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Best travel guides tips for Koh Samet in Thailand

The Perfect Budget Guide For a Trip to Koh Samet

Have you been having difficulty creating a budget for a trip to Koh Samet?

Koh Samet is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It offers an extremely pleasant vacation experience. The Island is situated on the eastern gulf coast of Thailand and it is regarded as the third-largest island in Thailand.

However, most tourists find it difficult to create a budget for their vacation to Koh Samet. This is due to their inability to access detailed information on the likely amount they will spend on the Island. Hence, we conducted a survey on past tourists to the Island which we used to create this budget guide for you.

In this article, you will find answers to the following:

  1. Cost of Transportation to Koh Samet

  2. Cost of Transportation Within Koh Samet

  3. Cost of Hotel Reservation in Koh Samet

  4. Cost of Renting a Vacation Home in Koh Samet

  5. Cost of Feeding in Koh Samet

  6. Entertainment Expenses in Koh Samet

  7. Cost of Renting a Car in Koh Samet

  8. Cost of buying Drinks in Koh Samet

Flight Expenses to Koh Samet

Where is Koh Samet in Thailand?

The amount you will need to travel to Koh Samet varies as it is dependent on so many factors. Some of these factors include the distance, the period you are travelling there, your choice of airline, flight timing, amongst other factors.

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Cost of Transportation within Koh Samet

The amount you will spend on transportation depends on the mode of transportation you plan to use. You will get to spend more if you make use of taxis to convey you around the city. Our survey shows that a tourist spends an average amount of 2,000 Thai baht per day on local transportation via taxis in Koh Samet.

Also, the amount you will spend on transportation within the city depends on how frequent you leave your vacation home or hotel and the distance between where you stay and the tourist attractions in Koh Samet. Hence, you should get a fantastic vacation home or hotel that is near the tourist attractions you will be visiting.

Hotel Reservation

Are you thinking about the cost of hotel rooms in Koh Samet? This is quite expected as getting a good and comfortable place to stay in Koh Samet will help you enjoy your vacation more.

Also, hotel rooms are not as expensive as the amount you will need to rent a vacation home. The average amount you will spend on a hotel reservation in Koh Samet is 937 Thai baht. In case you plan to stay in rooms occupied by two persons, you will be charged an average amount of 1,874 Thai baht.

Cost of Vacation Homes

Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort Samed Grandview Resort Ban Fahsai Tom Pizza Resort Olly's Bar Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort Samed Grandview Resort Ban Fahsai Tom Pizza Resort

The cost of the vacation homes in Koh Samet varies based on factors such as the size of the home, how luxurious it is, its location, the season of the year amongst other factors. For example, you might be interested in getting a vacation home that has a pool, a lounge, a big kitchen, a video games centre amongst other things.

Food Expenses

You must know that the amount of money you will spend on food is based on certain factors like the type of food you plan to buy, the restaurant you go to amongst other factors. For instance, the survey conducted shows that the prices of breakfast meals are cheaper when compared with meals for lunch and dinner. Also, the prices of meals in restaurants such as Banana Bar, Red Ginger Ploy, Baan Ploy Samed and Talay Restaurant are far more expensive than the amount paid to eat fast food.

In short, you will spend an average amount of 800 Thai baht on food daily and an average amount of 320 Thai baht per tourist while dining out.

Entertainment Expenses

There are so many fun things to do Koh Samet. To fully enjoy Koh Samet, you must make plans for the money that will be spent on buying tickets required to gain access to the museums and other top attraction centres in Koh Samet. Examples of these tourist attractions in Koh Samet are the top snorkelling beaches on Koh Samet such as; Ao Prao Beach, Ao Wai, Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Pha amongst others.

Car Rental

The amount you will spend to rent a car for ease of transportation in Koh Samet depends on the kind of car you want to get, your legal age and the locality.

Drinking Expenses

It is expected that while you are making plans to travel to Koh Samet to unwind, you should make plans for the amount you will spend on buying drinks there. The prices of drinks in Koh Samet depends on the size of the drink, type of drink, location of where you want to buy the drinks and the degree of luxury.

If you enjoy relaxing and drinking alcohol, you should expect to spend an average amount of 137 Thai baht per day on alcoholic drinks.

Total Cost of a Trip to Koh Samet

Remember, we mentioned above that the cost of a trip to Koh Samet is heavily dependent on so many factors. However, on an average basis, you should prepare to spend about 2,803 Thai baht daily on food and transportation upon arriving in Koh Samet.


In closing, creating a budget for your vacation to Koh Samet can be a daunting task. But with the tips provided above, you should be able to effectively create a budget for an exciting trip to Koh Samet.

Feel free to drop any question or comment relating to this guide in the comment section. We promise to reply within three days.

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