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Visiting The Amazing Diamond Beach In Iceland!

A Breathtaking Experience Awaits You In Diamond Beach In Iceland

Surreal is what you could call the Diamon Beach in Iceland. Without a doubt one of the top things to do in Iceland for any visitor. When it comes to the plethora of wonderful environments found in Iceland. Its lava fields are simply astonishing, and its volcanic craters as well as ice caves are truly magnificent. But don’t forget the world of ocean surrounding this beautiful country, too because it is just as amazing! Gifted with the marvel of glaciers along with icebergs, you’ll be reminded of the astounding activity that takes place underneath its deep. There are two fantastic views that are worth exploring in the aquatic realms of Iceland, and they are Diamond Beach and Glacier Lagoon.

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Why visit the Diamond Beach?

diamond beach iceland day tour

These two significantly scenic locations are found across the street from each other. That is, the Diamond Beach and the Glacier Lagoon are sited from corner to corner. Make sure that you are taking a closer look because it could be easy to miss. If you aren’t living nearby, be prepared for quite an experience of a road trip to get there. On your way to the north or south of Iceland, you can find Diamond Beach to be a perfect spot to stop by to breathe some fresh air in. 

There are those quaint places that you should visit at least once in your lifetime, and Diamond Beach is one of them. But what happens to be so splendid about this place is that every visit is in no way like the other. One distinct and beautiful experience awaits you on every single one of your visit in Diamond Beach, and it depends on the state of the weather and the number of ice chunks and icebergs that get to the shore.

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How To Get To Diamond Beach?

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You ought to be particular because this place is rather easy to miss. If you’re travelling to see the Glacier Lagoon, note that Diamond Beach is situated right across from it. So if, for instance, you’re coming from the west, turn right instead of left (toward the Lagoon) to discover the beach. 

Diamond Beach is roughly a 5-hour drive from the Iceland capital city of Reykjavik. It’s technically 235 miles away in distance. Straightaway from the main stretch of the road which is Route 1, you’ll find the location of the beach. There are signs to guide you, nonetheless, and you can’t skip it because you can glimpse a sight of the glacier while driving on the road.

Here’s the exact location of the beach;

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What To Expect At The Beach?

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This place is not like another ordinary beach. You won’t see sunbathers lining along its expanse of black sand. However, Diamond Beach is exactly what it sounds like because in this area, you’ll see shimmering rubbles of ice in various melting stages. Of course, these are actually bric-a-bracs of fleeting icebergs and glaciers that break off and find their way to the beach.

The parking lot in this attraction is small. Be careful because the spots in it are not vividly marked. Then again, you’ll be likely to come across a number of curious tourists walking alongside the ice, holding their cameras and taking pictures. Come sunset, a dreamlike atmosphere pervades the area because it could become hazy, whatever the weather dictates. 

Varied sizes of ice scatter along the shore, ranging from small chunks that you can hold in your hands to enormous ones that are about the size of a car. 

What To Wear?

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Wear extra clothing that would make you feel warm and comfortable, such as a waterproof jacket. Apparently, the beach (being near the water) can be quite windy.  It is in fact smart to include a waterproof layer along with your clothing. Consider that the weather in Iceland is pretty unpredictable. With the sand on the beach being wet, it is also a must to wear waterproof hiking boots.

Safety Tips

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It’s not safe to head into the water in Diamond Beach, or in any coastal region in the country for that matter. Water patterns can become unpredictable in this coastal area, mainly because the tide tends to come in quickly. It is thus best to stay away from the waterline. Watch your children closely at the same time so that they don’t amble too far. Obviously as well, you should watch your steps. Ice that have washed up on the shore are of varied sizes and you might trip over half-hidden pieces.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Diamond Beach?

In the same way as the other major attractions in Iceland, crowds visit the beach all throughout the day. But if you’re looking to experience something magical and take astounding photos, go to see the spot during sunset. Do you want to avoid big crowds? Head on there early in the morning, or else late at night.

There’s more sunlight during the summer months. That’s why you can plan to do more and extra activities. If you go to Diamond Beach during the winter months, take into account that it is usually dark. You can thus hit the place earlier in the day, especially if you’re going after natural lighting.

Nearby Hikes

There’s always a hiking trail nearby when you’re in Iceland. If you’re somewhere in Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach, the opportunity is unique for you to adventure on a glacier hike at Vatnajokull which is close by. Consider taking a guided tour, too. That way, you wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of buying and packing specialty hiking gear such as crampons and cleats, among others. It is a safer precaution as well. Trained guides are equipped with the tools and know-how in identifying safer trails over the glacier, particularly because glacial ice is continuously moving about.

A magical setting, Diamond Beach definitely is. Icebergs drifting ashore from the lagoon on to the black volcanic sand beach provide a one-of-a-kind panorama, as if one is in the midst of glittering diamonds. Walking amongst the white, black, blue and transparent icebergs that sit on the beach while melting bit by bit is undoubtedly amazing, so prepare for a truly breathtaking experience when you visit Diamond Beach in Iceland.

Final Thoughts

The Diamon beach in Iceland is for sure one of the most unique and stunning beaches you’ll ever set foot on! If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy photo, you will find it on this beach!

Have fun.


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