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best Oakley backpacks to buy

7 Best Oakley Backpacks

Looking For The Best Oakley Backpack, Here Are The Top 7 Backpacks

7 Best Oakley Backpacks: Carry Your Gear With Functionality and Style

It’s astoundingly obvious why Oakley has become a popular and favorite brand for backpacks to a plethora of enthusiasts over the years. This article contains a review of 7 best Oakley Backpacks to guide you in your buying decision for choosing the best style and model (make sure to check out the best ultralight backpacks this year).

What Are The 7 Best Oakley Backpacks?

As of this writing, the following are the 7 best backpacks by Oakley in my opinion. These are at the top of the market in terms of style for men as well as unisex options. Each of these bags have their own unique features, making them the right fit for your purpose.

#1 Oakley Men’s Bathroom Sink Backpack

oakley bathroom sink backpack review

This is one of my favourite travel backpacks for life on the road!

This Oakley bathroom sink backpack is waterproof, and it is designed with 6 compartments. Its laptop sleeve is created to store 13” laptops or tablets. The size of this backpack is 23 liters, with HxWxD dimensions of 17×11.7×7”.

The Bathroom Sink Backpack is suitable to use for any trip. Specialized zipped pockets have been placed all over the product, with 4 slips in the interior, and 5 on the exterior. You’ll have no qualms about the security of your things in this backpack, whether you are moving about in the city or in the countryside. 

Thirteen-inch devices can conveniently be kept in its cushioned laptop compartment. You’ll be amazed at the build quality and stitching of this product that would seem to last forever. It is made with a robust nylon fabric that is resistant to abrasion.

You will be comfortable tagging the Oakley Men’s Bathroom Sink Backpack because it is padded at the back and designed with ventilation marks. If you’re going on a summer trek, this product will keep you cool. There’s an awesome feel to this bag because of its adjustable strap.

Men and women can find a great deal of functionality and delight in using this Oakley backpack. The solid clasps and smooth zips of this item do not show any stress, and it is recommended for us during harsh weather.

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#2 Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

Photo of a black colour oakley kitchen sink backpack

This waterproof Oakley Kitchen backpack is comprised of 5 compartments. Its laptop sleeve is quite spacey, able to keep 17” laptops or tablets. The size of this item is rather bigger, with HxWxD measures of 20x14x8” or 34 litres. 

Your options for storage with the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is unlimited. This includes the massive zipped side pockets that enable you to swiftly access whatever items. Everything would be kept in its proper place through the organizing features located in its front compartment. You can in fact hold your waterproof jacket in its fully adjustable external straps.

The material of this backpack is nylon and polyester which is very durable for use in the outdoors or while travelling. You’ll be amazed of how comfortable this backpack is to carry because of its extra-padded back and shoulder straps. Weight is easily distributed because of its waist straps. This Oakley bag is highly recommended if you want to carry a huge amount of equipment, although it would not be ideal for everyday use. The Kitchen Sink Backpack by Oakley is better suited for serious adventures in the outdoors.

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#3 Oakley Men’s Blade Wet Dry 30 Backpack

Oakley Men’s Blade Wet Dry 30 Backpack

You can’t say that this backpack is waterproof, but instead, it is water-resistant. It has 5 compartments and is designed with a laptop sleeve that can keep 15” laptops or tablets. The size of this bag is 30 liters, with HxWxD dimensions of 20x12x8”.

If you consider yourself to be a nomadic surfer, this Oakley backpack is a great choice. Made of polyester-elastane fabric, it is resistant to saltwater and easily dries. There is ample room in this bag where you can fit all your essentials. Your adventure will truly be enjoyable with the Men’s Blade Wet Dry 30 Backpack because you can organize and carry everything in it. 

The glitch of the Oakley Men’s Blade, however, is that it would tend to dig in your shoulders because of its strap that doesn’t hold well. Its back is not well-ventilated either, making your back sweaty.

A dry bag goes with this backpack, allowing it to be useful when surfing or doing other ocean-related activities. Whacking all your wet gear in the bag isn’t a problem because it does not get soaked.

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#4 Oakley Men’s Voyage 23I Roll Top Backpack

Oakley Men’s Voyage 23I Roll Top Backpack

If you are looking for a waterproof backpack, you can skip this Oakley backpack because it is not that. There are 2 compartments in this bag, and its laptop sleeve can store a 15” laptop or tablet. Its size is 23 liters and its HxWxD measures are 18.3x11x5”.

