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How To Get From Bangkok To Krabi

Complete Guide: How To Get From Bangkok To Krabi

The Adventure Begins is the complete guide to travelling from one of the world’s most vibrant cities to the stunning island town of Krabi, at the southernmost tip of Thailand.

With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and advice on all your options—plane, train, boat, or bus—this book provides all the information you’ll need to fully enjoy your journey along the way from Bangkok to Krabi. 

The easiest way to get to Krabi is via plane, taking around two hours from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. From Krabi, there are three ways to visit the nearby islands: by boat, by land, or on foot.

The road or ferry trip might be a great chance to rest or get settled for the long ride. The train may be a more comfortable option and should give you the chance to enjoy exploring the countryside a bit more along the way.

Regardless of your chosen Thailand travel route from Bangkok to Krabi, we’re sure you’ll find an unforgettable island escape with amazing beaches waiting (you can also check out budget rooms Krabi).

1. From Bangkok to Krabi by Plane

Bangkok to Krabi by Plane

Flights into Krabi town are served by Thai Airways, Orient Thai, and Bangkok Airways. Mae Nam Songthaew is the most reliable bus company, with frequent departures to Krabi from the airport and various locations in town. The minibuses go everywhere–if you’re staying anywhere in or near Krabi town these buses are your best choice. They also travel to and from all the beaches along this coast.

From Don Mueang Airport to Krabi Town takes around 90 minutes and costs 300 baht per person (as of May 2016). There are also direct shuttle buses for 500 baht per way. Songthaew taxis also charge 300-350. Be sure to get a taxi driver that will charge you the flat rate, not the meter, or else you’ll find yourself paying almost double.

2. From Bangkok to Krabi by Express Bus

Bangkok to Krabi by Express Bus

So if you’re looking for a direct, comfortable, and convenient way to get to Krabi, why not try a Bangkok-Krabi Express Bus?

If you’re planning on heading down to Krabi, consider booking a seat on one of the luxurious Bangkok to Krabi express buses. There are actually two different bus companies that offer this service; Sai Gon Tourist and Raja, which both operate from the same place in Bangkok.

There are also many different times available for departure from Bangkok and Ranong. Night buses will get you there comfortably in about 11 hours without needing to stop along the way, so it’s a private, comfortable ride. 

Booking Express Buses from Bangkok to Krabi or vice versa is an option that has a lot of advantages when you’re travelling with plenty of luggage. This bus en route to Krabi departs from the Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal and stops along the way in Phuket, Krabi Town, Ao Nang, and Railey Beach.

It’s air-conditioned and provides ample legroom, free snacks, drinks, and meals onboard. Once you arrive at the Krabi Bus Station (outside Krabi Town), you can jump on a red songthaew taxi or take a moto-taxi straight to your

VIP Bus breaks this mould with top-notch amenities and security features such as reinforced seating that is designed to support heavier passengers.

3. From Bangkok to Krabi by Train and Bus

Bangkok to Krabi by Train and Bus

If you are travelling to Thailand from overseas, the most common way is via plane if you have plenty of luggage and a tight budget. But if you want to minimize costs, travelling overland into Thailand is a great alternative, especially for those who enjoy the adventure.

Travelling by train or bus in Southeast Asia can be much more affordable than flying. You’ll get to experience the unique flavour and culture of the country en route.

The journey from Bangkok to Krabi is a straightforward one, involving train travel in Thailand and bus travel in Cambodia. While the distances are short, these trips can be time-consuming due to the number of stops on the way, which includes a border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia.

The railway has a timetable that it currently runs two trains a day, one overnight to Surat Thani and one overnight back to Bangkok. It is fairly unreliable so plan in at least a day between your arrival and departure from Krabi.

In theory, you should be able to catch a train from Bangkok (Hua Lamphong) at any time of the day or night to Surat Thani and then go on a bus, but in practice, they don’t seem to want to run more than one train a day each way.

Flexibility is the key to this journey. Booking online train tickets and local buses in advance allows you to make full use of everything that’s offered, from a comfortable night’s sleep to an early morning bus out of Krabi.

If neither option works for you, make sure to reserve a spot on the train in advance (you can often get a discounted rate when you book late) and confirm with the driver at least 15 minutes before departure that there is room for your luggage in his vehicle.

4. From Bangkok to Krabi and the Islands by Ferry

Bangkok To Krabi by ferry

Krabi is the best gateway to some of Thailand’s most stunning islands and beaches. While there are plenty of ferries that will take you from Krabi town to Phuket or the islands in Khram or Phi Phi, the Rassada pier is where you’ll find fast boat services to many of the most popular islands, including Ko Jum, Ko Lanta and Ko Yao Noi.

To get to Krabi, one of the best options is to purchase a combination bus and ferry ticket, which will allow you to hop on the next bus that goes directly to the pier for your specific ferry line—while this may seem like an obvious tip, some travellers might find themselves having missed a boat due to sheer confusion about where they should be heading in the first place. You can employ the help of a tour guide for easier navigation and direction.

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