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Sooo landed in Nice yesterday as the sun was going down after a smooth 2 hour flight from Manchester. After Landing we had to make our way to terminal 2 (car rental location) to pick up a car from Avis. The car is a little fiat punto which is great for driving around the busy French streets. After we picked up the car  we drove for roughly 50 minutes to the hotel (the journey should of taken 20 minutes but we was lost). The hotel was in a very tricky spot to find due to it being located in a back street.

the hotel is very nice especially for the price we paid and the staff all seem very nice and happy to help. We woke up today to an amazing sunrise 

This sets the tone right for a great holiday!


After getting up we went for a walk up the Nice promenade along the sun kissed front. Nice promenade is very busy both on the roads and paths and I’ve never seen so many runners and cyclists in one place. There was groups of cyclists zooming up and down the paths it was like watching Tour de France, but it was great to see so many people enjoying training in the sun.

After the walk we decided to take a drive to Eze and this place is unbelievable with its views! I recommend if you drive to here then you’ve got to drive along the cost line to enjoy the views the journey has to offer. Eze had a castle that you pay a small fee to enter, once entered you can climb up to high grounds to be greeted by some of the best scenic views France has to offer in my eyes.

After Eze we came back to the hotel to freshen up before we went back out for tea, we decided to go to the Nice harbour for food. The harbour is very quirky with lots of little restaurants. We sat down to an Italian which was fairly priced and the food was quite tasty. A piece of advice if your coming to France then brush up on your French basics as a lot of the shop and restaurant workers struggle with English 🙂

For the evening we went for a walk to watch the sun set over Nice which was another epic scene to watch. After the day hitting around 19 degrees the temp cools off a lot at night so take a jacket if your out walking.

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted on the next part of the journey on South of France.



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