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Where To Stay In Nusa Penida

Where To Stay Nusa Penida? The Best and Cheap Hotels In The Island

Where To Stay Nusa Penida: The Best and Cheap Hotels In The Island

An experience in paradise- that’s how one would describe a vacation in Nusa Penida. This pristine and marvellous island is about 45 minutes away from the most tourist-visited destination of Bali. Indeed, Nusa Penida has become one of the best travel destinations, what with its amazing blue waters, breathtaking cliffs, sandy white beach and the renowned dinosaur head that’s found in Kelingking Beach.

However, tourism in Nusa Penida is relatively new, having opened only a few years ago. Thus, infrastructures within the premises are yet lacking. The roads are not in good condition, and street lights have to be installed. Access to food, water and other necessities remain to be questionable.

In this case, if you’re planning to spend your holiday in the island, you have to plan carefully, including your accommodation. You have to be in-the-know about where to stay in Nusa Penida by getting yourself acquainted with the best hotels and hostels in the area.

A Guide To The Best Hotels In Nusa Penida According To Your Budget

The following is your handy guide about the best places to stay in Nusa Penida.

What if you’re in a hurry about deciding for your accommodation in the island? Considering that the place is underdeveloped and is deficient of infrastructure, it is recommended that you don’t stay far away from Toyapakeh where the harbor is located.

Where To Stay In Nusa Penida

Toyapakeh happens to be the best place to stay in Nusa Penida because it is more developed compared to the other areas in the island. In the neighbourhood, you’ll find restaurants, groceries, cafes and pharmacies. These salient establishments are concentrated in Toyapakeh. In the same way, the best accommodations can be availed of within its proximity.

If you’re from Bali, you will be taken by ferry to Nusa Penida. There aren’t a lot of neighbourhoods there, so you can fairly easily decide about where to stay during your trip.

What Are The Best Hotels In Nusa Penida?

Kompyang Cottage

Nusa Penida hotels

You will find this cottage-style accommodation in the Northeaster part of the isle, and it is considered to be one of the best of its kind. It is quite near to Atuh Beach, or the Diamond Beach as well. Kompyang Cottage is situated within a 30-minutes distance from the harbour, that’s why the establishment provides free pick-up services.

The hotel has a stunning swimming pool where you can enjoy eating a floating breakfast. An outdoor bathroom is also featured in the cottage, and it is refreshing. On foot, you’ll be able to reach many restaurants that are concentrated within the premises. Due to its propitious location, Kompyang Cottage is known to be a highly-rated and reviewed hotel.

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Daphila Cottage

Where to stay near crystal bay nusa penida

Are you enthused about gazing at wonderful views? Then Daphila Cottage would be the best choice for your hotel in Nusa Penida. Dipping in its immaculate infinity pool can have you looking at astounding views. The sunset is at its most charming from this vantage point.

The huts in the hotel are sleek, and their wooden design and interior are simply gorgeous. One of their best amenities is the in-house restaurant. There, you’ll be able to taste the most authentic Indonesian food. This said, you don’t need to travel elsewhere for food if you’re staying in Daphila Cottage.

Ask for assistance from the friendly staff of the hotel pertaining to your tours or transportation needs.

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Semabu Hills Hotel Nusa Penida

best hostels Nusa Penida

You don’t need to look any further if you prefer staying in a tranquil place in Nusa Penida. It is Semabu Hills Hotel for you that’ll cater to your fancy.

Semabu Hills Hotel has been intricately located in the quiet hills of the island. Staying there keeps you away from the noise. You can relax while swimming in their beautiful infinity pool and be surrounded by quiet and fantastic views of the island along with the sea.

Enjoy a gastronomic feast at the on-site restaurant of the hotel. The staff likewise organizes tours, free ferry transport and transportation services for guests. These would be very helpful if you intend to visit the beautiful attractions on the island, including the famous Kelingking Beach.

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What Are Cheap Hotels Nusa Penida?

Sunset Hill Cottage

best hotels Nusa Penida

If you’re backpacking in Bali or Indonesia, this affordable hotel will be a great option to stay in Nusa Penida. Sunset Hill Cottage is kept from noise because of its secluded location. Then again, you’ll be able to be in the action within a 15-minute walk because it is where bars, restaurants and beaches are located. This hotel is the utter preference for a truly comfortable stay on the island. You can have a perfect rest for the night, while at the same time be close to where the enjoyment and action are.

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Asoka Bungalows

Backpacker stays Nusa Penida

The best services can be availed of in this family-owned hotel in Nusa Penida. It is actually owned and managed by a very amiable owner and his family. This “staff” is indeed very friendly and helpful, willing to assist guests with anything that they need while in the island.

The rooms in Asoka Bungalows are clean and dazzling. Your stay there will include a simple yet amazing breakfast. Featured in every bungalow is a comfortable seating area where you can laze around if you’re bored. Or better yet, you can just jump and swim in their beautiful swimming pool!

Asoka Bungalows is conveniently located in the north part of the Nusa Penida island. Within close proximity from the hotel is the beach and plenty of restaurants and mini-markets.

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Double-G Guest House

Luxury hotels Nusa Penida

This guest house is ideal if you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Nusa Penida. Double-G Guest House is actually a couple-owned establishment. Hospitality is one of the major pluses of this hotel. With such amiable owners, you’ll feel like you’re on a holiday in your second home. Going out of their way to please their guests, these people will even drive you to a restaurant at night.

Your trip from Bali to Nusa Penida may have been turbulent, but all your tiredness and worries will vanish once you get inside your clean and capacious room.

If you’re interested in a day tour to Kelingking Beach, Manta Point, Peguyangan Waterfall, Broken Beach, Crystal Bay and other best attractions in Nusa Penida, you can request to rent a scooter or a private car.

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Final Thoughts

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