stunning Railay beach Krabi

Awesome Railay Beach Krabi viewpoint

Railey beach Krabi viewpoint Thailand 

Rated as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, actually makes it in the top 10 beaches to visit. And it’s no wonder, Railay beach Krabi is out of this world! You can sit there for hours in awe of the scenery on the unbelievable beach! This is probably the best beach in Thailand without a doubt. I am so glad we made the decision to visit this epic beach, we was staying in Ao Nang looking for things to do and this beach got recommended online. The rest is history! Don’t worry about this beach being crowded like other popular beaches in Thailand, Railay beach really is paradise. I’ve seen some amazing beaches like the best beaches on Koh Tao but this beats them all. Let’s find out why.

In this post I will share my experience at all the things to do at Railay beach;

  • Railay beach Krabi viewpoint
  • How to get to Railay beach Krabi from Ao Nang
  • Railay beach hotels 
  • Other things to know and things to do on Railay beach

My Railay beach Krabi video

The awesome Railay beach Krabi
The awesome Railay beach Krabi
best beach in the world Railay beach Krabi
One of the best beaches in the world Railay beach Krabi

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Railey beach Krabi viewpoint 

You ready to see some awesome views from a high? The Railay beach viewpoint gives you a perfect view of Railay beach and the surrounding area. It’s a wicked location for some epic photos and a new Instagram picture. However, it comes with a little bit of a jungle adventure and a climb up some mountain ladders 

To get to the Railay beach view-point you first need to walk to the end to of the beach. Which end? If you are facing the sea, head left down the beach until you reach the Railay viewpoint entrance.

Start making your way up through the mini jungle, be careful it’s slippy in a lot of areas and you do have to keep Climbing over rocks, logs and boulders. The things we have to do to see the Railay beach Krabi, it’s worth it though believe me. 

On you me way up to the Railay beach viewpoint, you will wonder if your going the right way quite a few times! We did, we was like no this is not the way. But if you just keep heading through the broken path, you will reach two ropes that guide you up the cliff for around 20 metres. Follow these up to the top and again be careful.

You have now reached a good Railay beach viewpoint. Amazing! You can go up the cliff a little further though, which I did. You get to the highest Railay beach viewpoint by climbing some ladders on the edge of the cliff. The ladders can be dangerous and are definitely not suited for those who are scared of heights or have clumsy feet. If you fell from these it wouldn’t be a happy ending. I don’t thing Krabi health services have a rapid helicopter response team. 

If you do chose to climb to the highest Railay beach Krabi viewpoint, you will be rewarded with the most picturesque views of Railay beach. As a result, jungle trekking with mosquitoes and risking my life climbing, was definitely worth it for the most epic views of Railay beach.

When making your way back down to Railay beach, take your time it’s very slippy. Also, there are many different ways. We took a wrong path and made our own way down. We made it, but it involved climbing and swinging from branches.



Railay beach Krabi viewpoint
Railay beach Krabi viewpoint
viewpoint on railay beach
the ladders you have to climb to get to the viewpoint on Railay beach
railay beach viewpoint ladders
I hope these ladders to the viewpoint are safe
viewpoint of Railay beach
The epic Railay beach viewpoint
stunning Railay beach viewpoint
stunning Railay beach viewpoint

How to get to Railey beach Krabi from Ao Nang

The only way to get to Railay beach Krabi from Ao Nang is the water boat taxi. It’s only a 20 minute boat ride, but the journey from Ao Nang to Railay beach is incredible. It’s a perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning views of Krabi. You will have the chance to take photos of Thailand’s famous limestone mountains, emerald water and the mega long-tail boats.

So how much is the boat ride from Ao Nang to to Railay beach Krabi? 

The boat ride to Railay beach from Ao Nang is 100 BHT per person each way. So unless you’re looking to stay at a hotel in Railay beach Krabi, the boat ride will cost you 200 BHT. Which to be fair is not a bad price, it’s a sweet journey and there is flexibility. 

