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James Bond island movie tour Phuket

James Bond Island tour in Phuket (khao Phing Kan)

Amazing speedboat James Bond Island tour

One of the best things to do in Phuket on your visit to this popular location in Thailand is the epic James Bond Island tour in Hhang Nga Bay. This itinerary lives up to its reputation as an amazing day out and the thing you have to see when staying in Phuket. Known throughout the world for being one of the most famous places in Thailand, this epic Island is not one to be missed. Taking the boat tour from Phuket to the James Bond island is one of the sweetest things you can do when staying in Phuket or Krabi.

I was a bit sceptical about this tour, I had heard some stories about how the James Bond Island tour is a waste of time. I decided to ignore this and go to find out for myself. We did the James Bond island review and looked at doing the James Bond island tour by speed boatBefore making our mind up that we were going to try out this adventure.

James Bond island movie tour Phuket
The amazing James Bond island tour

Khao Phing Kan

This is the Island that is part of the Phang Nga Bay national park. These breathtaking areas are well known for their stunning limestone towers, the most famous one being in the James Bond movie – The Golden Gun.

You may be wondering about the Khao Phing Kan house inside the tower. However, I never got to see anything like this.

About 40 metres from the shores of Khao Phing Kan lies a 20-metre tall islet called Ko Ta Pu or Ko Tap.

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James Bond Island tour from Khao Lak

If you’re wanting to do the tour from Khao Lak to the James Bond destination, you can book the trip with a place called Lora of Dior travel. There is a very unique and personal tour. Which is why it’s one of the best tours in Khao Lak to do!

If you book with Lora of Dior travel, you can expect the following;

  • Pick up in the early morning (around 7am)
  • James Bond Island long-tail boat tour
  • Stop off at the island so you can walk on the shore
  • Visits to other areas such as Mangroves, Muslim floating village and Monkey Temple
  • There is also a buffet lunch and water included

How much does all this cost? The price of the Khao Lak long-tail boat tour is roughly between 4800-5400 Baht.

This is definitely worth it if you’re staying in Khao Lak!

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Boat tour to James Bond island tour and activities

This day trip from Phuket is much more than just a quick visit to see the famous set limestone rock. You will also visit other great islands near Phuket and a final stop at a tropical beach to relax, swim and top up your tan.

You will venture by speedboat to some of Thailand’s amazing islands and beaches. Around another 15/20 excited passengers will join you on this amazing adventure to Thailand’s James Bond Island. The boat ride from Phuket to the James Bond Island is a sweet cruise and you will get the chance to take some great photos of mini Thai islands.

We did this amazing James bond island tour whilst staying Phuket as we wanted to experience this very much talked about place to visit in Thailand. Phuket was our last destination in Thailand after spending 2 months in the epic backpacking destination in Asia.

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james bond island tour set

This is where the famous movie James Bond’s Golden Gun was filmed. A classic English spy movie created in 1974. The creators used this stunning but small Island in Phuket to film some of the movies scenes. Since that year, people have travelled from all over the world to see the famous James Bond Island movie set. And to this day, visitors are still eager to see the cool Island in Phuket.

If you haven’t seen this classic Bond movie, you should definitely try and watch it before you visit the Thai island. This will add more effect to a better day. 

james bond island tour, phuket, things to do in phuket, things to do in Krabi, Krabi places to stay
Cave kayaking near Phuket on the James bond island boat tour from Phuket
james bond island movie tour hopping
james bond island tour island hopping

Do the James Bond Island tour by speed boat

You will have two travel options for your James Bond Island tour. You can either get a speedboat or long-tail boat for your day trip around the islands of Phuket.

I would totally recommend getting the speed boat to James Bond island, why? You will get;

  • The James Bond speedboat will get you to the island faster
  • The speedboat will offer more luxury on the James Bond tour
  • It will be super-cool to do the James Bond island by speedboat and it’s definitely something for the photo album
best beach in Thailand
Best beach in Thailand

The iconic Thai longboats are a cool way of island hopping around Phuket, they’re just not as quick as the speedboats. And, the noise of their engines are loud as hell. You can probably hear from China, a longtail boat engine kicking up in Phuket. Also, they are not the best for providing shelter in the rainy season in Thailand. Nevertheless, they’re are quirky, just not as good as the speedboats.

james bond island tour beach, speed boat tour from Phuket, boat tour to james bond island, boat from Phuket to James Bond island
Best beach in Phuket Thailand

The James Bond Island tour price and what’s included 

The price of the James Bond Island movie tour is anything from (2000 BHT to 3500 BHT).

