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Why Bali is the best place to visit

Why Is Bali is the best place to visit? Here Is The Reasons Why

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Why Bali is the best place to visit in 2022

why Bali is the best place to visit? Bali is the best place to visit. To imagine Bali, what should come up our mind will be words like exotic, fun and picturesque. You’ll be accompanied by unforgettable experiences in Bali. Bali is an island of 1,000 temples, the land of ancient wisdom and spirit, a place where you can rest or play at leisure or even party hard like nowhere else in the world!

Here are just a few of many reasons to visit Borneo, Indonesia’s famous tropical paradise: from its beautiful beaches to its welcoming people.

Bali Hiking Adventures

Bali Hiking Adventures green rice field

Many hiking organisations consider Bali to be one of the best hiking destinations in the world because of the island’s magnificent environment.

If you’re going hiking in Bali, make sure it’s during the dry season.

Hiking to the top of the mountains is best done during the dry season, when the trails are less slick and damp.

Furthermore, if you’ve gone hiking to see the countryside, there’s a good chance there won’t be any clouds or mist, so the views from high on the hills and slopes will be considerably clearer. Outside of the wet season, your images will be better.

There are numerous meandering trails, crystal clear lakes, and even diving opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to see breathtaking coasts, craters, and paddies. Visit the rice fields or the rocky peaks to catch a glimpse of the stunning sunrises and sunsets.

The vibrant Bali religious setting

Balinese people are devout, mostly Hindus, and their homes are equipped with a little temple where they worship every day. Tourists flock to temple excursions for a variety of reasons, including religious significance, cultural insights, and aesthetic delight.

Bali’s temples should not be missed, from spectacular sea temples overlooking the ocean to a soul-soothing huge temple complex high on the mountain.

Bali Beaches that are idyllic

Bali Beaches that are idyllic island under white sky

The endless number of beautiful beaches (such as Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida and Thomas Beach) is undoubtedly the most obvious reason to visit this Indonesian archipelago’s tropical paradise (also Gili T is amazing). From silky white sand and limestone cliffs to extreme water sports and diving, each beach has its unique allure.

There’s a beach for everyone, every need, and every mood, from the popular Kuta and upscale Nusa Dua neighbourhoods to quiet, lonely beaches away from the masses.

Bali natural splendour in all its forms

Bali boasts practically every form of natural beauty, from breathtaking beaches to enchanting temples. The island’s landscape includes beautiful hilly areas with lush foliage, scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers, and secret gorges.

Excellent Bali hotels

bali hotel resorts

Bali’s natural attractions are matched by its ever-expanding selection of fantastic lodgings.

Developers go to great lengths to build amazing, well-equipped, and entertaining places to stay in Bali, from opulent resorts to budget hostels.

Private villas can also be hired for ridiculously low fees. Many resorts and hotels include beautiful swimming pools and infinity pools, which are often attractions in and of themselves.

A never-ending Bali journey

Every adventurous soul will find something to do in Bali. Catch a wave at one of Bali’s most popular surfing sites, or hire a board and begin learning to surf.

In Aling-Aling Waterfall, jump from the cliffs and slide down a natural waterslide, or visit the Waterbom for intricate manufactured slides and other activities.

Dive into the sea from the inside of a submarine, dive alone, or wander on the seabed. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, Bali has it.

“Many hikers seem to prefer the ascent up Mount Batur, which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape” says Ganga Thapa from Nepal Hiking Team. The hike is not particularly difficult, but “it can be strenuous in parts, so it is important to be well-prepared before setting out” he says.

The Bali foodie scene

The rich and fertile land of Bali, as well as its fascinating traditional recipes, have resulted in a unique cuisine. Traditional Balinese cuisine may be eaten as street food or fine dining, and you can learn how to prepare it by attending a cooking masterclass in Ubud as part of a small-group Bali tour.

International chefs go to Bali to learn, invent, and change recipes, resulting in a plethora of restaurants, each with its own unique concept.

Restaurants in Bali with multinational menus abound in Bali, including American, Mexican, Greek, Chinese, French, and Indian cuisines. Many restaurants also serve organic, vegan, or even raw foods.

The atmosphere is artistic

Balinese people make art anywhere and whenever they can. Fortunately for visitors, this means that there are galleries in every neighbourhood, traditional art products in many stores, murals on every corner, and an overall artistic vibe throughout the island.

Dancers, traditional instrument players, artists, artisans, designers, and others are all interested in artistic activities on the island.

Handmade artworks, ranging from simple wood key chains to high-end artistic items, are available for tourists to purchase.

Countless Bali shopping options

The retail environment in Bali ranges from traditional markets to contemporary boutiques, with everything from homemade traditional trinkets to high-end designer clothing.

Tourists from nations with strong currencies will reap the greatest benefits, so bring an extra suitcase or be willing to pick one up along the route!

Monkey Forest in Ubud

bali monkey forest

One of the top things to do in Ubud, Bali, is to visit the Monkey Forest, also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. If you’re an animal lover or a photographer, it’s also one of the best spots to visit in Bali. From Ubud’s town centre, it takes about 10 minutes to walk here.

A significant part of the appeal is the vivid jungle setting where the monkeys walk free, in addition to the amusing army of grey long-tailed macaques that call this home. Paved paths go through lush forests of gigantic banyan and nutmeg trees, with moss-covered statues and ancient temples looming through the dense vegetation, giving the area a mysterious feel.

The woodland is meant to symbolise the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals. It also protects endangered plants and serves as a study centre for macaque behaviour, particularly social interaction.

One of the three temples found here, the 14th-century Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, is located on the southwest edge of the woodland. Hundreds of monkeys swoop through the trees and scale the walls here.

Pura Beji, an ancient bathing temple nestled next to a refreshing stream in the northwest of the forest, provides a lovely setting for observing the monkeys’ activities.

When visiting the forest, keep your items secure and avoid making direct eye contact (or smiling) with the animals, as this can be misinterpreted as a sign of aggressiveness. It’s also a good idea to stay away from the area if you’re bringing food.

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