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How To Get An Australian Visa – Today!

How To Get An Australian Visa: Which Is The Right One For You?

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Are you planning to go to Australia? Whatever your purpose is to visit the Land Down Under, you have to get a visa. You could be looking for information about how to get an Australian visa. Fret not, as long as you do things right and follow the rules, you’ll find that there is a right visa for you. Whoever you are, and whatever your reasons are, there is a most apt of this document for you.

You primarily have to decide which is the right Australian visa for you. Think of such document as the key that will open the doors for entering the country. Through that, you can also avail of the opportunities that this land has to offer. But prior to getting hold of this document, the Australian Government first needs to know who you are, where you are coming from and why you intend to go to their country, how long you plan to stay and whether you are alone or with some company.

Here are some tips about finding the right visa for Australia and how to apply for it.

What Are The Most Common Australian Visas Applied For?

how to get an australia visa

First of all, what is a visa and why is it necessary?

This document is actually issued by a particular country to authorize a foreign person to enter their borders- whether that person intends to work, study or stay for a vacation. The most common visas applied for in Australia are:

  • Tourist– allows a foreigner to stay in the country as a tourist for 12 weeks at most.
  • Student– allows a foreigner to stay and work for 20 hours a week while studying part-time for a course.
  • Work and Holiday– allows a foreigner to work full-time and at the same time travel in the country for their vacation.

How To Get An Australian Tourist Visa (600 or 651)

You obtain this document if you intend to spend a short season in the country for a vacation. There are 2 types of this paper, namely the eVisitor visa (651) and the Visitor (600). EVisitor (651) is free, granting permission to stay in the country for up to 3 months. The Visitor (600) can cost from somewhere in between  $140 to $1020 AUD, allowing you to stay for a maximum of 12 months in Australia.

People of all nationalities can apply for an Australian tourist visa. You don’t have to prove a minimum level of English if you want to go to the country as a tourist. To request for this document, you should create an account at ImmiAccount. Fill in the form and see to it that your passport is verified for the whole duration of your visit or stay. Note that this document does not qualify you to work in the country under any circumstance, but you are allowed to study for a course that does not exceed three months in duration.

How To Get An Australian Student Visa (500)

This document is the most popular in its category, allowing you to study and work part time to pay for your expenses while in the country. The course that you plan to enrol in must be recognized, and for a duration of at least 10 weeks. Your Australian Student Visa technically covers the period for your studying along with an additional vacation time. It will depend on your chosen course. So, for example, if your purpose to stay in Australia is to study an English course that will last 6 months, your document could cover for 8 months of your dwelling in the country.

What makes this document stand out, and as its major advantage is that it does not impose an age limit for any of its applicants. There is no minimum level of English to prove as well, and you are allowed to be accompanied by your partner who can likewise work part-time even if they are not a student.

The cost for obtaining such document is approximately $620 AUD. The requirements of obtaining it vary, depending on the applicant’s nationality and their personal profile. Your specific case should therefore be studied in depth, and you ought to prepare a solid application.

The required level of English for Australian Student Visa holders vary. If you’re studying for an English course, you don’t need accreditation for any English level. However, if you intend to study a vocational course, your English should qualify for one level of English Upper Intermediate at the least.

You can request for this document at the Australian Immigration Department. You should have enrolled in an accredited course and obtain confirmation beforehand through the COE code. This is accomplished during your school enrolment process.

How To Get An Australian Work and Holiday Visa (417)

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Through this document, you can be granted permission to reside in Australia for 1 year.  As a holder of the Australian Work and Holiday Visa, you can work for a maximum of 6 months under the same employer and go to school for 3 months.

Then again, this type of Australian Visa cannot be availed of by all nationalities. At the same time, places are regulated for those who can avail of the document. You primarily have to request for this visa in order to be a holder, and initially meet a set of requirements.

You have to be between 18 to 30 years old to be able to hold this document. To qualify for it, you need to be a holder of an official English degree, which equates to a B2. Your financial funds for staying in the country should be sufficient and your application must come from outside Australia. Your partner or children should not accompany you. The price for obtaining this document is approximately $485 AUD.

Each year, on July 1, the deadline for postal or online mail application for this document is opened, but it generally depends on what your nationality is where you may be able to do it in different ways. With this type of Australian Visa, you can work for 1 year in the country, which can extend for up to 2 or 3 years, depending on various factors.

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