Where do to buy the tickets for the boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay beach 

You need to head down to the Ao Nang beach boat ticket office. This is where you will purchase your ticket for the boat to Railay beach, then you will wait till there’s enough people to make the journey. When there is enough people, one of the Cool open back vans will you take you to the pier. Then, it’s the picturesque boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay beach Krabi. 

Another thing you need to know about the boat ride back from Railay beach to Ao Nang. The boat back is not on a timed schedule, so you have to wait on the beach and when there’s enough people your boat will take you back to Ao Nang. However, don’t worry you won’t be waiting long. The last boat from Railay beach to Ao Nang leaves around 6pm, so make sure your there at least ten minutes before 6pm. 

how to get from Ao Nang to Railay beach
how to get from Ao Nang to Railay beach

Railey beach Krabi hotels 

There isn’t lots of hotels on Railey beach, but I doubt you will find one at a cheap price. The Railay beach hotels are for a more luxury type of holiday. It’s not really somewhere for backpackers and one night stay-overs. However, the accommodation on Railay beach does look pretty sweet.

One of the hotels I passed was slap bang on the edge of the Railay beach. There was a few tourist there enjoying it’s fine outdoor pool, whilst sipping on a fresh cocktail and eating steaks. These guys are not budget backpackers, but good on them, hotels on Railay beach have got to be one of the best places to stay in the world.  

Railay bay resort and spa

Railay Viewpoint resort

Sand Sea resort Railay

I stayed in accommodation in Ao Nang near the beach called cliff view resort. It’s treehouse style rooms, swimming pool, gym and Buffett breakfast. All for just 500 BHT, definitely one of the best and cheapest places to stay in Ao Nang. It also includes a free shuttle every hour to Ao Nang beach, this is where all Ao Nang’s best restaurants can be found. 

The amazing Ao Nang cliff view resort honestly it’s one of the best places in Asia I have stayed at.

Other things to know about Thailand’s Railay beach Krabi 

  1. There are a few restaurants on Railay beach, however they are quite expensive! I checked them all out looking for somewhere good to eat but was not too much on my budget. None of the Railay beach restaurants matched my criteria. 

Luckily enough the is a side street on the beach that has mega food stalls and shacks. They sell real tasty food and at low prices. I got garlic chicken with rice and it was good, it was also only 80 BHT. As a result, you should definitely eat at the side street if you’re looking for restaurants on Railay beach. The shacks also sell smoothies and pancakes for cheap. 

2. You will probably be spending your day at Railay beach, so your going to be in the sunshine for hours and hours. What happens when you’re in the sun for too long? That’s right you burn! So make sure you take plenty of suncream and layer up. I had plenty on and I still managed to get a months worth of tanning in one day. 

3. Make sure to take your own water! The shops on Railay beach are expensive. I paid triple the price for a bottle of water, than what it costs in the famous 7/11 shops in Thailand. Water in Thailand is usually cheap, not on Railay beach so I would recommend taking at least 3 litres per person. You should also take your on snacks to Railay beach, you will end up paying a fortune if not. 

4. Rock climbing on Rialay beach is brilliant, you get to climb to momentarily Railay beach viewpoints. This has been one of the best rock climbing experiences I have done in Asia. The rock climbing is one of the best things to do on Railay beach, therefore it does get busy so make sure you get booked in nice and early!

The cost of the Railay beach rock climbing is 1000 BHT for half a day. You can either do the morning or afternoon session and each session includes roughly 4 climbs. I did my highest ever climb on Railay beach, which was a massive 30 metres high. Shakey times at the top. If you’re looking for things to do on Railay, then the rock climbing should definitely be on your list! 

rock climbing on Railay beach Krabi
Looking for things to do on Railay beach? You need to try this rock climbing
rock climbing on Railay beach
rock climbing on Railay beach
best thing to do on Railay beach
Epic best thing to do on Railay beach

Map of Railay beach

Railay beach Map
Railay beach map

Where is Railay Beach?


A visit to Railay Beach and the Railay beach Krabi viewpoint should for sure be on your list of things to do when staying in Ao Nang. I will remember this beach forever, it’s amazing and unforgettable. All this for just a 20 minute boat ride for Ao Nang. 

I recon this is probably Thailand’s best beach, do you agree? 

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