The speedboat Island tour around Phuket will always cost more than a longtail boat. Luckily we got ours free from a promotion we signed up to. However, if you have the budget then I would highly suggest getting the speedboat tour.

Which ever Island tour in Phuket you choose it should include the following;

  1. Transport from your hotel in Phuket to the pier and back – minibus will pick you up in the morning at your accommodation at around 8am and it takes around 30 minutes to reach the pier in Phuket. The minibus should pick up around 8 passengers and they’re always air-conditioned vans.
  2. Buffet lunch after James Bond Island – The Phuket Island tour will include a tasty buffet lunch. You can have as much as you want, so take advantage of the tasty chicken on offer. There is also fruit, water, tea and coffee available. 
  3. Drinks on the tour boat – There will be water, orange juice and cola provided on the boat. They’re are kept ice fresh in a cooler.
  4. Snorkels and life jacket – Snorkelling equipment is provided on the boat, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting yours and missing out on the amazing experience. Also, a life jacket is included. This is for safety and they’re also great for snorkelling with.

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kayaking james bond island tour, phang nga bay, Krabi to james bond island
Kayaking on the James Bond island tour

Things to know about the James Bond Island movie tour 

Here is a list of tips for doing the boat tour to James Bond Island;

  1. Take suncream, the sun gets hot and I have seen many lobster-coloured-backs from snorkelling.
  2. Your James Bond movie tour guide will speak good English and Thai.
  3. The dinner food is not buffet, however there is enough to fill your belly.
  4. The kayaking is sweet and you don’t have to move a muscle, a guide will paddle your kayak.
  5. The James Bond island activities like the snorkelling is one of the best I have done in Asia.

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Krabi to James Bond Island

If you’re staying in Krabi, you can still visit this awesome island!

All you have to do is book a tour from Krabi to James Bond Island and the tour group will sort the rest out.

They will pick you up from your accommodation in Krabi in the morning. Then, you will embark in your adventure. You will get lunch and snacks on the tour and the tour staff are always friendly.

You will spend the day visiting amazing places like this island,also, you will get to do activites such as kayaking. Perfect day.

Phi Phi to James Bond epic island

I don’t think there is a specific boat tour that goes from Phi Phi to the island, however, don’t quote me on that!

If there is, you should head to the Phi Phi central pier. There you will find plenty of tour operators that will be able to help you out.

If you can’t, you can just hop on the ferry from Phi Phi to Phuket and do the tour from there.

Where to stay in Phuket

Like the sound of a luxurious hotel in Phuket for the price of a mid-range accommodation? Then you need to read this. Out of all the places I have stayed so far in Asia, the Centara hotel has by far been the best. However, in Phuket’s peak season, this hotel’s prices jump up to match its amazing services!

So what’s so great about this hotel in Phuket?

  • Upon arrival at this accommodation in Phuket, you will notice its fine decor, pleasant staff and neat landscape. Furthermore, this is probably the best hotel in Phuket with a pool.
  • The pools are mega, they have the clearest water and are sweet for swimming in. Also, the hotel pools are catered for different types of holidays. For example, adult only pool and family pools, all pools have swim up bars. 
  • This is the best hotel in Asia for its buffet breakfast, what I’ve stayed at anyway. The food is out of this world! This Phuket hotel’s buffet breakfast caters for all nationalities of the world. Whether you prefer western or Asian food, you will find it here. And there is plenty of fruit, pastries, sweets, juices, coffee and tea.
  • This top Phuket hotel has a fun entertainment team, that provides games and stuff to do for all he family. This is done by a weekly structured timetable, that starts in the morning and goes onto the evening. Also, there is a weekly Thai street food market and Thai shows. You can also take advantage of the different times happy hours throughout the day, the cocktails are great. 

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Where to stay in Phi Phi?

The Phi Phi island village beach resort is one of the sweetest places to stay on the amazing Phi Phi island. This one of the most wanted places to stay on the island and everyone want to stay the epic bungalows. Check out the top things to do on Phi Phi on your visit.

james bond island movie tour snorkelling
Snorkelling near Phuket
Beach near Phuket
Relaxing on the beaches near Phuket

Final thoughts

As you can see from the photos and YouTube video. The James Bond island is absolutely stunning and you have to see it on your visit to Thailand. We had a such a good day on the James Bond island movie tour and it’s one of those islands that that you can never forget.

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