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Phi Phi to Krabi speedboat

Phi Phi to Krabi Ferry

Complete Guide: Phi Phi to Krabi Ferry And Speedboat in 22/23

Looking to get the Phi Phi to Krabi ferry or private speedboat?

By far the most popular mode of transportation to the islands is the ferry. Ferries from Phuket to Krabi or Koh Lanta take roughly two hours and 90 minutes. The top deck of the ferry also serves as a sundeck, which is ideal for tanners. Air-conditioned accommodations are accessible on the lower decks, and refreshments and snacks are available onboard. The ferry terminals in Phuket and Krabi are each one-hour drive from Phuket Airport and 30 minutes from Krabi Airport, respectively.

Arrive well in advance in high season or half an hour before departure in low season to acquire good seats. The ferries can get a little packed at times. Toilets are normally clean due to seawater flushing and ferries are usually on time.

Krabi natural forest cover is mostly Cassia trees and mangrove. Krabi’s sandy clay soil properties are right for several agricultural products. These plants include palms, coconuts, coffee, oranges and rubbles trees. 

The famous “Phi Phi Islands”, also called “Paradise on Earth”, has retained its fantastic beauty. This beauty includes impressive landscapes and captivating sightseeing features such as beaches, limestone sea, and cliffs (check out where to stay Krabi for couples).

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Catching The Phi Phi to Krabi Ferry boat

The ferry boat that moves from Phi Phi to Krabi sails from the major pier on the island. This trip takes an average of 1hr 20minutes to arrive at either Railay, Ao Nang, or Krabi Town Pier. 

The seasonal based Koh Lanta ferry is almost the same as the Krabi. The only difference here is that Koh Lanta ferry goes farther southward than the other Ferries. 

A ferry boat, Phi Phi – Krabi picks off from the new ferry pier. This pier is on the Tonsai Bay located at the edge of Phi Phi Don main village. This place is a very active part of the community. It’s the pulse of the village where day-trippers mix with other folks spending the night. 

The bars and cafes located here have all kinds of activities to keep you entertained and engaged all night long. This place is also where you sort things like arranging for a diving session at a diving training school such as – Moskito Diving. 

You can also plan for your travel movement with agents such as Siam U.K. Travel, work out an arrangement for a visit to the post office or other general tours. 

The ferry boat, Phi Phi – Krabi travels east around Shark Points at the Long Beach. This Long Beach is about the last contact you will make with the expensive stretch of sand just before getting to Phi Phi Don’s east shore. The shore is just a little distance away from the four, and five stars rated resorts in this area. These resorts include Holiday Inn Phi Phi, Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort & Spa and Zeavola Phi Phi Resort. 

Going further, past the Bamboo Island, you will approach the Krabi coastline. It’s mountain peaks, cliffs, and palm-fringed shores all stand out from a distance. 

The Phrang Nga mountain range is a captivating sight to behold and is also where the Ferries divide. The Krabi Town is a major Provincial centre. The ferries take you to the Klong Jilad Pier. 

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From this point, it’s a short distance, about 5 minutes bus or taxi drive to the centre of town. There are several bars, cafes, and restaurants here. Located along the river, there are several accommodations you can choose from here.

Phi Phi to Krabi speedboat

A ferry boat from here Phi Phi – Krabi carries you directly to the major tourist beach of Ao Nang – the heart of Phrang Nga. The popular Railay Beach headlands are also located here. This beach, Railay, drop-off is out at sea. Therefore, you will need a longtail boat to arrive ashore.

Finally the ferry, Phi Phi – Koh Lanta travels south-east to a somewhat remote setting. On getting to Saladan Pier, you will be taken to a laid back place. 

Here, you can either decide to take a walk along the deserted beach or enjoy some relaxing moments with a Mai Thai drink at the resort bar located in the area.  

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How much is a ferry from Phi Phi to Krabi?

The cost of the ferry tickers varies on what season you’re travelling. But, the average ticket prices and transportation options available from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi: the cost of the tickets are between – ฿390 to ฿450. ferry+Bus price: ฿450 – ฿450.

Phi Phi to Krabi Ferry Schedule

Phi Phi to Krabi schedule

Daily Ferry time includes: 

09.00 , 10.30 , 13.30 , 15.00

Getting To Krabi from Phi Phi By Private (Speedboats)

A speedboat is the best bet when moving to Krabi from Phi Phi. It is the fastest and most flexible of all the available options. You are free to make a schedule that’s convenient for you. 

The most popular mode of transportation to Phi Phi is a private speedboat transfer. It’s essentially a private speedboat charter, so departure and drop-off sites are a little more flexible, and you can travel right up to the front of your preferred resort, saving a lot of time.

The journey is level for the majority of the year, but it’s best to avoid speedboats in September and October because things may become a little choppy.

Obviously, speedboats are more expensive than ferries, but for bigger groups, the cost of the boat rental may be divided, making them an outstanding bargain.

You can be picked up directly from your hotel lobby and taken to your waiting speedboat. Yes, it’s that easy. Your luggage will be loaded and ZOOM.. your journey begins. 

How Long Does It Take By Speedboat?

The entire trip takes around 45mins to arrive at Phi Phi Island from Phuket with a speedboat. It is way faster when you compare it to how long it takes when you use a ferry instead – ferries takes an average of 3hrs. 

The speedboat, however, can be easily affected by weather conditions. Unlike the larger ferry where adverse weather conditions don’t slow down their speed, the speedboats will need to lower their speed to maintain comfort and safety. 

Check out the Phuket to Phi Phi ferry guide.

Safety on-board the ferry

All licensed speedboats should have necessary safety gadgets such as a life jacket. It should be one of the things you look out for when coming on board. They are generally in plain sight. If you can’t see any, then you should ask your guide before the journey begins.  

Most speedboats can and sometimes travel at night, but it is not recommended. 

Group Size Matters

The speedboats are usually hired based on the number of passengers. So it would be best if you put this factor into consideration when hiring one.

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How safe is Krabi?

Don’t worry Krabi is safe. The Krabi Province is a safe place for backpackers. But, like many popular tourist spots, there are random pickpockets in action – as you would expect in Asia! The good news, Krabi has a much lower crime rate than other areas in Thailand. Such as Phuket or Bangkok (check out Bangkok to Phi Phi ferry). Just act sensible and exercise caution at all times.

What is the best time to visit Krabi?

The best time to visit Krabi is from November to March. This is known as the high-season, and this is the best time for the weather. Temperatures average 28°C and cool breezes keep Krabi comfortable. However, please note that a few rainy days may occur in November and March.

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Where to stay in Krabi?

Here is a guide for some of the top hotels in Krabi;


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