It’s for those casual outings or hikes during the weekend that you’ll find this bag to be awesome!

You can use it for school or for work. You’re guaranteed that your Oakley Men’s Voyage 23I Roll Top Backpack will last long because it is made of nylon fabric which is coated with polyester. 

You can adjust the size of this bag because of its roll-up characteristic. If you want to shorten it, feel free to do so. The design of this backpack is minimalistic, making it light to carry. The side zipper of this item allows you easy access to the center, and its other compartments are truly useful, such as the laptop sleeve and the card slots. With sufficient cushioning, you can be rest assured that your devices won’t be scratched.

The Men’s Voyage Roll Top Backpack by Oakley has been getting good reviews for its attractive and modern design.

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#5 Oakley Enduro 20l 2.0 Backpack

Oakley Enduro 20l 2.0 Backpack

This Oakley Enduro backpack is waterproof and water-resistant. It has 4 compartments and is designed with a laptop sleeve that can fit a 15” laptop or tablet. As a 20 liter bag, its HxWxD dimensions are 19×12.5×6.5”.

Your electronics and other essentials can be secured in this backpack because it is what it has been particularly made for. It is ideal for use at work or in school. Although this bag is smaller, it is surprisingly roomy, designed with various useful pockets where you can conveniently organize your things. If not for storing electronics, the Enduro 20l 2.0 backpack by Oakley is great for keeping your books or gym training gear. 

This Oakley item is durable, with material and overall structure that makes it long-lasting.

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#6 Oakley Urban Ruck Backpack

oakley backpacks

This is one of the best choices for a travel bag.

It is water and scuffs- resistant because of its tough cordera ripstop material. No matter how serious your expeditions are, this backpack can live up to your expectations.

Your belongings are guaranteed to be secure with its adjustable drawstring closure. It isn’t tricky to clean this bag, too, mainly because it is designed with a polyester lining. 

The shoulder support of the Urban Ruck Backpack by Oakley is impressive, making it comfortable to carry. Its mesh shoulder straps allow you to carry heavy loads without a lot of fuss. So whether you are on your way to your classes or are trekking in the wilderness, this bag is easy on your shoulders.

The style of this backpack is understated, and it is ideal for both men and women.

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#7 Oakley Icon 2.0 Backpack

Oakley Icon 2.0 Backpack

Being an ergonomic backpack, this product holds your gear securely while being gentle on your shoulders. Your load is evenly balanced when kept in this bag, particularly because it is made with adjustable mesh shoulder straps that is of a breathable fabric. Even if your pack is heavy, you can comfortably carry it because of the metal handle located at its top.

The Oakley Icon 2.0 Backpack is designed with nylon material which is durable and stylish. It is resistant to scuffs and tears. It features unique retention straps that make it stand out. It even has a pocket for storing eyewear to protect your eyeglasses from getting damaged.

This backpack is one of the most popular Oakley products that provides plenty of room for your belongings and necessities.

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Why Is The Oakley Brand So Popular?

Way back in 1975, Oakley as a product line started with selling upmarket sunglasses particularly for snowboarding use, or for outdoor activities. Since then, the company has expanded on to other ranges, such as shoes, clothing, and backpacks. It was in the year 2007 when Luxottica, the fashion eyewear giant acquired Oakley as a brand.

It is in the arena of outdoor adventure that Oakley has become a product of choice. Its fashion statement has become notorious with its styles and designs so slick, making the brand tremendously popular. When it comes to functionality, Oakley backpacks are definitely superb, making such products must-have items.

Oakley backpacks are typically made with multiple pockets so that it is easier to store and retrieve your stuff. Their designs have been carefully thought of so that they are able to cater to the demands of its users.

What Is The Ideal Market For Oakley Backpacks?

Young adults are the target market of Oakley for their backpacks. The brand can especially cater to this crowd because of its stylish designs. Do you like to travel and pack light while able to easily access your belongings? Then a backpack by Oakley is an ideal product for you. If you are a digital nomad, you’ll find that your backpack has what it takes to provide for your needs because each design of it is made with a laptop sleeve.

For young ones who like to climb, hike, or snowboard, there is a corresponding Oakley bag. The active person is most likely to prefer these backpacks because of their extra space along with a compartment for sunglasses on those days when they hike on the mountains when its sunny.

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