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Ubud Village Hotel review

UBUD VILLAGE HOTEL – Updated 2024 Prices, Reviews

The Ubud Village Hotel and Spa Guide; Luxury Bali Accommodation

If you’re looking for an elegantly contemporary ambience for your stay in Bali, Indonesia, you can book for an epic accommodation at the Ubud Village Hotel.

The Ubud Village Hotel is located in the Monkey Forest Road in Bali, and is hands down one of the best places to stay in Ubud. You’ll experience everything that Urdu has to offer in this establishment. Such as the junior tea, afternoon tea, and beautiful deluxe rooms.

This hotel boasts of its 62 stylish rooms, together with fabulous suites and impeccable rooftop villas. Friendly and hospitable staff will welcome you, and they make sure that none of your needs are overlooked.

Where is the Ubud Village Hotel?

It’s located near the Ubud centre and is conveniently close to the Monkey Forest. This is great because you get to see this top attraction in Ubud.

Here’s the exact location;

How Did The Ubud Village Hotel Come To Be?

Ubud Village Hotel money forest

Founded in 1989 by a Balinese family that excelled in construction and is closely tied to Ubud, this team of entrepreneurs decided to realize the full potential of Monkey Forest. This is where they initially built a small hotel that started with only 10 rooms.

The early beginnings of the hotel allowed them to become one of the foremost accommodation choices in the area. They primarily welcomed international visitors. Come 1995, the property expanded to having 28 cottages. The homey comfort provided by this hotel rendered them to become a popular establishment. Authentic Balinese culture and hospitality is one of their amazing trademarks.

From being a cultural haven, Ubud evolved into a marvellous tourist destination. The family-owner of the property began to acquire further land in Nyu Kuning which happens to be nearby.
Garnering the inspiration of a conventional Balinese community, the owners of the hotel envisioned Ubud to become a high-end establishment in the midst of the rice fields.

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It was in 2006 when the Ubud Village Resort and Spa was launched. Its main design allows the property to be in harmony with the encompassing natural environment.
If you want to have a peaceful retreat, you can stay at the resort that features luxury villas and their accompanying facilities. You will experience the Balinese spirit to the utmost when you stay in the hotel.

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The Hollywood Film That Popularized The Ubud Village Hotel

Ubud Village Hotel spa

The astounding success of the book and later on movie entitled “Eat Pray Love” can account for the humongous and rising popularity of Ubud which was the setting of the film. Discerning travellers flocked to stay at the resort. Following this trend, it was deemed that Ubud needed a massive facelift.

The two adult sons of the owners, being second- generation hoteliers, oversaw the stupendous renovation of Ubud. In 2017, the hotel reopened, ready to welcome discriminating guests all over the world. This time, they have 64 rooms and suites, along with beautiful rooftop villas to offer.

Supplementary facilities available in the hotel complement its surrounding vivacious energy, particularly that of the Monkey Forest location.

Genuine Balinese hospitality suffuses the property where the attending staff attends to their guests’ needs in a timely manner with a warm smile and courtesy. People visiting the hotel are regarded as extended family members where they actually feel at home.

Long after you return home, you’ll feel the warmth and graciousness of the Ubud staff.
The staff and personnel of Ubud Village Hotel and Ubud Village Resort and Spa come from within the nearby locations. This is why tourism in the said area is sustainable. The owners of the properties aim to give back on a local aspect and support the spirit of community.

As part of their excellent service, Ubud facilitates in-house staff training where their skills and talents are honed. They aim to promote the personal growth and career opportunities of their personnel.

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Accommodation At The Ubud Village Hotel

delux room Ubud Village Hotel

You’re guaranteed with a tasteful and stylish stay at Ubud Village. Their stunning 62 rooms and suites and rooftop villas have been designed to provide you with elegance and personal comfort. The interiors of these rooms present guests with a feel of the village’s creative character that is ever-evolving. Just like the Kamandalu Ubud, this is a lush location to stay.

The traditional decor has been incorporated in such rooms, bringing a sense of balance in the setting.
Dining at the Ubud Village is exceptional. You’ll obtain a culinary experience that is one-of-its-kind. Dining options in the hotel is versatile.

The best of quality of foods and drinks are available in different dining venues within the hotel. You can enjoy a usual fare by the poolside or a taste of flavourful Mexican food in their street-side cafe. Otherwise, you can revel in a heavenly gastronomic experience of sophisticated food in Maluku Restaurant.

The Onsight Restaurant

Ubud Bali Village Hotel

The Madu Restaurant serves breakfast in a tranquil ambience. This resto overlooks a refreshing view of the waters in the main swimming pool. You can dine all day in this place and select from the casual menu of dainty bites and savoury dishes.

The el Mexicano Restaurant in Ubud offers a unique street-front eating experience. Fresh Mexican flavours and frozen margaritas abound in this place. Being family-friendly, you will always want to dine in this restaurant time and again.

What about the Maluku Restaurant? You’ll find it upon entering the Ubud hotel. This place serves contemporary cuisine, particularly emphasizing fresh ingredients. Your palate will surely be pleased as you dine and choose from a plethora of food from all around the world.

If you want to dine while enjoying the panorama of the Ubud skyline, you can visit the Ulu Sunset Terrace. While savouring refreshing cocktails and beverages, you’ll be uplifted with the view of the sunset. Chill with the laidback music being played in the venue, too.

Relax and Rejuvenate At The Ubud Village Hotel Spa

Another amenity that will have you coming back for more in Ubud Village Hotel is the Spa. Here, you can rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Indulge your senses at the Kama Karana Spa in Ubud Village. The services of this place are perfect where you can offset the stresses of modern living. Choose from their alluring selection of body and beauty treatments. As you melt your tension away, you can give your skin a wonderful renewal.

Optimal results are ensured because their therapists use only high-quality and natural products.
The team of experts in Kama Karana Spa have been well-trained, especially in the sensitive art of touch. Traditional Balinese Healing treatments are utilized to balance your body, mind and spirit that in turn balances your energy levels.

They encourage guests to approach wellness in a holistic way that also includes healthy eating and exercise habits.

Enjoy Modern Living Amenities

The quality of your stay in Ubud is enhanced with the use of modern living facilities. There are two swimming pools within the premises, and they are featured with sufficient spaces for relaxation. Body and beauty rituals at the spa are nurturing, and you can work-out in their air-conditioned and well-equipped gym.

The first to greet you upon arrival at the Ubud Hotel is the Lobby Lounge. Here, you can check-in seamlessly with air-conditioned cosiness. This space is indeed inviting, with timber floors that are immaculately polished. You can laze around in a well-organized seating arrangement while carrying out with your front desk transaction.

You have two choices for swimming pools in the Ubud Village Hotel. The main pool contains an assembly of sprawling sun beds sheltered by Balinese umbrellas.

The gym facility of the hotel is undeniably modern where you can work out with the latest cardio equipment. Being away from home doesn’t mean missing your exercise routine!
The Ubud Village Hotel is the best place you can ever be if you’re looking for a breathtaking and astonishing experience with nature and modern facilities.

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