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Step by step guide to the beer tour in Reykjavik!

How to do the beer tour in Reykjavik

Thinking about a good ‘ol’ drink on the famous beer tour in Reykjavik?

Good, because you’ll have a night to remember on one of the top things to do in Iceland!

This tour is one of the best ways to learn about the history of Iceland. And, how the country is changing. You’ll learn about the Icelandic volcanoes, and how tourism has sky-rocketed over recent years.

You’ll get to experience local alehouses, which included poplar craft beers, and newer upcoming beers.

After your tour, sleep at one of the best places to stay in Reykjavic with this useful guide of hotels.

a complete guide to the beer tour in reykjavic

How much does Reykjavík beer tour cost?

beer tour in Reykjavic

The beer excursion only costs $78, which is an awesome price! I mean, you get to drink plenty of tasty alcohol, meet other people, and learn facts about Iceland that you may not learn anywhere else – courtesy of your Icelandic tour guide.

How to book the excursion?

one of the best things to do in reykavic photo

Photos were taken with the Lumix camera!

Booking the tours in Reykjavik is easy! You just go online, choose your tour, read the info, and click book – it’s that simple. Once you’ve booked, your tour guide will be waiting at your designated location (the company will email to you).

One of the best places to book the beer tour is with Musement.

Musement helps travellers get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions bookable on multiple devices.

There’s a lot more than just “things to do”! Their range includes; temporary, exclusive, hidden-gem and even free activities.  Also, you can use their site for planning and their app for on-the-go decisions as you hack the city with hints and tips from local experts.  

You can check out their Reykjavic tours here!

You will see those numerous tour companies in Reykjavik that offer this unique experience. However, of course, you want to do this best one – the one that’s going to create a memory from your time in Iceland.

How to get to your tour?

Your tour guide will meet you on the main _ square. He’ll wait for you here until you arrive.

Don’t worry about getting a taxi, unless it’s super-cold! Everything in Reykjavik is fairly close to each other if you’re staying in the centre (like most tourists do). So, you’ll be able to walk to your tour guide.

We stayed in the Reykjavik Downtown Apartments, and we only had a 10-15 walk to reach the _ square.

What’s included?

drinking at one of the best restaurants in Reykjavic


Lol, there’s a lot more than just alcohol. There’s a wealth of knowledge. You will learn things about Iceland that you wouldn’t generally find online!


Because we had a local guide that’s lived in Reykjavic for over 2o years!

Our guide answered all our questions about the history, locals, and general knowledge about Iceland. We learned so much cool information. And, he told us plenty of fun facts about Reykjavik and Iceland.

one of the best places to eat and drink in Reykjavic

If you want to know how much beer is included: you can either have 10 beers, or around 7/9 spirits; such as gin and vodka. However, you will work your way through the drinks by experiencing the different bars in Reykjavik, sounds good right?

Let’s think about this, you will be taken around some of the best pubs and restaurants in Reykjavik whilst sipping on classic Icelandic beer. Also, you’ll learn a book of knowledge; who wouldn’t want to try this beer tour in Reykjavik?

Things to know about the Reyjavic tour

There are a few things I thought I would share with you about the beer tour in Reykjavik;

  • Wear something warm! The weather in Reykjavik can burn your fingers off (Maybe not that bad but it’s cold).
  • If you’re not interested in the Icelandic culture, then I would reconsider this tour. You will learn a lot of interesting facts – only if you’re interested!
  • I’d probably get some Icelandic food down before you head out to meet your guide. Drinking all that beer can get you; let’s say hungry.
  • If you’re not a big fan of beer, then you can choose to drink shorts. Another thing, you can always mix your drinks with your partners.
  • The beer tour in Reykjavik starts at 8pm and lasts for around 2 hours. The time flys though – it always does when you’re having fun, eh?

Best time to do the beer tour?

In my eyes, there isn’t the best time. Let’s think about this: in summer, of course, it’s always nice to have the warmer weather, where the atmosphere will be lifted. However, we did it in February when the weather was -3 at night, and we had a jolly time. And, the pubs were still lively.

So, whether it’s summer or winter, you’re sure to have an awesome time trying out the local beers of Iceland.

Just one thing to think about, if the weather in Iceland is bad (and the storms can come fast), then your tour may be cancelled. So here’s what to do, your tour company will email you on any updates to the tour; I.e. if the beer tour has been cancelled.

Final thoughts

The beer tour in Reykjavik is one of the most fun and unique things to do whilst enjoying your break in Iceland.

People may be put off thinking it’s just about guzzling beer. But believe me, it’s a lot more than that! Like the I’ve already mentioned, you will learn so much about the history of Reykjavik, and Iceland.


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