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Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review: 2024

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review: The Ultimate In Comfort and Security

Do you like going on day trips? You may be considering taking frequent extended vacations as well. If you’re looking for the most suitable backpack to carry with you, you’re going to absolutely like the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack. After reading this Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack review, you’ll be apt to make sure that it will be the #1 item on your backpacking essentials list when you plan for your next vacation.

There is a robust appeal to the Kitchen Sink Backpack that catches your attention. It’s outfitted with a sturdy hardware, too. It is equipped with numerous pockets that are really useful options for storage. Come your next vacation, you can pack up with the Kitchen Sink Backpack and be amazed at the complete package it can give you. 

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The backpack, which is made of abrasion-resistant material contains special pockets on the inside and outside. There’s a unique compartment for your shoes along with the same for a 17” laptop. The plethora of features included in the backpack will actually astonish you, and its design is remarkably fantastic. 

Oakley may have given their product a strange name “Kitchen Sink Backpack”. But the functionality and sleekness, the attitude of this product makes up for such a (minor) discrepancy (make sure to check our best lightweight backpack list). 

Let’s get into this review!

The Build and The Dimensions of The Oakley Backpack

oakley sink

The dimensions of the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack are 20”x14”x8”. It is rather large for a non-hiking gear. The capacity of this product amounts to 2074 cubic inches, or 34L. You’ll see that it doesn’t adhere to the standard shape of a square, but is instead narrow on the top while heavy at the bottom. When you open it, it will reveal a generous space in the interior.

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The main compartment is secured by zippers. Other than these, the backpack is featured with a “flap” on the top. You can close this flap by having it tied down, using a couple of metal clasps. This component provides optimal security.  It would be very tricky for thieves to take anything from the backpack because of this feature. Aside from that, your stuff- the contents of your bag- will be protected from the elements. 

Since opening the backpack can be a hassle, it is best used when you unpack at your destination and not for your day-to-day use. This bag is rather not suitable for constantly retrieving items from it. 

In the flap at the top of the item, you’ll find a molding pocket for your eyewear. This compartment is functional for keeping your sunglasses and some other small what-nots. Its material is stiff and semi-hard, enabling it to handle a few knocks before it decompresses.

The pocket of this particular feature is opened with a zipper, ultimately concealing a soft-fleece lining inside. At the top, there is a rubber-enclosed port where you can thread your headphone wires and listen to various tunes while you’re on the go.

Opening the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack uncovers a spacious main compartment. You can pack your tablet or 15” laptop in there, along with a number of books or stationery and miscellaneous supplies. Its laptop sleeve is dedicated, able to provide you with convenience for organizing your electronics. No worries about bumps and falls, either, because the backpack is designed with ample foam paddings.

Purchasing the backpack online might have you skip noticing the secret pull-down zipper found at the back of the backpack. This certain feature allows you to access the laptop sleeve compartment. This way, you wouldn’t have to find your way through the flaps or the zippers. 

At the bottom of the backpack, there is a zippered storage for wet items. It makes sense for keeping your shoes that in turn keeps your worries away when preventing your damp stuff from mixing with dry ones.

When the flap is closed, it hides a medium-sized and zippered pocket that contains smaller compartments. It is ideal for organizing your other things, such as your smartphone, stationery and notepad, among others. However, it is not padded.

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What Material Is The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Made Of?

oakley kitchen sink

  • The straps of the backpack are made of breathable and adjustable mesh
  • The product is made of a combination of 65% nylon and 31% polyester
  • Its fabric is durable, strong and long-lasting and abrasion-resistant
  • The material can withstand scraping and a lot of abuse
  • Although not waterproof, the material of the backpack is water-resistant
  • It can protect the contents of the bag from rain
  • The backpack is designed for reduced water ingress, preventing water from sitting and seeping in
  • The back panel is inserted with high density foam attached with grooves
  • Its material allows adequate airflow, breathability and good ventilation
  • Although the backpack is machine-washable, clamps, hooks and metal accessories should be removed before washing.

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Pros and Cons of Using The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

oakley bathroom sink


  • The flap and zippers at the top secures your storage
  • Its main compartment is roomy and featured with a functional laptop sleeve
  • You can easily access the laptop compartment via the external zipper- you don’t have to open the flap or the top zippers
  • The backpack contains a “wet” compartment at the bottom for storing your shoes or other damp items
  • Its material is durable and tough
  • The backpack is water-resistant
  • Its shoulder straps are comfortable and its back panel is padded
  • You can easily organize your things because it is designed with numerous pockets
  • It is featured with a waist strap


  • Unlike the other backpacks, it is inconvenient to use because you need to go through many steps to be able to retrieve the internal storage
  • The back can be weighty because of its metal accents and accessories

Oakley Enduro Backpack

Oakley kitchen sink backpack vs bathroom sink

The Oakley bathroom sink is another really popular travel backpack. However, they’re both fairly similar.

If you really want to compare them, you should check out the Oakley bathroom sink backpack to see if you’d prefer that one.

To be honest, I think the kitchen sink is the best backpack!

Why Should You Buy The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack?

oakley bathroom sink backpack review

This product is optimally functional, allowing you to carry ample amounts of luggage. It is also ideal for organizing your stuff, from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, stationery, books and shoes, among others. The material of the backpack is strong, durable and water-resistant, and it is theft-free where your valuables are safe from filching and the elements.

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