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Krabi night market walking street

Your COMPLETE Guide To The Krabi NIght Market!

Krabi Night Market Walking Street 2024 Guide

Do you enjoy bargains, unique gifts and mouthwatering food? Well, I’m guessing you do if you’re reading this post about the epic Krabi night market. Let’s discover the finest market in Krabi. I just love visiting the night markets in Asia, the best one I’ve seen so far is the Koh Samui Sunday night market. However, the Krabi walking street night market is great for spending a few hours, routing through gifts and eating your way for cheap tasty food. You’ll enjoy the Krab town nightlife and atmosphere.

One of the best things about this epic night market in Krabi is the atmosphere and lively vibe, why? There is a stage on the night market, where you can sit and watch live acts while enjoying your cheap food. The was a local Thai musician playing big named artist covers such as Ed Sheeran and you will find a range of goods on the market such as; electrical items, food, trainers, clothing and much more.

Where is the night market Krabi?

The Krabi night market is found in Soi Maharaj 8 and on the large plaza situated right behind Vogue Department Store in downtown Krabi. The night market starts near the Krabi river and runs along three streets in downtown Krabi.

So, the market is easy to get to as it is right in the centre of Krabi. So to answer your question where is the Krabi town night market? It’s located on the walking street in Krabi.

We only had to walk 5 minutes from our hotel to the market, which was perfect. We had a drink and enjoyed the Krabi nightlife without worry about getting back to the hotel.

There is plenty of hotels in Krabi near the market and you can always find a cheap room for the night if you’re backpacking.

Also, the market is next to plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. So you can have a walk around them if you get bored.

Check out getting around Krabi for more information.

How to get to the night market in Krabi from Ao Nang?

If you’re staying in Ao Nang, you can take a public van for 50 BHT ($1). The destinations are usually written on the side of the white vans. You can always ask the drivers as well.

What are the vans going from Ao Nang to Krabi?

  • It is a shared open truck that takes travellers from Ao Nang to Krabi in a loop. When going back from Krabi to Ao Nang departs from 7/11 next to the market and there are people there helping you as well.
  • If you don’t want to share a van you can grab any taxi for 500 BHT (there is one taxi booth which offers a ride for 400 baths) situated at the beginning of Nopparat Thara beach.
  • If you want, the taxi driver can stay whilst you walk around and take you back. They do it for twice the price which will be roughly 800 BHT.
  • You can hire a scooter for 250/300 BHT and stay over for the night in Krabi. That would be a cool option and you will get to see a little more of Krabi.

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Ao Nang Wednesday Night Market

This is another popular Thai market located near to Krabi. The Ao nang Wednesday night market walking street is the long street of cool shops selling a variety of thai items like key chains, fake t-shirts and all other typical clothes you can get on these epic Thai markets.

There are also lots of restaurants around the Wednesday night market in Ao Nang.

The locals refer to it as the ao nang walking street but its actually a small night market in between ao nang and nopparat thara. It might be a little difficult to get to. So, I would probably hire a Tuk Tuk in Ao Nang. There is plenty of Tuk Tuks driving around so you won’t have a problem hiring one.

Where is the Ao Nang Wednesday night market?

It is not too far from the centre of Krabi and the beach. See the map below for the exact location;


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What to expect on the Krabi market (night bazaar)

You will be pleased to know there are some amazing gifts for you to buy. I picked up a few bargains with phone accessories and clothes.

I got myself a new case for my iPhone (80 BHT), chicken breast + egg salad (50 BHT) and a fresh bag of fruit (40 BHT). All of this for just 170 BHT ($5), the prices on the best market in Krabi are crazy low!

How much is it to enter the market in Krabi?

The cost of the Krabi walking street market bazaar is completely free to enter. The only thing that will cost more is the price you pay for goods if you’re no good at bartering. Yes, that’s right you need to barter on the market to get the costs down.

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Treats on The night market

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If you’re visiting Krabi on a backpacker’s budget like we were. You will love the market. $1 here goes a long way. Therefore, visit here for some bargain on local foods and goods.

Also, there is plenty of room for bartering with the stall workers to save yourself some extra money. I always barter, it’s a must when you’re backpacking.

Krabi night market food
food on the night market Walking Street

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What time does the Krabi market start?

