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Complete Guide: Koh Samet’s Best Beaches

Best Beaches Koh Samet 21/22

The greatest Koh Samet beaches are strewn around the island’s east coast from top to bottom, with a handful on the west and north. The further south you travel, the more relaxed things get. So, if you want to stay at the nicest beach in the area and enjoy peace and quiet, travel south. If you’re looking for beach bars, live music, and a night out, the northern beaches are a better option.

Ao Hin Khok

#1 Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Hat Sai Kaew, also known as White Sand Beach, is the largest and most popular beach on Koh Samed. The meaning of Hat Sai Kaew reveals a lot about what to expect. With a name like “Crystal Sand Beach,” you may anticipate plenty of gorgeous white sands. The beach is roughly a kilometre long and is located on the North East island, not far from the major ferry dock.

The biggest, whitest, busiest strip of beach on the island is only a 10-minute walk or 2-minute cab ride from the dock. Because of its closeness to the pier, it attracts a good number of package visitors, but if you like to be in the thick of things, the plethora of restaurants, pubs, and booths here will suit you perfectly. Movie screenings at restaurants, live bands, music, and quiet moments on the beach beanbags may all be found in the evenings. The proximity of so many clubs and restaurants, as well as the fact that this beach is Koh Samet island’s nightlife hub, may make it a little loud.

The beach stretches for around 900 metres. The beach grows calmer in the south, and following the rocky outcropping to the south, you’ll come across another beach called Ao Phai Beach.

There are several restaurants where you may have a delicious lobster, tiger prawn, or fresh fish with aromatic curry for lunch or supper. The costs varies considerably amongst places, so one idea is to observe where the Thai tourists dine. The cuisine is usually delicious and inexpensive here!

Water skiing, jet skiing, banana boats, and wind surfing are just a few of the water activities offered. For approximately 200 Baht per hour, you may rent a kayak and paddle to local bays and coves.

Because of its popularity with weekend tourists from Bangkok to Koh Samet, lodging here might fill up quickly, so plan ahead. Sai Kaew Beach Resort, which has a beautiful pool and excellent bungalows with sea views, is one of the most popular resorts here. This is a fantastic spot to stay if you’re looking for a good deal. The Funky Monkey Home, Samed Green Inn, Saikaew Villa, Miss Hong House, and Sawasdee Coco Resort are among the places to stay in Bangkok.

The statues you’ll find on the beach are renowned characters from Sunthon Phu’s famous Thai poem. They portray a mermaid showing Prince Aphai Mani the way to Koh Samet.

#2 Ao Tubtim

This cove is about a half-hour walk from the Na Dan pier and serves as an excellent jumping-off point for exploring the few beaches to its north and south. Those wanting a more calm and quiet beach experience choose this location.

The bay is surrounded on all sides by rocky outcrops, and the sand is Koh Samet’s signature soft and visually appealing type. What better way to pass the time when the days turn to nights?

#3 Ao Nuan

This is one of the most rocky Koh Samet beaches, and it’s a little off the main path. It provides privacy but isn’t ideal for swimming. That isn’t a problem, though, because neighbouring bays may be used whenever the need arises.

If you want to get some exercise and a picturesque view, climb the promontory between here and Ao Tub Tim to obtain nice views northwards towards Sai Kaew beach. The pier is a 35-minute walk away.

#4 Ao Cho

Ao Cho Beach, which is immediately north of the slightly bigger Ao Vong Duen Beach, offers crystal-clear blue water ideal for swimming. Ao Cho is a tiny but beautiful bay with a wooden pier and a handful of bungalow enterprises.

A songtaew cab ride from Na Dan dock will get you to the beach. Alternatively, you may take a boat directly to Ao Wong Duan and hike up from there. Otherwise, it’s a 40-minute walk from Na Dan, on the island’s northwestern tip. Although, during peak periods, it is now feasible to get to the mainland dock in Ban Phe fast by purchasing a spot on a speedboat for around 400 Baht per person.

#5 Ao Hin Kok

A 5-minute stroll along the coast will take you to Ao Hin Khok, a smaller and more laid-back traveller and backpacker beach. When you pass the prince and mermaid sculptures at the end of Sai Kaew beach, you’ll know you’ve arrived, and it might feel a mile away even though it’s only a few steps away. This beach paradise is best enjoyed from the comfort of a hammock with a cool drink in hand.

The beautiful Hin Kok beach is Koh Samed’s most popular backpacker destination. The 200-meter-long beach is relatively undisturbed because most of the facilities are constructed back from the sand. Its appeal among travellers is due to the inexpensive lodging available in the region, in addition to its natural beauty.

