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Krabi 1 day tour package

Krabi 1 day tour package: Complete 2024 Guide

Krabi 1 day tour package: Complete 2024 Guide!

Are you looking for the best things to do in Krabi or Ao Nang? Then look no further, I have a full one-day itinerary for the best Krabi 1 day tour package. 

You will take part in an experience of adventure, fun, excitement and food. This is all run by a professional company that ensures you have an unforgettable day trip from Krabi Thailand. You will venture on a mega day of multi things to do and group activities with this top day out from Krabi. I couldn’t believe how many activities was packed into one day for visitors to enjoy. From start to finish the full day is an action-packed whirlwind taking you through a memorable experience with one of the top things to do in Krabi (also see luxury resorts Krabi).

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krabi white water rafting
krabi white water rafting

What’s included in the best Krabi 1 day tour package

The Krabi 1 day tour package includes full transportation from your hotel in Krabi or Ao Nang. This also includes transportation to each of the activities in the South of Thailand. You will be picked up from your accommodation in Krabi or Ao Nang around 8am to start your action packed day!

The first activity of the day is a fun zip wire over a pond, this is a great way to get your adrenaline pumped up for the day.

Next is the white water rafting in Phang Nga Provence. This is definitely the best part of the day and is up there for one of the best things to do in Krabi. The rafting on the best Krabi day trip involves an adrenaline fuelled 30-minutes of fighting the gushing rapids. You get to do this for 5 kilometres.

After the sweet Krabi white water rapids, it’s time to grab some lunch. Don’t worry about bringing your own, lunch is provided on the best Krabi day trip. Not just any lunch, a Thai buffet style lunch. You can eat as much of the tasty food as you like. Tea, coffee and water is included.

You will make a visit to an elephant and monkey camp. Here you will get to interact and feed the elephants. Amazing animals.

After the interacting with elephants, you can get your adrenaline bumping again with some epic quad biking. You get to spend 30-minutes riding quads and weaving in and out of the jungle. This a mega experience and this is why this is why the best Krabi day trip should be on your list of things to do in Krabi.

All that excitement, time to relax for ten. Let’s get to the next part of the Krabi day trip which is a fish foot spa. A crazy experience that leaves the fish fed and your feet feeling all rejuvenated. 

Okay we keep on going, next stop on the best Krabi day trip is the healthiest cafe in Thailand – the fruit cafe. Here you get chance to refuel with some refreshing exotic fruit and juice, this is all provided free within the Krabi day trip package.

The cost of the white water rafting Krabi 1 day tour package

 There are various options available for the Krabi one day option, therefore the cost of this awesome day out from Krabi will depend on the package you choose. The 1 day Krabi package fee is 1900 BHT and this includes;

  • Krabi’s white water rafting for 5km
  • Elephant Shower
  • ATV (Quad) for 30 minutes
  • A visit to monkey cave near Krabi
  • A full Thai buffet lunch 
  • Visit to Lung Khai Fruits Garden
  • A ride on the zip wire near Krabi

This is all great value for price and I highly recommend it is a top thing to do in Krabi. There are other price and each package has something unique for you to do. There is also other day trips in Krabi such as; The James Bond island tour, Phi Phi tour, Jungle tour and Kayaking. All these can be booked at value price with  KrabiTopTour this company will ensure you have an amazing time out with Krabi’s ultimate best day trip.

Krabi 1 day tour package
Krabi elephants
Krabi 1 day tour package quad
Epic quad biking on the day trip
Krabi 1 day tour package fruit
Visiting the fruit cafe

My experience

The white water rafting in Krabi was epic fun and tour guide made sure I had a mega time. I’m sure they will for you. On the white water rafting be prepared to get wet, soaking wet. I was drenched, but soon dried off. Also, you don’t have to use your own energy paddling the raft, your two guides will do it all for you. Easy. I also had the option to extend my 5 kilometre rafting experience to 7 kilometre, this is part of the Krabi 1 day tour package.

My other favourite part of the day was the quad biking (ATV), this was mad fun. We had four of us in the group driving through the jungle on our own quad bike. Don’t worry if you’re not confident, there’s a guide at the front and you can always jump on the back of another riders quad. You will also get a chance to get a glimpse of some elephants along your ride through the jungle.

Overall the day is mega. There isn’t many day trips in Thailand that I have experienced that fits this much fun stuff into done day.

Where to stay for the Krabi 1 day tour package

I stayed in accommodation in Ao Nang near the beach called cliff view resort. It’s treehouse style rooms, swimming pool, gym and Buffett breakfast. All for just 500 BHT, definitely one of the best and cheapest places to stay in Ao Nang. It also includes a free shuttle every hour to Ao Nang beach, this is where all Ao Nang’s best restaurants can be found. 

The amazing Ao Nang cliff view resort honestly it’s one of the best places in Asia I have stayed at.

Top tips and things to know about the tour package

Here is a list of things to know;

  • Snacks – I didn’t take any snacks and I was fine, to be honest the buffet lunch keeps you filled up for the day. Although, I know some of you may get peckish so you might want to take a few snacks to last you through the day. Also, it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Ao Nang to the Krabi 1 day package, so snacks would be perfect for that journey.
  • Towel and change of clothes – Due to you get soaking wet the white water rafting you may want to take a change of clothes and a towel to dry off. I didn’t take any and I just naturally dried off, but not everyone likes sitting in wet clothes.
  • Bring book and headphones – You may want to take some self entertainment for the journey, it’s a good chance to finish that book you’ve been reading or just listen to a few tunes.
  • There’s essentials for sale – Don’t worry if you forget something on the day trip, there is a shop at the white water rafting centre that sells everything you need such as; wet shoes, waterproof cases, t-shirts and much more.
  • Bring waterproof case or GoPro – You obviously need plenty of great photos from the day and definitely from the white water rafting, so make sure you bring an action camera for the day or maybe a waterproof case for your phone.

Thank you to Krabi Top Tour for the Krabi 1 day tour package

This tour was provided by Krabi Top Tour and I would like to say a special thank you to them. From start to finish they ensured everyone on the trip had an amazing and unforgettable experience. Your money will not be wasted when choosing Krabi Top Tour as your provider for your Krabi 1 day tour package.


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