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Travelon Anti-theft Backpack Review

Travelon Anti-theft Backpack Review: Full Guide!

Travelon Anti-theft Backpack Review: The Best Deal In Safety, Design and Functionality

A lot of Travelon backpack review articles have a plethora of travel fanatics learning to appreciate this travelling must-have. There is absolutely everything to love about this product. 

If the travel bug constantly bites you, you’re sure to develop a fancy for this brand. Travelon features an amazing line of trendy anti-theft bags that are guaranteed to suit your style and needs. If it’s the first anti-theft bag that you have owned, it can still look brand-spanking new and functional for the next 5 years. It makes heaps of sense why you’ll want your Travelon backpack the most used travelling buddy when you wander around here and there.

Are you fond of roving every corner of the country or the round planet with your girlfriends? If you are, then one of your primary concerns should be your safety, and that means warding off an unlikely element from getting inside your bag without your noticing. Travelon, the trusted brand offers a solution to this, and that is their wide-range of anti-theft bags that are also fashionable and come in various colors. With their great selection coming before your eyes, you’ll want to actually pinch yourself (make sure to check out our best lightweight backpacking tent guide)!

What To Look For In A Travelon Anti-Theft Backpack

Travelon Anti-theft Backpack

  • Straps and body that are slash-proof
  • Strong and durable zippers
  • Zippers that lock
  • Hidden compartments
  • RFID safety measures
  • Water-proof or water-resistant material

What’s so fantastic about Travelon is that they have created the best anti-theft bags that have modish styles and colors, and most of all- function. Compartments made in the bag are organized and your important documents and cards can be safe and secure in its RFID slots. Travelon presents you with a wide variety of anti-theft bags and backpacks, ensuring that you’ll find the most apt and suitable. It’ll cater to your preference and travel needs.

The straps and body panels of Travelon backpack products are completely slash-proof.  You’ll be rendered safe from being pickpocketed because their compartments have small locks. So if ever you find yourself in a busy subway or a crowded street, you’ll have no worries. You’ll feel totally secure. The zippers of the backpack are made with sturdy locks and all your stuff found inside your bag are safe.

What about the size of the bag? Being medium sized, you’ll find that the Travelon backpack is perfect for whatever activities that you do as a traveller. There, you can lug your iPad, your camera (check out the Lumix FZ82) gear, your notebooks, your lenses, your wallet and your sunscreen, among others. 

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Did I mention my favourite travel camera?

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What Are The Features of The Travelon Classic Backpack?

pacsafe backpack

The main compartment is made with a zipper that has a nifty hole. Its purpose is for your headphones. The Travelon Classic backpack is however an older model, and it won’t be friendly to your iPhone 6 or later iPhone models. There are, nonetheless plenty of places where you can store your phone, but your headphones won’t fit all through the main compartment. 

Then again, the Travelon Classic backpack is an awesome camera bag. Your camera, even if it has a large zoom lens can perfectly fit into the main compartment, together with your other stuff. If your camera has extra lenses, you can keep them on the side pocket. Those compartments with little zippers are likewise splendid for storing all the other small things that you would want to carry around while travelling. You can, by all means fill it to the max yet be comfortable lugging it with you. Its straps are easily adjustable, too, and you can fix it according to the weight of the bag.

How To Convert Travelon Backpack

There are 4 ways to use or convert the Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Convertible Backpack. For one thing, and most obviously, you use it as a backpack. You can also carry it as a cross body bag, as a shoulder bag, and as a handbag. Its main compartment is roomy and can hold heaps of things. Two of its pockets are elastizised, and it also contains a zip wall pocket. On the exterior, you’ll find 4 zip pockets, 2 of which are in front, and there is 1 on each of the sides for quick grabbing of items. On the rear, you’ll find a slash pocket, and its key fob is tethered and is featured with LED light.

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What You’ll Love About The Anti-Theft Backpack

travelon anti theft urban backpack

There are lots of things that you’ll love about Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack. For one thing, despite its being medium-sized, it has a lot of space for you to enjoy. It’s great for organizing your things inside it as well, especially because its compartments are zippered. When you’re on a trip somewhere and would have to mingle in a crowded area, you can have peace of mind because your backpack has safety locks. You can basically put all kinds of different things in your bag, yet organize them at the same time because of the different compartment design in it.

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Things That You Won’t Like About Travelon Classic Light Classic Backpack

travelon anti theft urban backpack

The Travelon Backpack is an amazing product, but there are some factors that you won’t like about it. It’s not that friendly to your iPhone 6 plus because it wouldn’t fit in the cellphone pocket where you’re supposed to use your headphones. The backpack is designed with single zippers where it would have been better if it was done so with double zippers. It’s also a bit tricky to retrieve the central compartment.

What Makes Travelon Backpack A Great Product

Travelon is a trusted and well-known brand, and the Travelon backpack might well be the best bag that you’ve come across for women. It’s definitely a premium product because its design is sleek and attractive. You’ll feel secure when using a Travelon backpack, whether you use it as a daypack, a commuter bag, a weekend bag or a travel bag. It ought to be one of your top picks for shopping. The price is right for this brand, mainly because other brands actually charge twice as much for similar features. Indeed, Travelon has done an impressive job for creating their products.

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