman Coast of Thailand. It is a regular holiday destination during summer. An ideal place for family vacations, backpack tourists, and divers. Facilities, entertainment, and resorts are second to none. The area is highly developed, with entertainment buildings and shops around the island. 

Miles and miles of white-sand beach blankets the coast with several water sports activities. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular recreational activities in Phuket. The nightlife of the island is extraordinary. Thanks to the clubs, bars, casinos, and shops, the activities on the island are bustling day and night.

Travelling Around Thailand

No matter which city or province you go to, your money is worth spending in Thailand. Their local delicacies and cuisine are delicious. Tourist destinations are worth seeing with our own eyes.

Even though Thailand is a big country, efficient transportation systems can accommodate tourists to their destinations. You can travel by car, ferry, tuk-tuk, train, and plane to reach the tourist spots in the country.