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the Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour complete travel guide

Are you ready for the Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour?

The Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour: Fire and Ice Tour

looking to embark on the Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour?

Iceland is truly a unique and beautiful country, with natural wonders that will literally blow your mind. Be consumed by magnificent waterfalls, magical ice glaciers and dramatic volcanic landscapes. This tour is one of the best things to do in Iceland for sure!

Another reason to make Iceland become a top destination for your bucket list is the people. The local people are super friendly and there’s a relaxed vibe where ever you go. ‘Thetta reddast’ is a term you will hear Icelanders say a lot and it basically means ‘everything will work out just fine’. So why not try and take this approach to life whilst on holiday in this chilled country.

extreme iceland glacier tour and skaftafell glacier tour

If you’re still looking for another reason to visit Iceland, then it’s got to be food. Iceland is surrounded by ocean, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fish and seafood is a big part of the Icelandic cuisine. Honestly eating in Iceland has made me realise what real fish tastes like, not you’re deep-fried fish from the local chip shop back home, but proper fresh Icelandic fish – make sure you try some on your travels.

Right, so now we know Iceland is a must-do travel destination, where do you start planning your trip? There are lots of tours companies offering lots of different tours all at different prices. So who should you book with? And what tour should you choose? Well, we’ve got you covered.

This post will cover everything you need to know about Iceland’s South Coast: Fire and Ice Tour operated by Hidden Iceland – a professional and trustworthy company making travellers dreams come true one tour at a time!

Who are Hidden Iceland?

vatnajokull glacier tour Iceland

Hidden Iceland is a relatively new tour operator but has quickly taken over Iceland’s tour scene by storm. Hidden Iceland focuses on personalised small private tours exploring the best of what this adventure capital of the world has to offer. They emphasise the need for passionate guides who have extensive knowledge about Iceland’s past and present and any of its natural wonders. Their ethos has created a reliable reputable company which offers guests a 5* service and the reason we have chosen Hidden Iceland as the number one tour operator in Iceland.

How to book this top Reykjavic tour?


skaftafell glacier walk in Iceland photo

Hidden Iceland hs designed every trip to make sure you see the most popular locations in the country at the right times, while also being immersed in culture and nature along the way.  They offer over 40 amazing tours to choose from – but which ones best? Well, that all depends on what suits your needs and the time of year you’re visiting Iceland. Do you want adventure or looking for more of a relaxed vibe? Are you looking for a day tour or multi-day tour? Do you want to stay firmly on dry land or water?

Here’s a summary of what you could get up to with Hidden Iceland’s tours. Discover a blue ice cave under Iceland’s biggest glacier, snorkel in Silfra, one of the top dive sites in the world situated in the UNESCO World Heritage site, take a helicopter tour to witness stunning scenery, add a little excitement to your trip and take a snowmobile ride over the snowy glacier or experience living like a local at one of Iceland’s most remote areas.

We had the opportunity to take part in Hidden Iceland’s South Coast Fire and Ice tour and we weren’t disappointed.

What is The South Coast Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour (Fire and Ice Tour)?

The amazing ice climbing iceland

08:00 – We were picked up by Erin at 8 am from Bus Stop 13 in Downtown Reykjavik. After being introduced to our guide Erin we instantly knew we were up for a fun-filled action-packed day.

10:00 – After picking up the remaining guests (12 in total) from various bus stops in Reykjavik town we headed to our first destination Skogafoss Waterfall. During the first drive, you’ll have a pit stop break to grab a coffee, use the bathroom facilities and stock up with snacks for the day. I highly recommend buying or bringing snacks with you don’t, as lunch isn’t until around 14:30-15:00 and your tummy with be rumbling – trust me!

Once you’ve arrived at Skogafoss waterfall you’ll get around 40 minutes to walk up to the viewing platform, take some insta pictures and awe is the natural phenomenon. Erin gave us some crampons to keep throughout the day to minimise the risk of falling over on the ice, because if you’re clumsy like me it’s likely to happen! Fun Fact – Skogafoss Waterfall was used in the Secret Walter Mitty film.

 best glacier hikes iceland

12:00 – After a 15-minute drive you’ll arrive at Sólheimajökull glacier one of the best things to see on the Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour, and flowing down from the enormous Mýrdalsjökull icecap. Erin gave us a brief safety talk and gave us our hiking equipment consisting of helmet, axe (which makes for a pretty cool picture), ice clamps and harness then we were good to go! After a 20 minute walk, we reached the head of the glacier which is a pretty cool sight. Here Erin gave us an informative insight into the history of the glacier, the science behind its formation, as well as the impact of climate change.

Once on the glacier, we walked for around 1.5hrs, exploring all the hidden paths lead by our guide Erin, who made sure to keep us safe whilst making it adventurous and fun! There was plenty of opportunities to take photos and take the stunning surroundings in – you could have been on a different plant it’s that surreal.

photo of the surreal extreme iceland glacier tour

iceland glacier solheimajokull

15:00 – After another scenic 30-minute drive we arrived at Reynisfjara to see the amazing rock formations at the spectacular black sand beach. On another important note this is where you’ll get to eat lunch! We took our own sandwiches as we were travelling on a budget and if you don’t know it by now Iceland is EXPENSIVE! But don’t worry if you’ve not brought anything you can purchase some tasty meals at the Black Beach Restaurant. They sell burgers, pasta, soup, cake and much more – you’ll certainly be hungry after your mammoth hike!

You’ll get around 1 hour to eat and explore the Black Beach, which is plenty of time, especially on a breezy day as it can get cold so wrap up warm.

16:00- Time for your next natural wonder, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Standing at an impressive 60m, this waterfall is part of the Seljalands River that originates in the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull. Here you’ll get 45 minutes to explore the pathway and take some impress snaps to make your friends and family jealous back home!

17:00 – One last stop before the adventure ends, you’ll visit the newly opened, award-winning, high tech, interactive LAVA centre, where you can learn all about the volcanoes you’ve seen on this action-packed trip.

Examine the various volcanoes—eruptions and lava flows, volcanic and rift systems, faults and glacial floods that make Iceland a showcase of volcanism. The centre introduces the Katla Geopark plus Iceland’s elaborate monitoring system for surveying volcanoes and earthquake zones. You’ll walk out a volcano expert!

exploring the ice tours and glaciers in Iceland on this best tour in Reykjavik

18:00 – Get ready for a journey home. Our guide Erin let us stop off at an Ice Cream Parlour on route to try out some local ice cream, which was an added bonus. Everyone loves ice cream right. Especially local Icelandic people, they even have a special word for driving out to get ice cream called ‘isruntur’ – now that’s the kind of country I want to live in! Although this stop off isn’t technically on the tours itinerary, we had plenty of time and nobody was in a rush back – so don’t expect it, I think we were just lucky!

19:30 – Time to hit the hay and say bye to your beloved group and tour guide. What an incredible day.

What to bring on The South Coast Fire and Ice Tour?

  • Waterproof jacket and pants (Although can be provided free of charge by Hidden Iceland)
  • Sturdy hiking boots (Again Hidden Iceland can provide these free of charge but it’s best to bring your own so you know they fit well!)
  • Gloves, hat and scarf (Especially during winter months)
  • Snacks and drinks (It’s a long day so be prepared)
  • Camera ( To capture some of Iceland’s best spots)
  • Money (For any added extras)
  • Lots of energy and enthusiasm to get the best out of your day!

Final Thoughts

So if you’re taking a trip to Iceland any time soon make sure you check out Hidden Iceland, a personal company that will give you unforgettable memories you can treasure for a lifetime on the Extreme Iceland Glacier Tour!

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