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Panasonic Lumix fz82 review best price

A Full Panasonic Lumix FZ82 Review for 2024

Panasonic Lumix dc fz82 review; is this the best bridge camera?

Looking for a full Panasonic Lumix fz82 review? Want to know the best price? You’ve come to the right camera guide!

Are you currently looking to upgrade your camera – or buy a great first camera for photography? Nowadays photos are everywhere and around 95 million photos get uploaded to Instagram every day. So, it’s no secret that we all want a better camera, which will give us lasting memories with the photos it produces. There’s nothing worse than a mediocre photo – when you’re trying to catch an amazing shot – which is what rubbish cameras tend to produce. However, don’t worry – this Lumix review will show you why so many avid photographers both amateur and professional, choose this camera.
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The Lumix fz82 creates top-quality photos, has an unbelievable zoom feature and comes at a very affordable price.

What is the Lumix FZ82 best price?

panasonic lumix dc fz82 best price

The cost of this Panasonic camera can vary from £190-£355. This, of course, will also depend if the camera is refurbished. Another thing, if you are going to purchase a 2nd hand Lumix, then make sure there’s at least 3 months warranty. So, if it breaks, you can send the camera back and get your money back!

When shopping around for the best price, always remember to use an online camera store that you can trust! This is why I usually buy from Amazon; you can see the sellers feedback, and you get to see the product reviews.

Best features of the Lumix fz82

The Lumix Bluetooth

This is one of the most useful things about the camera. The FZ82 Bluetooth lets you take photos from your mobile device. I downloaded the Panasonic app, and from here you can use the integrated control to take photos from your phone using the Bluetooth capability.

This helps when you want to take a photo of yourself, or you and someone else. You can simply just set the camera on a tripod and then use the Bluetooth remote to take as many photos as you want. Also, the app comes in very useful for downloading your camera’s photos to your phone.

Panasonic Lumix fz82 Weight

This best bridge camera is lightweight and can easily fit into a small bag. Also, you can easily carry it on your neck using the camera strap. I know it’s impossible with some DSLRs – just because of their weight. You could probably fit this camera into the pocket of a coat or jacket. This makes it a perfect camera for travelling, camping or hiking.

I do a lot of travelling that includes long hikes and adventures. I find this camera a perfect weight – and it never feels a burden carrying it.

 panasonic lumix bridge camera

The Lumix zoom capability

The camera allows you to shoot any photo at any distance with its 60x optical zoom feature. And, this is one of the biggest features of this camera is the enormous zoom range. You can get a shot from far away, and the image will still be of good quality.

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Panasonic Lumix fz82 4K video feature 

The camera has a quality 4K burst feature – which is activated by pressing the shutter button. Also, there’s the 4K Pre-Burst mode. This will allow you to capture excellent images. The 4K pre-burst mode will capture an image 1 second before and 1 second after the shutter has been released.

The Lumix FZ82 gives you incredible high-resolution 4K video;

  • records 4k video at up to 30p
  • full HD to 60p
  • HD up to 100p
  • VGA up to 200p.

panasonic lumix fz82 review best price

Sound on the Lumix

Sound with the Lumix can be recorded in both stereo and mono using the camera’s built-in microphone. However, there is no feature to attach a microphone. Here’s the thing, if you’re doing basic recording then this will be fine!

It’s great for being on the go and catching quick video clips of your journeys!

Make sure to check out the Lumix Fz80 review.

Lumix Accessories 

There is a range of accessories for the Panasonic Lumix fz82. Let’s have a look at some them;

  1. Carry Bag
  2. Tripod
  3. Spare batteries
  4. User guide

Lumix Video Tutorial

Here is a YouTube video of the Panasonic Lumix fz82. It will give you more insight if this camera is the one for you.

Lumix Battery

The Lumix FZ82 battery is good quality I think! It lasts for hours, and you can take plenty of photos. The battery obviously runs out faster if you’re recording video.

You can get the Lumix battery here.

Things to know about this bridge camera

The Panasonic Lumix fz82 is a bridge camera – which means it has an incredible zoom lens which lets you shoot quality wide-angle. Also, extreme telephoto. The lens is one of the key features of this camera for me. The lens isn’t removable. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying a holdall of changeable lenses – I know how stressful that is! You can avoid sensor dust as well – which is a massive bonus. So, for me, if it’s a DSLR or this – I would choose this camera all-day-long. The price is a bargain for such as a quality camera.

Alternative cameras;

  1. Sony DSC -HX350
  2. Panasonic FZ2000
  3. Sony Cyber Shot HX400V

Panasonic Lumix reviews

There are plenty of 5-star reviews on Amazon for this professional camera. Check out just one of the reviews in the image below. I can vouch for this camera and I totally agree with the 5-star reviews it gets.

An Amazon panasonic lumix fz82 review testimonial

Final thoughts

Okay so we know the best features included in this review, for this top compact camera – such as;

  • It’s a quality camera
  • Producing premium shots
  • It’s a bridge camera that comes at a very affordable price
  • Perfect for both new and experienced photographers
  • Very lightweight

This is a brilliant camera and the price is an absolute steal! Which is why it’s by far one of the best bridge cameras in 2020 for photography. I will continue to use this camera for my travel photography.

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