Full travel guide to the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool

The awesome Krabi Hot springs and emerald pool 

Full visitors guide to the Krabi Hot springs and emerald pool 

“On your visit to Krabi in Thailand, make time to visit the awesome Krabi hot springs and emerald pool”.

Let the temperatures rise with a dip in the Krabi hot stream. A picturesque, hot and sweaty jungle hidden mini pools. This is one of the best things to do in Krabi and it’s an experience that will leave you feeling all rejuvenated! 

Another top place to visit is the weird setup of Krabi’s emerald pool. This is another jungle found hidden gem. The emerald pool in Krabi had the same qualities of a swimming pool, but with added extras. For example, the emerald pool has crystal-clear-water, but with fish swimming around. How cool is that?!

Krabi Hot springs and emerald pool photography
Full guide to the Krabi Hot springs and emerald pool

How to visit the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool 

Ready for a backbreaking scooter ride? Don’t worry it’s not the bad, however you will have to ride about 48 kilometres from Krabi to the hot springs and Emerald pool. You could get a tour but it will cost you a lot extra and you won’t have the freedom of going where you like. 

Like I said the best way is on a scooter and to be fair it’s more or less one straight road to get the hot spring and emerald pool in Krabi. Any level of rider can make this journey.

For the scooter rental 

Scooter rental in Krabi should cost you between 200 – 300 BHT, so don’t pay anymore than this! I paid 200 BHT so you can get the scooter rental for this cheap. Furthermore, all you need for the scooter rental in Krabi is just your passport.

It took us around 45 minutes from the centre of Krabi to the hot springs and this was driving at around 50 KM per hour. In addition, for the full round trip from Krab to the emerald and back, the gas for the scooter will cost you 70 BHT ($2). Basically free at that price, right?!

What is the Krabi Hot Springs 

An epic outdoor natural hot jacuzzi, a super cool hot spa with temperatures of between 35 – 45 degrees. Yeah it’s hot, but it feels so good!

The hot springs have natural indented seats and it’s walls are super smooth. This provides you with good seating in the water, without having to have sharp rocks up your a**e.

Theres also a small children’s area next to the hot springs. This makes a visit to Krabi’s hot springs, perfect for all the family.

visiting the hot springs in Krabi Thailand
Getting heated up in the hot springs
Krabi Hot springs and emerald pool relaxing
full relaxing in the hot springs in Krabi
hot springs waterfall Krabi Thailand
Some sweet photography on the hot springs waterfall

What is the emerald pool 

A fresh natural swimming that is big enough for a swim, snorkel and a bathe. But don’t expect to swim after dinner, the emerald pool can get rammed with tourists. Also, the snorkelling is more fun for the family holidays as there is not many fish to explore. 

Krabi’s emerald pool is good fun for getting some great underwater photos. There’s also a natural flowing stream into the pool, use this for head massage!

The cost of the emerald pool in Krabi and what’s included

You will have to pay adult- 200 BHT ($8) and children – 150 BHT ($6) for entrance to the emerald pool. This includes entrance to the pool, a 1 mile walk through the pathed jungle and toilets on site. You going to have to walk around 1 mile to get to the emerald pool, but it’s a decent walk through the scenery.

Parking at the emerald pool cost me 20 BHT for a scooter, I hate being charged for parking! But I guess it comes with most of the best things to see in Asia. 

You will only need to spend an hour or so here just to have a Swim and play in this top thing to see in Krabi. Don’t forget the sun cream.

Krabi hot springs and emerald pool Thailand
getting a feel for the emerald pool
emerald pool Krabi Thailand
playing in the emerald pool
swimming in the emerald pool Krabi Thailand
Swimming in the emerald pool

Where are Krabi Hot Springs and Emerald Pool located:

  • The Emerald Pool address W7G9+27 Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Krabi


  • The waterfall Namtok Ron Khlong Thom with the hot spring of Krabi

Other things to do near the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool 

The Krabi night market / cost – Free / times – 5pm till late 

The best market in Krabi, with plenty of stalls selling tasty food, cool gadgets and just about everything you would expect from a great market.

I ate my weight in food, I had to with the mega cheap prices! For example, you can grab a chicken skewer for 10 BHT, mad cheap. Furthermore, food on the Krabi market is suited for everyone as there is meat, seafood, sweets, vegan style and just about every other type of food. Another great market is the Koh Samui sunday night market here you will find many great gifts and bargains.

Video of the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool

Where to stay in Krabi to visit the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool 

budget accommodation in Krabi

Amity Poshtel

Sweet Dreams Hostel

Mid range places to stay in Krabi

Krabi Hotel

Nap Krabi Hotel

Luxury accommodation in Krabi

Hula Hula Hotel Krabi

Maneetel Krabi Hotel

6 Things you should know about the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool 
  1. entrance to the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool are separate costs for the tickets. The Krabi hot springs cost 150 BHT and the emerald pool cost is 200 BHT.
  2. The Krabi hot springs and emerald pool both get busy after 12pm. The emerald pool is the best place to visit in Krabi, therefore it attracts a lot of tourists! I would visit the emerald pool first to avoid the crowds.
  3. Take a waterproof camera to the Krabi hot springs and emerald pool, you will be able to grab some sweet photos.
  4. There is plenty of food stalls and a few restaurants to grab a bite after swimming in Krabi’s emerald pool.
  5. Take suncream and water. When the sun is shining it gets hot, especially at the hot springs!
  6. At Krabi’s hot springs, they offer buggy rides from the entrance to the hot spring for 20 BHT per person. You definitely don’t need this, it’s only a 500 metre walk.

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