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seminyak travel guide Bali

This is your Seminyak travel guide For Backpacking Seminyak

Your Seminyak Travel Guide For 2024

When you think of getting a vacation away from the city, images of Balinese beaches and resorts may flit through your mind. While Bali is the first place that comes to mind for many travelers, there are other destinations offering a great holiday experience. Seminyak is one of two areas in south Bali – the second being Kuta – where you will find numerous boutiques, bars, cafés, restaurants and spas all within close proximity. The Seminyak accommodation is amazing and very fairly priced!

Indulge in some of the most delightful culinary cuisine from around the world in Seminyak. This laid back town is popular for its chic and luxurious beach-front restaurants which offer a quiet escape from busy city life. These charming eateries serve up everything from breakfast Western to Asian fusion and authentic Balinese barbecue to elegant seafood and imported steak.

Bali is a popular tourist destination. It’s a lush paradise in the Indonesian archipelago. Every day there appears to be a holiday. There are a plethora of fun things to do in Seminyak, and the people are incredibly welcoming (even the dogs). The landscape is surreal, and there is a fascinating cultural background. It’s well worth your time if you have a few days left. There are resorts to suit any palate and budget; however, not all resorts are created alike, and one could be a better match for your scenario than another. In this post, I’ll contrast Kuta and Seminyak.

Is Seminyak safe?

Seminyak, unfortunately, has received a bad rap over the past few years being portrayed in many media reports as one of the most dangerous places to holiday. However, as this blog post will reveal, an overall examination of the crime rates published by Bali’s Police Chief indicates that Seminyak is shockingly safe when compared to other popular tourist destinations in South East Asia.

But here’s the thing.

Travel smart and safe and you will be fine. Don’t wander at night alone.

Is Seminyak worth visiting?

things to do Seminyak
potato head club

Yes! Seminyak is a suburb of Bali located around 5 km west of Kuta. Few people realize that Seminyak has more than just beaches. Now that you’ve decided to visit, you’re probably wondering will Seminyak be worth visiting and what are the reasons to visit this suburb. As an avid traveler and the founder of Fondue Travel, I’ll let you know why visiting Seminyak is a must-do in your trip to Bali.

Outside of Bali’s biggest city, Denpasar, Seminyak is the most popular tourist destination for visitors seeking white sand beaches, world-class restaurants and plenty of fun nightlife. But with Denpasar so close by, and other major towns like Ubud and Kuta also vying for your attention, it’s understandable that your first instinct is to bypass Seminyak altogether on a Bali getaway. The fact is there are many people who skip right over Seminyak when planning their Bali holiday. Make no mistake, this area is worth visiting.

What is Seminyak known for?

What is the most well-known feature of Seminyak?

  • Seminyak Beach is a popular tourist destination in Bali.
  • Petitenget Temple is a temple in Bali, Indonesia.
  • Beach number six.
  • Bali Totem Room Escape Challenge
  • Bali 3D Dream Museum Zone (DMZ).
  • The name of the beach is Echo Beach.
  • Bali’s Escape Room is a unique experience.
  • Bali’s Biasa ArtSpace.

Which is better Kuta or Seminyak?

romanitc Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

For budget travelers coming to Bali, have you ever wondered which beach town in Bali should I visit? Kuta or Seminyak? Each has their own unique style and the locals are always pushing one or the other. Check out my guide to see what I think of each town and if you are a budget traveler looking for some great accommodation you will find it in either!

Is Seminyak expensive?

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things to do Seminyak

Many myths exist about Seminyak, the most common of which is that it is an expensive place to live and visit. People generate this impression when discussing local pricing in Bali, such as what you would pay for a meal out or how much your hotel room cost. They overlook the fact that Bali is inexpensive on a global scale, and Seminyak is similarly inexpensive.

Affordable food, accommodations and activities are found in the typical tourist areas of Seminyak. The top places for budget travelers can be found in the Umalas market, the Kedonganan Night Market and along Jalan Danau Tamblingan near Monkey Forest.

Is Seminyak a good place to stay in Bali?

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things to do seminyak

Yes, Seminyak has accommodations to fit all budgets, from budget-friendly guesthouses to opulent beachfront villas. The area’s many bustling bars and restaurants provide a vibrant nightlife, while those tired of exploring will retreat to the quiet and tactful environment of sophisticated beachside accommodation.

A real favourite with Bali’s expats and creatives, Seminyak is a chic area in southwest Bali that combines resort-style comforts with authentic local experiences. The village of Senyak has its origins as an artisan village, and it’s still a great place to pick up interesting souvenirs to bring home. Whilst Seminyak’s location on the west coast means you are never far away from the surf beach of Kerobokan or the rolling waves of Bukit Peninsula, there are also many opportunities to hike through the jungle and enjoy a traditional Balinese massage.

How much spending money will I need for a week in Bali?

Bali is noted for being a low-cost resort, and there are plenty of low-cost hotels and restaurants to choose from. We suggest bringing USD 300-700 a week, with USD 80-100 on the first day, to keep your costs down. This will include your airport transportation, any additional meals or drinks if you are unable to eat three times at a hotel (especially when these things are considered), and USD 50-100 for a tour or shopping excursion. If you’re staying in Bali for more than a week, set aside USD $1,000 for transportation and events.

Is Nusa Dua better than Seminyak?

Seminyak is the place to go if you want a nice nightlife and plenty to do during the day. Nusa Dua is the place to go if you’re looking for more family-friendly events and resorts. Personally, I prefer Nusa Dua to Seminyak because it has a better beach, better restaurants, and a quieter nightlife.


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