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Koh Samet nightlife

The Fun Nightlife on Koh Samet

What to do for the Koh Samet nightlife

Looking to party with the awesome Koh Samet nightlife!

Koh Samet is a true island getaway. Getting there is half the fun as the old school ferries are an experience in themselves. A quick stop at Laem Ngob Pier by the sea then onto the ‘long tail’ boats for the short ride to Koh Samet. Dozens of bar, clubs and restaurants are dotted through out Mae Haad village with plenty of pool lounges on offer fronting the beach. There’s not a lot going on after midnight so if you’re looking for pumping music and big crowds then head to Bangkok (make sure to check out how to get from Bangkok to Koh Samet).

From Sai Kaew beach to Ao Phai beach, the vibrant nightlife on Koh Samet stretches for miles. When it comes to the main setting, music, and drink menu, these night venues often clone each other in order to satisfy budget travellers and backpackers. A romantic setting under the starry tropical sky is created by a mat and comfortable cushions on the beach (check out the Koh Samet beaches), low tables, and lighting such as kerosene lamps placed right on the sand. Given the fierce rivalry, it seems that everyone offers a happy hour or a drinking game in which you will be rewarded with a few free drinks.

From Thursday to Saturday, you’ll have to share your beach with a large Thai crowd from Bangkok, and to everyone’s delight, you’ll be able to take advantage of irresistible alcohol and cocktail promotions. If you don’t mind, you can try the ‘Bucket,’ which is apparently a popular drink of the Ko Samed nightlife scene and consists of local whiskey combined with ice and energy drink. Expect to see a line of dancing boys, masterful anglerfish, and live fire flickering on the beach at night – a quiet display that often draws a huge crowd. There is a truly relaxed and welcoming environment here, as well as on the entire island, and no one is worried. So kick back and enjoy a tropical-themed night of drinks (don’t forget to check out my Koh Samet travel guide)!

Baywatch Bar

Baywatch bar is a small place with a big personality. It’s comfortable and welcoming. You may order Thai and imported beer in bottles or on tap, as well as other interesting spirits, at the bar counter. The bar is run by a Dutchman and is a huge hit with visitors and local expats. Take a seat inside or on the beach, and stroll all night to the sounds of relaxing music. There’s also sports television.

Ao Wong Duen Beach is located in Ao Wong Duen, Thailand.

Ao Prao Resort’s beach bar

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Beach bar in Ao Phrao Resort, located on the ‘private’ beach on the western coast of Koh Samet, provides an alternative to the universal tourist nightlife that passes on the other side of the island. It is advisable to arrive early in order to secure the best sunbathing spots (the moon). Until late, the relaxing sounds of the waves and live music provide light entertainment. If spending a nice night in style is your passion, this is the spot for you.

Ao Phrao Beach and Ao Phrao Resort are both located in Ao Phrao.

Bar ‘Finale’

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Grandview Resort Samed has a beach bar named Finale. This spot is really easy to find in Sai Kaew beach because it is heavily packed with blue neon. The beach bar has an intimate atmosphere and is designed in a sleek, simple, and tasteful style. A bar with drinks and a small stage for live music is set up on the sand in front of the hotel, with soft cushions and low tables with candles. There were a variety of innovative drinks, liquors, and wines on the menu, as well as some tapas.

Samed Grandview Resort is located on Koh Samet’s Sai Kaew beach.

Bar with a good vibe

Bar with a good vibe Koh samet Friendly beach bar with a tropical look, located at the southern end of Sai Kaew beach. Inside is a wooden frame with a bar, surrounded by bar stools and lit by neon. A small dance floor, good music, and a large TV screen are located in front of the bar. Cocktails, imported and local chilled beer, liqueurs and spirits, as well as Thai snacks, are on the menu. A low platform with Mon cushions and low tables is also available on the beach at Friendly. There is a happy hour where all drinks are 100 Bath, as well as a drink bucket special night for 250 Bath on the menu.

Location: Sai Kaew beach’s southern end

Sunrise Bar

Sunrise shop, koh samet koh samet koh samet koh samet koh samet koh samet

The Sunrise Bar is situated on Frienly’s right side. This beach bar’s futuristic style stands out on the south end of Sai Kaew beach and provides a relaxing atmosphere. A raised metal tripod coated in fabric white colours and moonlit neon light stands in front of the main building. Chairs and low tables with candles set directly on the sand, as well as a large number of kerosene lamps and coloured flags From 16:00 to 21:00, there is a happy hour where all drinks are 80 Bath. From 21:00 to 23:00, when you buy one cocktail bucket, you get a second one for free. Wi-Fi is available for free.

Location: Sai Kaew beach’s southern end

Gecko restaurant

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The specialty drinks and fruit ice cream at this small beach bar are well-known. It is advisable to arrive early since seating is limited to only five tables. The restaurant is next to the Silver Sand Resort and has an Internet café on the premises, which is connected to the bar on the outside. Visitors come here for the low prices and tasty drinks, as well as a game of pull.

Location: Ao Phai Beach

Naga Bar

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You should boldly come to Naga bar if you are looking for a spot where you can relax with a cocktail in one hand and enjoy sea views in the other. Pina coladas, for example, are served in a whole young coconut and come at a reasonable price. Tourists flock to Naga bar after sunset for cheap drinks, a game of pull with mates, or to watch boxing matches in the ring set across the bar.

Ao Hin Khok, near the Naga Bungalows resort

Silver Sand bar

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Forget about your resort’s bed and come here to experience one of the island’s best nightlife scenes. Silver Sand Bar has earned the reputation of being a fantastic nightclub among its patrons. It now hosts a large Full Moon Party that starts at midnight and lasts all night (bad news for the nearby resort guests). Dance and have fun with a huge dance floor, cool music, a nightclub concept made by type, cheap buckets of hot drinks, and probably the best fire show on Ko Samed.

Ao Pai Beach is the venue.

Ploy Thalay is a restaurant in Ploy Thalay, Thailand.

In the evenings, the Ploy Thalay pub and restaurant, located in the heart of Sai Kaew beach, attracts large crowds of visitors. This is due not only to the colourful fire show and live music, but also to the extensive seafood variety. Crabs, tiger shrims, trout, oysters, and lobsters abound in the open kitchen. You can also watch how your dish is prepared, whether it’s snapper, barbeque, or garlic-fried mussels. All of the food is delicious and served easily. Just eat on the beach in the traditional island environment of a low table, a kerosene lamp, a mat, and a pillow. There are a variety of drinks available in the lounge.

Restaurant at Sai Kaew Beach Resort

Restaurant at Sai Kaew Beach Resort In the evenings, numerous shows of live music featuring local rock-pop-stars can be seen on the concert scene facing the beach, which was designed specifically for special events. There is always live music, which draws large crowds of visitors who can watch the performance from the beach, the resort’s restaurant, or even participate in it. A lively and colourful atmosphere, with draught beers and snacks to match.

Sai Kaew Beach Resort is located in Sai Kaew, Thailand.

Pub with reggae music

Neon lights up the room. Their attention is drawn to a reggae pub located off the main road, which features a green-yellow-red colour scheme, live music, and local girls. In this type of place, expect to see a lot of dreadlocks, Bob Marley, beer, and a friendly atmosphere. You can sit either outside or inside around the dance floor with the dancing ladies.

From the external side of the road, start at the beginning of Hin Khok beach.

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