Visiting Denpasar Bali

Visiting Denpasar Bali | Week 1

Landed to firstly visit Denpasar Bali yesterday, to backpack around Southeast Asia, so this post is going to packed with some of the epic and cultured images I have taken. We have only been 2 days but I can already tell Bali is full of energy, scenery and things to do.

The culture hit me like a hammer, when you step out of the airport there are people screaming at you “taxi taxi”. I’ve not been shouted at like that since I was at school. After some haggling we managed to get the taxi from the aiport to our hotel for around 270,00 Indonesian Rupee. This was the first thing I had paid for so I didn’t have a clue if I was being ripped off or not.

Anyway after 2 amazing sunsets, a scooter hire, a 5 mile run and a temple visit, here’s my pics. I will keep you updated more into the Bali journey and tomorrow I am getting a boat ride to Nusa Penida.. EPICCCC

Bali Flight
Waiting for that 17 hour flight

Anxiously waiting at Manchester airport to set off for the adventures!

Sky shot of Bali
Sky shot of Bali

This was the first site of Bali with the plane flying in, I thought WOW this is going to be crazy!


Denpasar Beach
Denpasar Beach

These sunsets are something else in Bali! We threw a towel on the beach, sat back and enjoyed this stunning drop,

Tanah Temple
Bali Temple

Taking in that sweet sweet culture!


Taking in the adventure of a lifetime!

I love cliff shots, apart from when I fell in the sea in Nice…

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