Because lodging fills up fast in this area, it’s best to reserve ahead of time. Its crystal clean waters are arguably of the best on the island for swimming. After nightfall, the environment may get rather busy, so those seeking peace and quiet should head to another section of the island.

#6 Ao Vong Duan

Wong Duan’s beautiful crescent-shaped bay is popular with package visitors since it is accessible by direct boat from the mainland. It’s like the busier younger sister of Sai Kaew, and it’s a nice beach that caters more to mid-range and exclusive clients than budget travellers. During your time on the beach, there are mini-markets, stores, and bars to keep you well-supplied and entertained.

On its dazzling white dunes and vivid blue waters, you can expect a relaxing and pleasurable atmosphere. Accommodation is a little more expensive here than in other sections of the island, but the quality is worth it. The beach is ideal for people who like a variety of water activities but also desire some peace and quiet while still having access to all of the hotel’s facilities.

Because of the more refined approach, guests can expect to drink cocktails rather than buckets of Sam Song.

By songthaew, getting to Ao Vong Duen Beach from na Dan dock is simple. The 3km journey requires around 80 Baht and takes 10–15 minutes. It is also feasible to go south along the beach paths until you arrive to Ao Vong Duen Beach.

#7 Ao Kiu Na Nok

The rich flock to reside on Samet’s southernmost island. Expect rates and accommodations that are at the polar opposite of Backpackers’ needs. Despite being home to the island’s most costly resort, the region remains unspoiled and is recognised as the best on the island. Swimming is excellent on the southern half of the beach.

#8 Beach at Ao Prao

Paradise Bay is the name given to the lone beach on the upper west coast of Koh Samet. This 200m long beach is well worth a visit if you’re searching for crystal clear blue sea and immaculate white beaches in a calm and relaxing setting. If you intend on staying at this luxury resort, you should expect costly resorts rather than backpacker accommodations. The spectacular sunsets that can be seen from Ao Prao alone are worth the extra fee.

This beach provides excellent views of nature’s light display if you enjoy watching the sun set over the water. If you stay here, a shuttle from Na Dan will most likely be included, but if not, you may walk here from Ao Hin Khok along the forested route that runs around the island, which will take approximately 20 minutes.

#9 Ao Phai

Ao Phai, just over the next headland, is another beautiful bay popular with backpackers. The pier is a 20-minute walk away, and there is a mini-market here to keep you well-supplied during your stay. It’s known to get a little rowdy at parties, so if you’re a light sleeper, it’s best to keep an eye on what’s going on. Aside from that, the traditional “hammock and cold beer combo” also works well here.

This famous stretch of white sand and brilliant topaz blue seas offers some of the greatest swimming on the island. The many backpacker getaways that previously dotted these coastlines have been replaced by more upmarket resorts, indicating that accommodation is on the rise. However, because Ao Pai is close to Ao Hin Khok, you may take advantage of inexpensive lodging there while still enjoying Ao Pai.

#10 Ao Thian

Ao Thian, also known as Candlelight Beach, features shorter lengths of sand separated by areas of rocks, providing the perfect combination of solitude and accessibility. On one of Koh Samet’s most laid-back beaches, imagine yourself as a lost and solitary castaway. Large boulders on either headland encircle the soft white sandy bay, which is broken by smaller rocks down the beach.

This adds to the atmosphere and creates the illusion of several small beaches in one. The short trek south from Wong Duan is definitely worth it to appreciate the relative solitude.

#11 Ao Wai

Ao Wai is a lovely little escapist bay about half an hour’s walk south of the bustling Wong Duan. It feels a world apart from the louder beaches it leaves in its wake.

Because there is just one resort here, the comparatively modest white sand stretches don’t feel overly crowded. All that’s left to do now is relax, take in the scenery, and let the warm sun take care of your worries… pure joy.

#12 Ao Kiu

If you’re searching for a beautiful beach with jet-set luxury bungalows, Ao Kiu is the place to go. There are two bays here, one on the east coast (Nok) and one on the west coast (Rock) (Nai). If you want to stay here, you’ll have to stay at Samet’s most elite resort, which comes at a premium. It’s a long journey.

On Koh Samet, where should you stay?

Because there isn’t a single greatest beach on the island, everyone will have their own response to this issue. Alternatively, one that is suitable for everyone. Here’s some information to assist you in selecting the ideal hotels Koh Samet.

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