The night market in Krabi start at about 5:30 pm and it goes well past 9 pm. The crowds start pouring in about 6 pm, so if you don’t like hustle and bustle, get there for 5:30 pm on the dot.

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Clothes and bargains on the Walking street market in Krabi
Clothes and bargains on the Walking street market in Krabi

Thailand is one of the best countries in Southeast Asia for cheap clothes. On the markets, you will usually find good quality copies of branded clothing.

If you’re travelling around Thailand, it’s always a great idea to grab a few bargains with the clothes. It’s cheap and keeps money in your pocket.

Electrical and phone accessories on all the stall on the Krabi town night market

Need a new phone case? Or a new Bluetooth speaker to play some vibes? I love this kind of stalls on the Krabi town market, it’s crazy how good the copies. For example, the Dre-beats earphones are sold here and they look and sound like the originals! Grab yourself a bargain, the Krabi town epic night market has it all:

  • Phone cases
  • Speakers
  • Earphones
  • Chargers
  • Phone accessory kits
  • Screen covers

goods on the krabi weekend market

Thai gifts

There are some amazing gifts and the night market provides some of the best.

You can pick up unique items for the home, gifts for the family and things such as cool quirky bags. We picked up a local handmade Thai bag for $1.


There’s plenty of clothes/shoes for men, women and children. You can pick up a local hand-made vest for $2 or why not got a Nike (copy) vest for the same price.

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Delicious treats and smoothies that can be purchased on the market

There is plenty of drinks for you to buy at the market. If you like fruit smoothies and juices, they’re sold for less than $1.

If you’re looking to have an alcoholic beverage, they do sell them on the market. It’s cool to just grab yourself a beer then watch the live acts on stage.

Other things to do in Krabi near the market 

The night market is one of the best things to do in Krabi. However, there are a few other epic things I did. Which are the hot springs and emerald pool in Krabi. Let me give you a little more detail on these awesome things to do in Krabi.

The Krabi Hot spring 

An epic outdoor natural hot jacuzzi, a super cool hot spa with temperatures of between 35 – 45 degrees. Yeah, it’s hot, but it feels so good!

The hot springs have natural indented seats and its walls are super smooth. This provides you with good seating in the water, without having to have sharp rocks up to your a**e.

There’s also a small children’s area next to the hot springs. This visits Krabi’s hot springs, perfect for all the family.

Where are the Krabi hot springs?

The emerald pool in Krabi 

fresh natural swimming that is big enough for a swim, snorkel and a bathe. But don’t expect to swim after dinner, the emerald pool can get rammed with tourists. Also, the snorkelling is more fun for the family holidays as there is not much fish to explore. 

Krabi’s emerald pool is good fun for getting some great underwater photos. There’s also a natural flowing stream into the pool, use this for a head massage!

Where is the Krabi emerald pool?

Visit The Ao Nang Night Market

This other top Thai night market is located near the 7/11 store. Which is close to the boxing stadium in Ao Nang. The Ao Nang Night Market is one of the most popular local markets in Krabi.

If you’re a foodie you will love the food on offer at the market in Ao Nang. You can pick mega tasty chicken, treats and epic refreshing drinks. Also, there is a really good atmosphere in this market. And of course, you can grab yourself a few bargains with the cheap goods on offer.

If you’re looking for shopping in Krabi, this is one of the best places to visit.

Where to stay in Krabi?

There is plenty of cheap places to stay in Krabi. There are cheap rooms for backpackers and more luxurious hotels for those of you on a holiday to this cool Thailand destination.

We stayed in a cheap homestay that was no more than $9 a night. Happy days.

Here are some more places to stay in Krabi on your visit.

budget accommodation in Krabi

Mid-range places to stay in Krabi

Luxury accommodation in Krabi

One of the best places to stay in Thailand is the Phi Phi Island village beach resort in Phi Phi.

Night market in Krabi summary

If you are visiting this epic town and looking for something awesome to do in Krabi, then you need to visit the Krabi night markets. Share with me any bargains you got and one more thing, you have got to try the chicken breasts for 20 BHT. It’s not the best market in Thailand but it’s worth a visit.

Remember your bartering skills and just enjoy yourself.

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